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It was half an hour before closing hours of the workplace. I was the personal secretary to Brett Goodwin, the Senior Manager (Finance). The phone rang and I heard Harry Roberts’ voice calling me "Hi, Martha, can you come to my office?" Harry Roberts, just 40 years old, was some kind of a superman of the company and elevated only the day before to General Manager (Marketing). With his usual beaming demeanour he asked me to take a seat and started talking.

"Well, Martha, I am looking for an experienced and efficient hand as my Personal Secretary. I thought you would be the most suited for the job. Would you take it? Don’t worry about Brett. I have already talked to him and he is agreeable. He is bringing in one of his relatives, who is too new to be with me. She will be accommodated somewhere and some others will be rotated to find a replacement for you in Brett’s office."

I was overjoyed to here this. To be with Harry as PS is something no right thinking young woman would miss. A brilliant marketing man, very efficient, very gentle with colleagues, attractive to look at. All those who worked with him have risen up steeply. I would grab this chance with both hands. But why was he replacing Debbie, the most diligent and dependable of all PSs in the company? Was she quitting? "I would love to work with you, Harry."

"Not so fast, Martha. I have my price tags."

"I will surely consider them. Tell me what they are."

"Lots of travel; you must do as I say; I have a propensity to be intimate with my PS and one more thing."

"What is it?"

"Know why I am asking Debbie to be replaced by someone else?"


"Well, I am fed up with her dress sense and hair-do. None of my suggestions for a better look has been considered favourably by her. Looks are important in Marketing. Is it not?"

"Certainly, Harry. Are my dress and hair-do okay for you?"

"Not as they are now. But I am sure that you would be adventurous enough to change to my liking."

"What would be your liking, Harry?"

"Well, there are many kinds of dresses that I would like which I would indicate at appropriate times."

"And the hair-do?" With long blond hair touching her ass, I thought that Debbie had, probably, the best hair among the females of the company. She used to put it in different styles and looked great in most of them, if not all. How could I be a match to her with my shoulder length dark brown hair? I failed to understand.

"Debbie’s is too long and she refuses to cut it. I like it very short and even nothing." I gasped.

"You mean bald?"

"Well, I would welcome it, but would not force it on anybody. But definitely it should be of the ‘very short’ variety." His own wife, Clara sported a boyish crop with short-scissored nape. Never clippered. I was finding things difficult to understand.

"Do I have time to make up my mind?"

"Before noon tomorrow."

"I will speak to you before that. Bye now, Harry and thanks for the offer." I left his office.

I thought over his offer. Travel, I love to. Doing as the boss says. No problem. I have been doing it for the past 16 years with various bosses including females. Getting intimate with boss and that is no big deal. I am 36, married to 38 year old Alex Gideon working with the town police and we have three kids – Cindy, 14, Peter, 11 and Karen, 9. When we married 15 years ago, we discussed many things. One was our relationship with each other and with others. We loved each other deeply and decided that nothing should come in its way till end. Since both of us had great sex urge we decided on sufficient extra-marital sex to add spice, variety and adventure to our life. It sounds strange but that way, we both have led good satisfied lives without undue tension and needless suspicion. We have described our sex adventures to each other and that itself has raised the libido of both. I have done it with about 30 men since marriage and he about 25 women. On one occasion when Alex was out of town for a month I invited five close male friends to my apartment and got fucked by them one after another. The result was Karen and we don’t know or care who her biological father is. And so, sex with Harry would be no problem. But short hair?

I told Alex. He was awe-struck. He had long back suggested a slightly shorter version of the shoulder length bob I was sporting. Then I had dismissed it out of hand. Now, if I chose to go short he would back me, I thought. But crewcut? Bald? Slowly, a wide smile appeared on his face. "Go for it, Martha. I would love to fuck you bald. Della has been such a great lay since she got her head shaved last month."

Della is his pretty typist. He does it with her at least once a month. She had mid-back length brown hair and three months back got a crew cut. On her husband’s suggestion she got herself shaved smooth on the head last month. She looks stunning with her smooth pate. Seeing her and feeling her head, I had fleetingly thought why not I also, but what would Brett think had been my problem. "Would the kids like it?"

"Do not worry. They will come around. Possibly they will also want to go that way." We had kept Cindy’s hair a short chin-length bob and had given crew cuts to Peter and Karen like their police father.

The next day, Thursday, at eleven thirty in the morning I walked into Harry’s chamber and told him that I would take his offer. The day after I was his PS and Debbie had been shifted to the company president’s office as one among three assistants. That evening Harry and I stayed on in his office till six-thirty pm. With nobody else around the last half an hour was spent with his dick first in my mouth and then in my hairy cunt. It was a superb fuck. Before I left, Harry invited me and Alex to his place Saturday evening.

We packed off the three kids on Saturday afternoon to Della’s house to stay overnight. They and her kids would be great company to each other. When I and Alex entered Harry’s home, we were greeted by Clara with shake of hands and a kiss on the cheek. Their kids had been sent to their aunt’s house to stay overnight. After a couple of drinks, Harry led us to a hall where a chair had been placed at the centre. "Martha, get in the chair for the makeover." I was hesitant for a while. Alex pushed me towards it saying "Get on with it and enjoy it, dear". When I was about to climb in Harry said "Wait, let us start from bottom up. Clara, will you clean her up down below?" With that, Clara approached me and started undressing me. In less than three minutes I was in my birthday suit. Alex asked "Clara, what are you going to do with clothes on? Why don’t you match Martha cloth for cloth?" Clara also stripped naked. Without much ado she took humming clippers in her hand, made me bend down on all four and clippered my buttocks clean of all hair. I was then made to sit on the floor with legs spread apart. She denuded my pussy to a smooth skin. She then clipped clean my armpits. Suddenly she gave me the clippers and asked me to repeat the process on her which I did in 10 minutes flat. Both the gents were giggling.

