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Her clothes are removed and shredded to pieces by the group of onlookers, while she stands before them trembling in her underclothes. This is turning ugly quick, but she doesn’t run. No point. She agreed to whatever he had in mind for her. Besides, the door is locked and the two bodybuilders would easily stop her. As she assesses the situation, she begins to panic. I’m in a room filled with his friends from the fetish scene who are there to make certain she is worthy of being his slave, she reminds herself in a vain attempt to remain calm. Nothing really bad is going to happen.

Judging by the reaction to her arrival she begins to doubt this. They do not hesitate to tear the blouse and skirt off as she is held face first against the wall. Someone grabs her by her long hair and painfully pulls on it leading her to the middle of what must be a foyer of the house. It is an expensive home in an upscale neighborhood. This place where her initiation to the underground bondage and discipline scene is and where the beginning of her service. A hard looking blond man unsheathes a long bowie knife and shows it to all. She feels her legs go weak as he cuts her bra and panties making her totally nude. The embarrassment overwhelms her as she struggles uselessly against those holding her in a vain attempt to cover her privates. Everyone leers at her nudity for she is pretty. She hears vulgar words spoken. Hurtful words that she uses to describe girls she judges harshly: Slut…Whore…Cunt…Cheater…Bitch…Douche Bag…all words that directed at her. She closes her eyes, but a sharp pull on her hair forces them to open forcing her to watch.

Suddenly, she is moving to the next room and is forcibly seated in an uncomfortable chair. It is metal and cold. She feels her hands and legs strapped down. A metal collar goes around the neck. There is no bottom to the chair. Her hairless pussy and ass are open to penetration. Fear runs through her, as she has no idea what the crowd moves into the room to watch. She feels nausea in her stomach and holds down the urge to vomit. There is no escape and tears roll down her cheeks then she sees him. He comes over and says angrily, “Time to pay for fucking around on me, bitch. You want me back? Well, you have a choice to make. Be my slave and go through with the punishment or leave and never talk to me again, slut.”

The choice is there. She can leave or stay. If she leaves, she loses him. If she stays, she is his. In a loud voice, she says to everyone she will stay. He hard stares her. She stares back and licks her lips defiantly. He turns and nods. A man and woman stand up. They walk behind the chair. The eyes of those watching widen in disbelief and amusement. She can only guess as to what they are doing. The woman steps in front of her with a pair of electric clippers. A white cape drapes her body. She struggles to resist but is held by the chair. Hair begins to fall as she feels the vibration and hears the buzz of the clippers at work. The woman hands move her head forward, causing a slight choking. Then back, sideways, forward, and center. Cool beads of sweat begin to form on the back of her neck. Her beautiful long hair is all around. It is no longer. She feels her head swimming as she realizes that she is bald.

Taunts rise from the audience. They are words. Malicious and chortling over her now hairless body, they begin shouting slurs and what is going to happen next. “Gangbang,” says a deep voice. “Bukkake”, says another. A woman suggests she service everyone in the room with her mouth. Another woman demands body modification. So many possible ideas, but nothing comes from the man she is doing it for. He is staring and watching her reactions to the voices. A rising hand silences the voices. The man and woman free her from the chair and lift her up. She feels a collar being placed around her thin neck while her wrists are shackled in front of her. The woman slaps her making her move. The leash pulls her to move her to her knees. She does and is on all fours before him. The leash is now in his hands. “Crawl, my slut.”

The audience has formed a line evenly spaced apart. In their hands are sorority type paddles. He moves her to the first one in line. A painful blow strikes her ass. She is ordered to thank them for each one. Some in the line get more blows than the others, but all sting. She keeps moving and is crying. The last one is delivered. He looks down and she looks up. He is not done. She can tell. She is ordered to stand. Everyone watches lustfully, as she stands with a beaten ass and tear soaked face. No one knows what is coming. Then she feels someone strapping something to her waist. A click of a lock and then she realizes what it is.

“The chastity belt will keep you from cheating. You are mine for one year to do with as I please. From now on, I am your “Sir” and you are my “Slut”.

The next day, she tried to ignore everyone. The looks of horror and revulsion from women, the laughs from men, and the lewd comments from people on the street made her feel the humiliation she knew she deserved as the chastity belt changes the way she walks. A passing glance at a window reflected the new her. She looks and sees a blushing, bald, collar wearing woman looking back at her.

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