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This story is all fiction and any coincidental likeness to anyone is purely accidental, comments are welcome

This is about a Lady that has the desire and wants to be taken used and have taken from her the long Red Hair (out of a bottle I might add). She tends to be spunk sassy and a real mind of her on. She refers to herself as a sassy sub. I have chatted with her and she has read my other three stories I wrote. On which was completely true. The others are works of fiction. We met when she read my last story and complimented me on my writing ability I ask if she would like for me to write a story about her. Since we have emailed back and. forth I understand her desire and what she wants. So here we go.

I will call this Lady Barbara; she will get decide whether to publish it.

The story begins while I was at the mall shopping for clothes for the party I was attending this weekend. I bumped into this woman. I say excuse me my apology for running into you. I was aware that I had knocked the packages out of her hands. I kneeled down to help her pick up her bags. It then I noticed what she had in her bags. I noticed some the sexy lingerie. I stated you have nice taste in clothes maam. I proceeded to to finish shopping and I noticed her looking/staring at me. There appeared to be an attraction for her to me. I went to the counter to pay for my clothing. Then out of the blue this lady walks up to me and said, excuse me I just have to introduce myself to you. She stated, I’m Barbara and I know it’s unusual but I think you’re handsome and have manners and was polite to me. That’s pretty unusual men don’t have manners in this day and age. I said okay, my name is Charles, glad to meet you. I then asked if she would like to have dinner. I then noticed her long red hair and her sexy body. I begin to let my mind drift to something not good. Here I just met a nice lady and having dinner. I noticed a sensual manner about her was attracted to her also. A little sassy and a lot of self-confidence after dinner we parted ways and I gave Barbara my number so she could call me. I invited her to dinner and told her I would cook for her. I told her to be there by 700pm. I was in my workshop building a spanking bench and an St Andrews cross. I had the country music blaring and I looked up and it was 2pm. I turned around and there was Barbara, and I said your early and stated you must learn to do as your told. The next thing I heard was Yes Sir I understand and will do as I am told. I was asked what I was building. I informed her that it was meant for spanking and teaching misbehaving young ladies manners. What is the other item over there? I told her it was a cross. It’s for whipping, spanking disobedient submissive women. I saw her look down and suddenly get real quiet. I told her I would start dinner early. Barbara asks if she could help. I stated yes but only if she could follow orders. She looked at me and said yes I will do as I am told. I then told her to strip to her bra and panties. Barbara eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped. The look on her face was awestruck but she began to unbutton her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. The next thing she did was slowly step out of her skirt and kept her eyes lowered. Barbara stated is there anything else I can do for you. I said yes Slut there is. I want you to stand before me and piss in you to put your skirt back on and then beg me to allow you to piss all over yourself. Is that understood? You looked at me and said Do What; you screamed at me and said your crazy. I said do it now. You said fuck off asshole I wont do it. I grabbed your long shoulder length bottled red hair and said what did you say you useless piss drinking whore. I said do it now or else I looked at Barbara and then sighed, Your not even a true redhead and I frowned. You refused and said never will I do that. I again grabbed your hair and made you kneel before and gave you one more chance. Still you refused and I grabbed a large handful of your hair and drug you to the bathroom screaming and cursing as your knees scraped against the rug causing burns on your knees and legs. Whore this is your last time. With a loud disgusting voice you say go fuck yourself. I drag you to the commode and lift up the lid and seat. Your eyes get really large when you she its filled with yellow piss. I grab you by your neck and shove your head and face into the bowl. You scream and gag, as your head is drenched in piss. Then you feel warm water running down your head neck and shoulders and you realize I’m washing your hair with my piss. You begin to weaken and slowly begin to give in. When I finish you know that I ‘m serious. You slowly rise and look down and know you lost this t time and your head bowed you begin to wet your panties and skirt. You keep your eyes down and apologize. I allow you to clean up and assist me in preparing dinner. While we were preparing dinner you asked why I was building those wood items. I told you I am searching for a submissive female to serve and please me. I continued to walk down the hall way