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Lets see where it all begins. I met a wonderful woman with the longest thickest hair I have ever seen. It flowed down her back resting comfortably at her waist. The darkest hair I had ever seen and very very healthy and well taken care of. I was figuring out how to introduce myself to the lady. I knew she was a lady by the way she walked and carried her. Proud head held high and she carried herself with Pride and dignity. Her walk her hair swinging as she walked by on the sidewalk. You could tell she took great care of spent many hours keeping it shiny and glowing. The reason I noticed her was the fact of her appearance age and size. This lady appeared to be 35-40, 5’2-5-4. A very nice figure and combined with the darkest shiniest hair I had ever saw. It took time for me to get the nerve to meet and introduce myself. Guess it was 2-3 weeks later when we bumped into each other and begin to chat. I have had a hair fetish for as long as I can remember. Short hair on women was a plus with me. When I met this lady it was like what are you doing, her hair is to long and would never allow it to be cut. Especially as short as you You would want. The next few weeks went by and we continued to chat and I ask her to dinner. During dinner we chatted and found we had many things in common. I enjoy building things working with and training my horses. I also discovered as we chatted and I brought up how pretty and shiny her hair was. When this happened I noticed her eyes looking down and she bowed her head. Something inside me clicked. I got this feeling this lady was shy submissive and was looking for something or someone. When dinner was finished and I took her home she hardly ever looked me in the eye and became very quiet and shy. I escorted her to the door and I thanked her for a wonderful evening and ask if I could call her and ask her out again sometime. With her head bowed and eyes down she said yes I would like that. The next few days we talked on the phone and she then ask if I remember where she lived? I said yes I do why? She then invited me over for dinner. During dinner she ask me what it was about her I enjoyed the most. I told her I enjoyed her company and thought she was a very pretty woman. Also stated was surprised that some lucky guy hadn’t scooped her up. I then ask why she kept her hair so long because I knew it had to be a real pain, washing drying and styling it. She stated to me that she had always had long hair and didn’t know anything else. I told her it was easy just find a style and go get it cut. I was then asked what style I thought would look good on her. I told her I wasn’t the right person for that. I explained to her that I preferred short hair on women. Her eyes sparkled when I told her that. What do you have in mind if I may ask? She then confessed to me that like me she had a hair fetish. As we continued to chat and get to know and understand each other, I realized just how attracted to her I was. I informed her that I was attracted to her and we need to be careful and not play games with each other. She assured me she was feeling the same way and would never play with someone’s feelings. I then leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips and felt her hands and arms go around me. I grab a hand full of her hair and pulled her closer and kissed her long and hard. I suggested we call it an evening to make sure of our feeling and see if that’s what we want. The next morning at work I get a call from her. She stated that she want to see more of me and she wanted me to assist her in getting her very first short haircut. I ask her what she had I mind. She asks me to come over this evening if I didn’t have anything planned. I agreed and when I arrived she greeted me at the door and before I could say a word she hug and kissed me long and hard. She led me in to living room and when I looked at her I saw nothing but pure beauty. I hugged her and grabbed her hair and pulled her to me. I then ask what she had in mind. She said she would be right back and when she returned all she had on was a long mans shirt and I could tell she was naked underneath. We sat on the couch and I then realized she was waiting for me to take charge, make her give up her hair so she would be responsible. We continue to chat and then I ordered her to get up and present herself to me like a submissive should. Slowly with her head and eyes down she got up and said Yes Sir. Explain to me I ask her why I should bother with you. She slowly told me that she wanted me to be her Master. As she kneeled in front of me and stated I need this. I want to belong to you. I need guidance and it will be hard because I have been on my on for a long while. I then ask what have you to offer me? I offer you myself and with time I will make you a great submissive slut Sir. She took my hand and led me to her room. On the dresser were several items I recognized. She stated she knew by my actions that I was what she was looking for. On the dresser was her shaving equipment. I stated we needed to talk. I sat her on the bed and then ask if she was sure? I will do many things to you and for my pleasure. Are you telling me that you want to submit to me and become my sole property? She stood up and kneeled in front head down and stated Yes Sir I do and will accept what ever it takes to prove to you that I will belong to you. She was still kneeling and began to undo her shirt. I stopped her and told her to stand up. Slowly she complied and stated why did you stop me Sir. I stated in due time that will transpire. I ask her if she had ever been bound spanked