Now, I was made to sit in the chair. Both Alex and Harry also stripped to their skins, their dicks stiff and long. At Alex’s suggestion one more chair was placed near the previous one and Clara was made to sit in it. Harry took the clippers, attached a #4 gaurd, bent my head down, parted the hair by his hand in the middle and started clipping at the base of my neck. Quickly he ran it up to my occipital bone.

This was the first time I had clipper experience in more than 20 years. The feeling was great. My nipples and clit were swelling already. I began to moan softly. This was too much for Clara also. She pulled Alex to her front, bent down and started sucking his member noisily. Harry continued clipping at the back sending my shoulder length hair tumbling down on my naked body. The tingling sensation of soft hair on my bare skin was extremely pleasurable. By now, the entire back of my head was about half inch stubble. Harry handed over the clipper to Alex, bent my half clippered head and thrust his throbbing dick into my mouth. I began sucking him. By now, Alex had cum in Clara’s mouth, withdrawn and started clipping her starting at her forehead with the same attachment. In three minutes he had bared all her top to half inch while longish fringe was there at the back and sides.

I and Harry were spent by now after swallowing his cum. Harry took the clippers, and started at my forehead now. In five minutes he reduced my entire head to having half inch long hair as the other two watched. Immediately afterwards, Alex did the same to Clara. After that, Alex took off the attachment and started clipping Clara’s head close to skin. In three minutes flat, her whole head was almost bare skin. He passed on the clipper to Harry and started applying foam on her head.

Harry started clipping my head from the forehead with no attachment. The sensation was beyond anything I had anticipated. In five minutes, my head also had become almost bare skin. When I felt its sand papery texture, I really liked it. I would have loved to keep it this way forever. But Harry wanted to shave it smooth. So he started applying foam on my head. By now, Alex had finished shaving Clara’s head smooth like a billiard ball. Now Harry was doing the same thing to my head. In ten minutes my head was also reduced to the same smoothness.

As I climbed down, Alex hugged me feeling my head. He said that I looked fantastic. Quickly the two men took the vacated chairs. I clipped and shaved Alex’s head smooth while Clara did the same to Harry. Four baldies, smooth on top as a billiard ball, had emerged.

For the next two hours, we had a great sex orgy. Both men fucked both women by turn. Once, as Alex entered me from the rear, Harry entered my mouth. Clara was looking on. Same thing was repeated on her also. It was a great evening of sex. Fully spent, we ate dinner, drank a bit and slept off.

The next morning we returned home. The kids came in the evening. They did not recognise me at all. When they finally did so, they were ecstatic. Together they fell on me competing to rub my smooth head. All of them said I and Dad looked great. Cindy insisted that she also be shaved smooth then and there. But we told them they could all get shaved the coming weekend if they so desired.

The next day in the Office, people were initially aghast. Some really appreciated my new look while others made a wry face. The next day I was ‘summoned’ to the company’s president’s office. The company president, Tim Gunther, was very appreciative of my look and said he would welcome it if I kept it that way. If he could have his way he would have made this style compulsory to all PSs in the company, but unfortunately he could not do so. I was ecstatic with his support and appreciation.

Saturday afternoon, I took the kids to the barbershop where Alex went regularly. Susanne was the one who regularly clippered him. When she saw me her jaw touched the floor. She ran her fingers on my sandpapery head and giggled. She asked what I wanted. I pointed to the kids and told her to shave all their heads smooth. First was Peter, then Karen and lastly Cindy got their heads buzzed close with clippers with no attachments and then shaved smooth by Susanne. All the three had very big smiles. As Susanne was shaving my head Alex walked in. His head was also shaved smooth by her. The other barbers and a few customers smiled, a few touched our smooth heads and appreciated. One lady of 40 years kissed my head and said she would also do it the coming month, and make her 15 year old daughter also to go bald. On the way back home Cindy declared that she would like to become a barber and buzz and shave as many people bald as possible.

It is 3 years now since then. Either Harry or Alex or even Susanne clips me close to skin once in a month as I like the sand paper feeling more than the smooth scalp. Alex also keeps his head in the same way. My kids get this done every summer while keeping short crew cuts in the remaining period. The run of clippers all over the head and its sensation are too much to resist for any of us.

And of course, my intimacy with Harry has also increased to at least once a week. On business trips with him, it is done daily. Some ‘extra’ men are also there on these trips. Alex has since been promoted to a higher post and a different office. His new PS, Katie was rendered bald by Alex in a fashion similar to the one I got from Harry. Since then Katie has remained smooth and an ‘intimate’ colleague to Alex while Della continues to visit us to get ‘serviced’ by him once a month.

In our company, there are eighteen Personal Secretaries, all female. I was the first to go bald and keep so. In the past three years, except Debbie, all have gone bald at least once and three have followed me suit in keeping their heads bald. Cindy has joined the course to become a licensed barber. She has vowed (known only to me and herself) that her 18 year old cousin, my brother’s daughter, Connie, with waist length hair, would be her first client after joining a barbershop and she would render her bald.

Was Cindy successful in making Connie’s head egg-smooth? Wait for the continuation of the story.

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