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Cindy and Connie are cousins of about the same age, Connie elder by about 6 months. Both are best of friends and love each other deeply (of course, no physical sense please). No year passes without the two living together for a week or two. Sometimes my brother’s family comes and stays with us for a fortnight in summer. Sometimes we go there and stay with them. Well, my brother Robert, his wife Stella, their son Stuart and daughter Connie make up the neat little family which lives about 1000 miles away from us.

The day after I got shaved smooth on the head by Harry for the first time, Cindy rang up her dear Aunt Stella and excitedly told her first and then her cousin Connie about my new appearance. Stella and I are also of about the same age and get on very well with each other. She spoke to me excitedly ”Martha, I am dying to see your new appearance. It will be three weeks before we arrive there. By then, you would have sufficient hair. Why don’t you all take a photo today to show us?” I told her not to worry since I would keep it closely clipped for some time to come. When they did come all the four of them were overboard with enthusiasm in appreciating our appearance. 15 year old Connie could not leave her hands off Cindy’s head. That was four years ago. But nobody wanted to emulate us. Thus, the mid-back length hair of Stella and butt length of hair of Connie continued to be there. Of course, Bob and Stuart keep their hair of normal short length, nothing extreme.

With Cindy’s graduation in her hairdressing school just three weeks away, she invited Connie and her family to come over to grace the occasion. She gave no hint of her designs on Connie’s blonde hair. I also kept it to myself, hoping to see some real fun.

On the day of graduation, a Friday, Susanne gave the five of us close head shaves in her barbershop. She promised that she would also be present in the graduation ceremony. Cindy had a surprise from her. She told her as she was clipping her top "Cindy, one of my chairs has become empty. Would you be interested in joining?" Cindy gave a surprised look.

"I will be most happy to join you. When can I come over?"

"Why not tomorrow?"

"Too early Susanne. How about the coming Wednesday, five days from now?" And so it was agreed. Cindy quietly smiled which only I could detect and the machinations going on inside her head. Similar things were going on inside my head also about another.

The graduation and all that connected with it were over. As the only baldy to go on stage to collect the graduation certificate, Cindy got a big applause, loud cheers and an affectionate kiss on her head from the President of the school.

The next day, during breakfast, Connie said ”Cindy, people would be afraid to sit in your chair. Who knows? With your fetish for short and bald, you may clip them close while what they would want is just a trim.”

Cindy replied with a wink ”Not at all. Those wanting to get a trim would change their minds and go for bald once they are in my hands. Connie, you do not know the magic of my hands with comb, scissors and clippers. Want to try once?”

Stella replied ”If you can so much as persuade Connie to cut more than 2 inches from her hair, I would cut double the amount. She is too stubborn and too possessive about her hair. All my efforts in the last five years to persuade her to go for a short cut have been in vain. Of course her buttock long hair is beautiful. But I feel she has missed out on the joys of short hair.” Stella herself had shoulder length hair which she used to get trimmed once in two months or so.

Now, Connie gave a venomous look at her mother and said ”Come on, Mom, you know how much I adore this hair. Why do you want to bet on my hair? If you wish to go short I would not mind. Do I? What, Papa? What do you think?”

Stuart intervened to say that if Mom cut her hair very short he would be happy. Bob said that he would not mind having even a bald wife but what would her school say? Stella was a school teacher. Everyone guffawed thinking about a bald Stella teaching maths in school. ”Oh Bob, will you cut out such stuff? I can never imagine myself bald. How will it look a baldy teaching Mathematics to school kids? They will concentrate more on my zero head rather than on the zeroes on the board. This length is okay for me and I will keep it. And I know that Connie will not do anything drastic to make me execute my part of the bet.” She would be in for a shock, I thought.

The next morning the mood had changed a bit. Stuart said that he would love to get clippered into a crew cut by his dear cousin, Cindy. ”Can you give a good crew cut, Cindy?” he asked. Cindy said that he was welcome but nothing would be on the house. She would not take her tip, of course, but the barbershop could not afford to give free service to family members of staff, could it?

