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The time was upon me again. I sat in my office at my desk, running my fingers up my neck and through my sandy brown hair. It was getting long again, a little too long and very uncomfortable, and I knew it was time to make the phone call. The time to let her tease me with her whispers and her beauty.

I sat back in my chair, picked up the phone and made the call. Her partner answered the call. “Angie’s Barber Shop. This is Paul. How may I help you?” the voice said.

“May I speak with Angie, please?” I asked.

“I am sorry but she is busy in the office right now. Could I take your number and have her return your call?” Paul answered.

“Would you put me through?” I said. I could tell that he did not want to transfer my call. And to tell you the truth, I did not really like him. He was kind of a prick and very loud. I heard the sound of heels on the floor and I guess Angie had come out of the office. I figured she was around the front desk of the shop. “Tell her that Byron is on the phone. I am one of her clients,” I said. It is Angie’s policy that her favorite customers are allowed to speak to her in person and book their appointments exclusively with her.

“What did you say your name was again?” Paul asked.

“Byron!” I said.

“You don’t have to yell at me. Brian, you said?” he asked. She must have figured it out and heard him mention a name because in less then a minute, she was on the phone.

“This is Angie,” she said.

“Hi Angie, this is Byron,” I said.

“You can hang up now, Paul. I have the call,” she said.

We exchanged small talk for a few minutes and then she said: “I was just thinking about you. I was going to call you before you left from work. You are at work, aren’t you? You must be due of a cut soon. I am looking at my calendar.”

“Yeah, it is getting kind of bulky. I was going to ask if you could take me tonight?” I asked.

“Give me a second,” she said. I heard her get up and walk out of her office. She came back into her office. “What time did you want to come in?”

“How about around 7:30?” I asked.

“No, I can’t. I have a booking at 7:00 to do a perm. Tell you what. Why don’t you come at 8:15? I should just be finishing the perm and I could make you my last appointment,” she said.

“Sounds good,” I said. “See you then.”

I went back to work but I could not get the idea of her out of my head. She was probably the sweetest and sexiest barberette I had ever met and she knew how to take care of her clients. I especially like her sandy blonde hair and the fact that she wears it with her bangs tinted blonde in clumps. Her bangs always hang down over her forehead and she basically keeps it trimmed to neck length. But what I like the most is that if I get scheduled at a certain time of the day I will find her wearing the typical barber’s outfit, a nylon smock, which she claims that she finds very comfortable in the evening. But I feel she does that for another reason but I have never bothered to ask her. But for me, I like that. I find it sexy and on her it is almost erotic. Maybe this evening I would get lucky and find her dressed in a hugging smock, which fits her body so well.

I decided I would work late and I sat back in my office to read over a package of new policies that were delivered to my office that afternoon. I found myself looking up at the clock quite frequently, almost wishing that I was in Angie’s chair, experiencing the working of her fingers through my locks as she shampooed my hair. I threw the papers down and decided I could not get anything done. I pushed my chair back and as I settled in to wait, my phone went off.

I picked up the receiver. “Hi, Byron. It is Angie. My 7:00 appointment cancelled and I don’t have anything else booked for now. I was wondering if you wanted to come now,” she asked.

“I was just trying to get some work done but I am not succeeding,” I said.

“Well, why don’t you come now? I can close the shop and then after you are done, maybe we could go out for a drink?” she asked.

“That would be nice. Okay, give me fifteen minutes,” I said.

“Park around the back and I will lock the front door. That way we can be alone,” she said.

I cleaned off my desk, locked my filing cabinet and turned off the lights to my office. I hit the switch to the floor as I went out and took the elevator down to the garage. The drive to Angie’s shop was peaceful but I was excited. I drove around the block and parked the car in the back aisle. I walked to the back door and rang the bell. She promptly opened the door and I walked inside her shop. She was dressed in a tight pair of blue jeans and a black blouse.

“I am just doing the receipts for the day and then I am all yours,” she said. “You can go inside if you wish.” I did and I walked back to her station. I took off my blazer and hung it on a peg. I sat down in her chair and waited for her to come to me.

She finished the receipts and I listened as her heels hit the hard floor. She walked over to a closet and she opened it. I heard her moving coat hangers aside. I guess she found what she was looking for because I heard the closet door close. It took her a couple of minutes to come back to the station but when she did, I was not disappointed. She was wearing a white nylon smock, tightly fitted to her body, collar down and buttoned up to her neck. She looked stunning. She had a couple of combs in her top pocket, some hair clips attached to the side pockets and a couple pairs of scissors in her side pockets as well. She was holding a red nylon cape in her hand. “Let’s go, Byron,” she said as she flashed me a huge smile. I followed her to the sink and I sat down. She adjusted the back and my neck and she lowered my head into the basin.