to where I kept my already built items/toys. I entered and was going to the closet. I heard a gasp and looked over my shoulder. I glared and looked at Barbara wondering why you had followed me. I ask why she gasped and why she was following me? She stuttered and mumbled didn’t say a word to me. What seemed like minutes she stated I was embarrassed when I seen all those things on the wall and that old chair in the corner. I stated old chair, do you know what type chair that is? That chair is older than both you and I. She admitted she didn’t know what it was. I ask why she didn’t stay in the kitchen, because I didn’t say you could walk around my house. This is where her true color began to show. She stated I didn’t want to be left alone and like you can kiss my ass, I will not be treated like that and left alone in someone’s house. I’m a guest and should be treated better. Tell me then how should you be treated? I know how I’m going to treat you. Barbara looked at me and said I will be treated like royalty. Hmm, you don’t say. In an instant I grabbed her by the arm and before she could say a word I had her hands cuffed behind her back. She yelled and word came out her mouth that most ladies would never say. Her feet flying kicking and trying to get away. I thru her down in the barber chair and with her feet swinging I managed to get her feet bound to the chair. I looked straight into her eyes and told her she needs to be taught a lesson. She glared at me and said you wouldn’t dare touch me. I walk over to the table and picked up the phone and called Sarah. Barbara said whom did you call. I told her it was none of your business. I walk back over to her as I was chatting on the phone and told her I would be right back. I stepped into the hallway and told Sarah to bring enough stripper and bleach to turn a dyed redhead into a platinum blond. Sarah stated she could be there in an hour. I said fine. I walked back into the bedroom/play room. I laid the phone down and walk over to Barbara and glared at her, your training begins right now. I reached down and ripped over her panties and said you not even a real redhead. I will fix that now. There are a few things I must do before Sarah gets here. Your bra and panties now in pieces, I go to the cabinet and get several items out of the drawers and shelves. Your bound to the chair like the slut whore you are. I am going to change your appearance some slave. I pick up my clamps and attached them to your nipples and pull then nice and hard. Stretching them out and making those tits stand out. I then attach them to the overhead bar. Your screaming loudly as the pain get worse and I tell you that the best is yet to come, I then pick up the largest needle I have and pinch your nipple with my fingers. Your eyes are open as wide as you can and you scream and beg me not to do it. You know what it coming. I don’t bother with anything I shove the needle thru your nipple and you scream in pain and I remove the needle and insert large barbell thru the penning. I grab the other and repeat the process. I then proceed to that useless cunt of yours and say its next, I then attach slips to those fat big cunt lips andstecth and pull them as far as they will go, and I grab the large needle again and touch that cunt. I pull on your clit and make it hard and stick straight out, you moan and groan with pleasure, when all of a sudden you feel the pain as I shove that needle thru your clit, a cry of pain and horror escape your lips, I insert a 1” ring thru your clit. You continue to cry but your pussy is getting wetter as I proceed. You bitch you love this and the pain. You look down and see t
hose barbells in your nipples and I step aside and you can see your cunt in the mirror. You cry out as an orgasm overtakes you. I then pick up my small clippers turned them on. You glared at me and said asshole you wouldn’t dare, fuck off you Son of a bitch. My eyes lit up and I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her face close to mine and I said watch me you worthless piece of slut whore. I have plans for you tonight. I turned on the clippers pressed them into her blonde cant. She screamed as her little curls begin to disappear and fall to the floor. I turnaround and picked up the shaving cream and sprayed a big glob on her cant. She was not as vocal as before. It appeared she wanted this more than I did. I begin to slowly scraped the hair away and I sensed her excitement begin to take over. She was beginning to get wet and moaning and squirming. She was even licking her lips and her eyes were glazed over. I continue to shave that cunt and all the way back to her ass. I then heard her say please Sir don’t stop there. She was pleading with me to continue, She had the most perfect set of tits I have seen in many many years. I knew she was excited because her nipples were harder than diamonds and nipples were 3/4to 1” long and standing up even after the piercing I had done to them. I then proceeded to the closet and picked up nice rubber flogger. When she saw the flogger her eyes got wide open and said please Sir I will be good and never curse or yell at you again. I looked at