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This unusual story unfolds from two different countries. Master Gideon took his slave Samia on August 3rd, 2003 to be his wife. She flew to be handfasted to him after only 8 short months. Samia knew Master Gideon was her twin flame.

He only found out just before the handfasting that she had a serious hair fetish…..so here is where the story begins.

We are separated by circumstances beyond our control for the majority of our brief relationship. The intensity of our separation at times is more than we can bear, so we became Master and slave. Master Gideon had been into the "lifestyle" for quite some time and Samia was new to this way of life, but willing to please her partner. Samia prepared her trip itinerary and flew to be collared on a very special weekend where Master Gideon would fulfill one of Samia’s lifetime fantasies for real.

My plane is descending into the airport where my Master anxiously awaits his new slave’s arrival. My nerves are frazzled over this new lifestyle I have chosen to embark on with my new Master and my true love. My insides feel shaky and I feel the "fight or flight" response coming on strongly. I wonder if I have done the right thing. I make my way through the airport to find my new awaiting Master at the baggage claim where we had arranged to meet. I step onto the escalator and immediately see my Master standing at the bottom looking up at me. My stomach tightens, and I glance the other away asking myself if I can go through with this, and if it will change who we have been until this point. Until now we have been two middle age love sick puppies who would do anything to be together. But this new lifestyle was very unknown to me and as it pleases my Master, I am willing to give it all I have to give.

I step off the escalator and my Master embraces me in a love lock like never before. It was so intense, there were many onlookers watching this tender moment. He tenderly took my hand and put on two special rings that had extreme sentimental value. We then retrieved my baggage and left the airport. The car ride home was intense and scary, as I was about to be collared for the first time in my life. My stomach was in knots of the unknown.

Once we reached Master Gideon’s home, I followed him in and knelt down immediately in front of him waiting to be collared. For a new slave, my protocol was amazing. I innately knew what to do. I knelt down and told my new Master I was ready to serve him in any way that pleased him. He collared me with the most beautiful collar I had ever seen and a lovely bracelet to match, all engraved with Master Gideon and slave Samia on them and my Internal Enslavement number. Once the collaring was done Master Gideon wanted to test me to see how obedient I was. He played upon my strongest fetish and commanded me to fetch the barbers clippers and shave his neck and sideburns. I was trembling as this was intensely erotic for me and I did not ever want to hurt him or upset him by performing in a way that displeased him.

I plugged in the clippers and bent over my Master; I gently placed my hand on his head and pushed the erotically vibrating clippers into his sideburns. As the long dark locks of hair fell onto his shirt, I could feel the love welling up inside me between my legs lusting for my own pleasure. In no time, this task was complete and I sat at his feet awaiting more commands. As this was such an intense moment for me, Master felt it was time for bed, so we continued up to the bedroom for the night.

Once in bed, almost involuntarily I reached back with my right hand to the nape of his neck which I found so obsessive. He laughed wickedly and said "grab it and feel the length and thickness of it now as it will all be shorn from my head tomorrow as you watch and take photographs". I melted into the sheets after hearing that statement.

Upon arising I heard an erotic sound that was very familiar to me. Master had readied the clippers for the deforesting of my pussy. He gently grabbed my feet and pulled me down to the bottom of the bed where I was easily accessible to his clippers and straight razor. Eagerly and meekly I obliged. Once my pussy was denuded of all hair I was told that my clothes for the trip to the barbershop were all laid out in the other room and go immediately to dress. Quickly I went to take a peek and see what I was to wear. Laid out was a beautiful black suit with a mini skirt, a cream coloured blouse, 3" stiletto heels, a sexy black lacey bra, a pair of black hose complete with a black garter belt and a butterfly clitoral strap-on vibrator with a remote control.

I took each piece of clothing and put it on one by one, all the while looking in the mirror to make sure I looked perfect and precise as Master liked me to look. After dressing I met him down stairs by the door as instructed and I was handed a black bag and told that I would receive further instructions on the the contents of the black bag as we neared the barber shop. I nodded and smiled.

After we had been driving for 1/2 hour Master demanded I open the black bag and advise him of the contents. First I pulled out a pair of black handcuffs and was instructed I handcuff him into the barbers chair when it was his turn for the haircut. I nodded and listened for more directions. There were also a set of shackles to be used to restrict his movement once in the chair. I smiled and complied that I would carry out his directions as requested. And last but not least a small digital camera was hidden inside this mysterious black bag. No instructions on the camera were needed as I innately knew photographs were to be taken at each stage of the cut for my own stimulation and erotic pleasure. Master never left a stone unturned when it came to my sexual satisfaction. But his day was coming to reap the benefits from my performance that day.

As his name was called, I opened the bag and approached the chair with the handcuffs and shackles. Master smiled and let me strap him in securely, and whispered that I was to give him the remote to the butterfly vibrator which was secretly attached to my clitoris. I discretely pushed the small remote into the palm of his hand which no one else could see, and took a seat waiting for my non-verbal commands to begin. As Master told the barber what he wanted, I was instructed to begin taking pictures once the electric clippers hummed to life. I was secretly relieved when the clippers came to life, and that the clitoral vibrator was not coming to life disabling me from photographing this highly charged event. However, I remained calm and also looked the part.

Once the clippers were humming away I began photographing my Master’s long thick dark hair sliding down the front of the striped cape in front of him. I was told to look deep into his eyes during this whole time except when I had to photograph the event. My Master’s head was severely bowed as the clippers ran up and down the back of his head and neck. I could feel the juices welling up inside me and I was afraid it may become obvious to anyone else waiting their turn for a cut. But I continued taking photographs as directed. Once the clippers were turned off Master told the old barber to take it shorter and I was again photographing this event. This happened several times until there was no hair to remove in the back, it had a drastic military look. Finally the old fellow brought out the straight razor and I knew we were nearly done. I untied all the binds that tied Master to the chair and I was instructed to sit on his lap for a photograph. As my bottom touched his lap I felt the clitoral vibrator jump to life. My face lit up like a Christmas tree and I had the biggest smile on my face one has ever seen. Master squeezed me tightly and made sure plenty of pictures were taken.

Once out of the shop and on our way home, Master pulled over to a secluded spot where he wanted to bring me off. He knew my pussy was dripping wet from the experience and he wanted to give me a jump start on satisfying my needs before we got home. He reclined my seat in the car and put my hand on the back of his neck where all I could feel was bristly shorn hair. I was instructed to rub the back of his neck as he turned on the vibrator with the remote. Low setting at first, and then gradually he turned it up to satisfy the need that was so obviously eroding inside me. I climaxed and screamed and begged him to take me right there, right now. He said no, I had to wait until we got home as he had a wonderful bdsm scene waiting for us. One that would fulfill his desires as intensely as he had fulfilled mine that day at the barbershop.

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