She gave me the most amazing shampoo and conditioning. With a towel wrapped around my head, she took me back to her chair. I sat down and she adjusted the chair to her comfort level. She threw a cape around my neck and pulled it up over my shoulders. She pinned it closed over the side of my neck and she turned the collar down. She took out a comb and a pair of scissors. Starting at my bangs and combing straight back, she started snipping away my sandy brown locks. She was enjoying her work as my locks fell down over my face. She really amazed me as she cut so professionally and with so much determination.

She moved my head from position to position, pushing my neck down or lifting my chin or pushing it to the side. And yet, she was so good, she never moved from her position at the back of the chair. It actually took her only ten minutes to get to where she would go with me. She never had to ask me what I wanted done.

She picked up her hair dryer and blew it over my shoulders and then she brushed out my hair and styled it. She pronounced me finished and she stood behind me with a mirror. She moved to the side so that I could see what she had done. “You do an excellent job, as usual, Angie,” I said. I held the mirror up and I looked at my hair. I noticed my hair was thinning on the top and I made mention of it to Angie. “My bald spot is getting bigger,” I said. “It is funny. All my brothers who are younger then me have less hair then I do. One of my brothers even shaves his head.”

“Well your hair is still quite thick,” she said. “Look at the floor. That is how much I cut off.” I did look at the floor and there was indeed a lot of hair.

“One of my brothers was telling me that one day, I was not going to be able to talk because I would be shaving my head too or atleast clipping it very short,” I said. “Do you think I would look good with short hair?”

“Why? Have you been thinking about it?” Angie said.

“A bit. But not really seriously. But out of curiosity do you think I would look good with a buzzed head?” I asked her a second time.

“Well we could find out,” she said, “that is if you want to.”

“What are you suggesting? That I let you clipper my hair right now?” I asked. “With shears? Today?”

She nodded her head. “Come on, Byron. If you have been thinking about it even casually then you must want to experience it for real. Besides summer months are upon us and who wants bulky sweaty hair?” she said. I sat there and thought about it. “Stay right here,” she said. She walked away from her station, back toward the main part of the shop.

She also had a chair in the front part of the shop. Her station in the back was just for favorite customers. She returned to the station, looking down at something that was in her hand. A cord hung to the floor and a smile was on her face.

“These just arrived today. I have not had a chance to try them yet. They are supposed to be the best pair of clippers on the market. I have been waiting to get my hands on them,” she said as she flicked the switch. I heard a slight pop and then there was hardly any noise. “Very quiet too,” Angie said.

“Come on, Byron. It is only hair. It will grow back,” she said as she stood over top of me. “Be the first customer who let me use my new toy on,” she said. She raised her hand to my bangs and pulled them back. In her other hand were the shiny red clippers, softly humming, waiting for my words to let Angie shave me down to a crewcut. She lowered her head to my ear and whispered: “I know you want this. All you have to do is ask me and I will make you a new man.” She held the clippers up to my ear. “Tell me, Byron. Tell me you want me to buzz your head. Tell me you will like it as much as I will enjoy doing it for you.”

The scent of her perfume and the hum of the clippers was intoxicating as she continued to whisper in my ear. I looked into the mirror as she ran her fingers through my locks. “I won’t take the guard off but I think maybe the shortest guard here would make you look very powerful. Come on, Byron. Just say the words,” she said.

I took a deep swallow as her hand came around to the front of my face and she turned her hand so that the teeth of the clippers were just infront of my hairline. With her other hand, she was still pulling back my bangs. I looked into the mirror again for assurance. “It will be fast and you won’t feel a thing. All you will see is all your hair fall to the cape. Come on Byron. How long have I been doing your hair? Have I ever steered you wrong?”

I shook my head. “You’re right. I have never steered you in the wrong way,” she said. “So just sit back and enjoy the transformation.” She moved her hand closer and she touched my hairline with the teeth of the clippers. I swallowed again hard as she pushed through my locks. As she pulled back my bangs and reached for more of my hair, a clump of hair fell to the cape. She giggled some as she pushed the clippers down the center of my head and she let her fingers rub over the stubble that the teeth were leaving behind.

There was no turning back now. Angie was going to have her way with me. And even though I was not sure about it, inside I was enjoying the feel of the teeth over my head.

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