her and grinned and stated yes you’re absolutely right. When I get finished with you tonight you will know better. I finished shaving her cunt and ass and wiped the excess shaving cream off. I reached over and washed her freshly shaved cunt with aftershave. She whined and moaned because I know it was stinging her cunt. I then picked up the flogger and slowly at first struck her naked cunt and thighs. Her scream came forth and tried to rise up and meet the flogger. Her cries were getting louder and I then decided to use it on her gorgeous tits and she cried out and begins to beg for more Barbara began to beg me for more. She said please Sir don’t stop I want to please you and serve you in any form you wish. I continued to whip here tits, cunt and thighs. This lady was on the verge of Cumming all over herself. I heard the front door open and heard Sarah call me and said she was ready. I called back and said I will be there in a minute. I stopped and told Barbara that the final stages were to begin. She looked t me and said what do you mean. I said you would see in a few minutes. I walk over to the cabinet and laid out several items. Barbara’s eyes were wide open and couldn’t believe what she saw. There was a pair of scissors, clippers and several combs. Sarah walked in and said I’m ready are you? I said yes I am. Barbara looked at me and turned bright red from embarrassment. There she was naked completely exposed to another woman, how embarrassing. Her pierced nipples and cunt exposed to a stranger She looked at me and said how could you do that to me. I grinned and said calmly very very easy. Your getting everything you deserve. Sarah walked over to Barbara and the looked at me and I see what you mean, you know it will take about an hour. I said yes I know are you ready to proceed if I undo your hands and feet are you going to behave? The welts and red streaks were still showing from her flogging. She nodded her head and I released her hands first. I then knelt down to release her ankles. The moment I released her she jumped up and tried to run. I grabbed her by the hair and threw her down. Well slut your word is worthless .I will change that trust me. I then grab her hands and tied them behind her back. I attached hobbles to her ankles. I told Sarah to get everything prepared. I then made her bend over at the wait and attached her hands to her ankles. In the mean time Sarah came back and began to wash and prepare Barbara for her final transformation. I picked up the leather strap and flogger and began to use them on her ass thighs and back. She cried and screamed as I used the strap Sarah then said she was ready I picked her up and laid her on the edge of the bed. Her head was hanging off the bed and ready for Sarah. Sarah opened up bottles of bleach and peroxide. Barbara could smell and knew what it was. She screamed out and begged me not to do anything with her hair. LOL I said it’s too late. You will be a changed woman when I get finished. Sarah was continuing as I told her the new you will be here shortly. As the solution was doing its thing I picked up the strap and flogger again. I begin to whip her as and feel her getting into this. She begin to beg me to make her ass sore and leave pretty red marks all over it. Sarah said I think she is finished. Is she ready to see her new look? Sir what else do you plan to do to me you will see and you will thank me. I undo her hands and lead her back to the barber chair. Do I need to restrain you or are you going to behave yourself. Sir I will behave and allow you to complete my transformation. I remove the towel from your hair and it falls to your shoulders. There is no mirror. Your wondering what has transpired and what you look like. I put your hair into a thick ponytail and then reach over and pick up a pair of scissors. All you can feel is the bite and you hear the scrunch as the scissors slice thru your ponytail. I lay it on the counter behind me so have no idea what I have done or going to do. I then pick up the clippers and turn them on. I begin to run the clippers up the back of your head. . You scream and tries to bolt and run. I grab you and then strap you back to the chair. That’s twice you have lied to me. I said that’s enough let’s finishing this. I picked up the clippers and put a number 2guard on. I ask Sarah to go get the mirror, so this lying piece of shit slut can see the final phase of her transformation. Sarah said are you ready? I said yes and as she lifts up the mirror and I see hers eyes light up as the clippers run right down the middle of her head Barbara is left with a beautiful short brush cut. As I finish up the cut I see Barbara tremble and shake and I know she just had an unstoppable orgasm. She passed out from the shear pleasure of her transformation. I let her rest and lay there for a few minutes. It was about 10-15 minutes and she was stirring. I walked up to her and stated are you sure this is the lifestyle for you. All she could do is smile and say Yes Sir as long as it’s with you. I leaned over and kissed her long and hard. I see many long happy years ahead.


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