etc. If she knew what lifestyle she was entering. She smiled and said Yes Sir I do and I await you and want to please you in any manner you want and need. I then told her to sit on the bed and prepare for her beginning. This loving woman laid face down on the bed and turned to me and said I’m ready for you. She lay fully clothed and had her arms and legs spread apart as far as she could. I stood beside the bed and touch her gently and ran my hands up and down her body. I felt the trembling and low moan arise from her lips. I stood up and walk to the bathroom to see what was available to me. I saw a pair of ordinary scissors and everything she used to shave her legs and underarms. I look into the mirror and saw that she watching me, hair covering most of her face but had moved just enough so she could see. I approached the bed and laid everything I needed next to her and I could hear her breathing getting faster and her heart beating loudly. I gently raised her skirt and saw her satin covered ass. I slowly pulled her panties down I felt her rise to make it easier for me. The blue satin panties down around her knees and I slowly and lightly patted her ass and it begin to turn a shade of pink and every time my hand moved up came that pretty ass. It was a nice and pink and then I stopped. I hear a moan and a slight whimper because I stopped. During this process she hadn’t moved. I slowly placed my hands in her hair and lifted her crowning glory. I loosely braided it so she could see what I was doing. Her breathing was heavy and loud. Her heart pumping and I heard the mumbling from her throat. In a soft groan she beg me to take it. I reached for the scissors and roughly grabbed her hair. I slowly cut ½” from her head. I then leaned over and kissed her long and deep and said I will see you tomorrow. You will hear from me tomorrow after you read your email. I slowly walked toward the front door and exited. I got home and turned on my computer. I’m leaving these instructions for you. I will be at the Colonial Restaurant and you should be there properly attired and your hair fixed like I instructed you to. When you arrive you should have for me in your hands one long thick braid of your hair. Sheer blouse with matching silk bra and panties (thongs). We will then go from there. See you at 5pm if you’re serious. I know you don’t have everything so you will have to hurry if you want me to accept
you. I await your reply. Good night slave. I arise at 7am and prepare for work, but prior to leaving I check my email and I have your reply. Sir that is not enough time to prepare myself and I could never cut my hair, please make it at 8:30pm I’m begging you Sir. I reply with you have your instructions. I sign off and head to work. I leave work around five and head to the restaurant to await you. To see if you have what it takes to become my submissive. Exactly at 5:30 I get up when I see you walking in the door. Your dressed like I told you but your hands are empty. You approach my booth and ask if you may join me. I asked why should I your not prepared. You look at me and stated Sir I want to present it to you in person and cut it right now. In an instance you have a pair of scissors and roughly grab a thick strand of your hair and you say loudly Sir I present you my hair and cut the thick strand sitting in front of me. I smile and you slowly open your legs and slide your wet panties own your legs and lay them next to my drink. Sir you state I want you to take me and train me to be your submissive slut. We have dinner and I tell her to be at my hose in 25 minutes. I leave her there and she is stunned. I await her arrival and knowing that she would have to really drive to be there. I have an outfit awaiting her at the door if she arrives. I leave the door unlocked and instructions for her. I hear the door open and hear her gasp. Within 2-3 minutes she is standing before me in her leather bra and panties. In the middle of the room is my old fashion Red Barber chair. She approaches me and kneels before me and says to me Please Sir accept me and take everything from me you want. I tell her to position herself in the chair in the manner she thinks I want. She strips and sits in the chair with her legs spread wide open and head thrown back as to say to me take my all I await your commands. I proceed to shave that nasty long shaggy cant smooth as a babies butt. I the pick up my flogger and begin to use it on her gaping freshly shaved cunt. I hear the cries of stop as I continue and tears running down her face. She knows how to make me stop but refuses to say it. Her cunt is red swollen and dripping wet and she refuses to cum. I then walk behind her and grab her hair and pull it taut. I then hand her the clippers and order her to make the first cut. She proceeds to run them right down the middle, then looks at me and states Sir take my crowning glory and make me your submissive slave I’m begging you. I proceed to clip her long hair away and let it lay on the floor. I cover her head with a warm towel and turned on the lather machine. I remove the towel and cover her head with hot lather. I slowly shave her smooth so it matcher her cunt. In a split second I remove her left eyebrow and she screams in surprise. I slowly remove the eyebrow and I say now your prepared. The tears run down her face and ask why. I state your mine to do with as I see fit. During the evening she approaches me and kneels before and thanks me for freeing her form her fears and again begs me to accept her. I look down at her and state it’s my honor to accept you and teach you to serve me.


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