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Every spring Kathy would travel to visit her sister Dee Dee. Near the end of her visit she would let Dee trim her beautiful soft long to the waist chocolate brown hair. Dee was a stylist at a local salon and Kathy trusted her with her shinny thick hair. It was dark chocolate brown underneath and the top layers were light brown. Dee Dee normally would cut two inches off and maybe just shape the bottom.

The time came for the haircut. Dee Dee had Kathy sit in a chair and she took a white sheet and fastened it tightly around Kathy’s neck. She pulled the soft brown long hair up and over the sheet. It covered the sheet like a soft chocolate colored blanket. A thick soft silky blanket. Then then brushed out the hair like she always did before she trimned it. This time Dee Dee did something different.

Dee Dee proceeded to part the hair down the middle and put it in two long ponytails one above each ear.

Then Dee Dee spoke " I’m going to do something different this year Kathy. You have worn your hair the same way for the last ten years and I’m tired of looking at you with the same look. I’m going to make a change for the better and your going to make a donation to Locks of Love."

Before Kathy could speak Dee Dee grabbed a pair of scissors and pulled tight on the left ponytail. Schnick, Schnick,.went the scissors at the base of the left ponytail. Suddenly the tension was released along with over three feet of hair. Dee Dee put is aside and quickly grabbed a pair of clippers. .Buzzzz Buzzz went the blades as they quickly ate up the hair being fed into them from the right ponytail. Kathy again felt the release of tension and now felt her head being lighter in weight since a great mass had been removed from it.

"The worst is over" spoke Dee Dee. Kathy just sat there in stunned silence. She could never have guessed that her sister would turn into a haircutting maniac. Dee Dee kept the clippers running as she proceeded from front to back and side to side with clippers over comb technique to shorten up Kathy’s hair. She left it a bit longer on top but real short on the sides.

Kathy closed her eyes and she could feel her hair tumbling and falling to her lap and then to the floor. She looked once to see the floor piled and covered with soft brown hair that had once been her crowning glory. She was shocked and stunned into silence at the sudden turn of events. It seemed like it took forever but in about thirty minutes it was over and Dee Dee said " All Done".

Kathy replied; " Why did you cut it so short?" Dee Dee grabbed a mirror so Kathy could see her new look for the first time. Her first reaction was " Holy Shit!" The change was overwhelming.

Dee Dee spoke softly to her sister. "Kathy, I know you hate change . I know if I told you before what I was going to do you would have said no way. I cut it short so that you can have different styles as it grows out. Now, you truly have wash-n-go hair. You will get use to it after the shock wears off. Trust me."

Kathy responded " I did trust you and now most of my hair is gone! Kathy held up the long ponytails that were once attached to her head. I think I shall leave now."

The phone rang as Kathy walked out the door. Dee Dee answered; " Yes, mom I cut it short like you suggested. Yes, she is mad but she will get over it. Yes, it looks nice and I’ll send you a couple of pictures. I love you too Mom. Bye". Dee Dee hung up the phone with a smile. She had just the client that would love the hair extensions that her sister had just " donated".

Hope you liked story. Mr. Snips.

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