That day, in private, Cindy told Connie, or so was I informed later by Cindy, that she, Connie, would look fantastic with a short pixie style. Connie reacted with horror and said ”Look Cindy, if you are dreaming of me going short on the head, I can only say that you are short inside your head.”

But Cindy was not the one to give up so easily. ”Connie, you are my dear cousin, and you would like me to become a good barber, isn’t it? Why don’t you be my first customer in the chair on Wednesday? I promise that I would not do anything against your wishes. I will just take about half inch from the end of your plait. Would that be okay?”

”Half inch would be okay. But you barbers are all greedy. If I say take off half inch you people would take off everything leaving only half inch. It is difficult to trust you.”

Cindy tried to change tack. ”Look, if you want to make Aunt Stella to go short, the weapon is in your hand or rather on your head.”

Connie grinned imagining a very short haired, or rather bald, mother. ”That of course I would love to. How much should I get cut to make her bald?”

”Well, your hair is about 36 inches from root to end. Hers is about 18 inches. So if you take off about 9 inches she should, by logic, go bald. Well, bet apart, does she like to go bald, despite her protestations?”

”Well, she secretly longs for it, I feel. Once I spied her covering her head tightly with a towel and appreciating her own imitated bald looks. I think she could be persuaded.”

”What about you? I really recommend that this is the time for you to go bald. If you don’t like it you can grow it back. Simple.”

”Look Cindy, don’t be stupid. You can’t con this Connie like that into parting with her hair. If you wish so much that your first customer should go bald, why don’t you talk to my Mom? She looks easy prey.”

”Okay, Connie. Let us do it this way. I will shave off a 3 inch by 3 inch patch on the top of your head. You can go around that way for a day. If you like the feel of the bald patch you can decide for the whole hog.”

Irritated, Connie showed her tongue at Cindy mocking her and went away fuming.

Later that evening Connie came to me when none else was around. ”Aunt Martha, you keep your head shaved regularly. How does it feel to get shaved?”

So both Cindy and myself were closing in on our preys, I thought. ”Well, you could as well ask how does ‘sweet’ taste. Sweet tastes sweet. You must experience it. Others can’t tell you that. Same with this head shave business. The bliss you get as the clipper runs on your head or when your long locks fall down grazing your cheeks or when the blade scrapes on your scalp is something that you should experience it to enjoy. How could others tell you that?”

”Well, Aunt, how would I look if I go bald? I have recently joined the bank. I don’t think I would be accepted bald.”

”Well, they would probably welcome it. Just phone up your boss and check.”

Immediately she rang up her boss, Monica, a forty something fatso. After some small talk she said ”Monica, my cousin is pressing me to go bald. …. No, not yet decided…….. No problem if I do go bald, is it?..You welcome it, is it? .. Okay, then. There is a fifty percent chance that you will see a bald Connie next fortnight.” Connie was a shade relaxed. But not yet done.

”Connie, have you touched my smooth head?” So far Connie had touched only Cindy’s head, not mine. ”Why don’t you do it now?” I lowered my head. ”Just caress my nape”. Connie did what I told. I jumped at her touch. She also got a small thrill as her smiling face showed. ”Feels good, isn’t it?” She nodded yes. Now, with a smile she went away. She was gradually coming round to getting her long protected butt length hair removed from her head.

By Monday evening, Connie was quite convinced that she could try the round look. On the dinner table, she told her mom that she would have to go bald once in three years. Stella was shocked and asked ”Why ?” Connie said ”On Wednesday, Cindy is first going to shave my head. That is 36 inches. And you should remove 72 inches. Since you have only 18 inches you have to go bald 4 times after regrowing it fully every time. That may be about once in 3 years. Ah! how much I would love to see your nice pate, Mom!”

Now Stella was speechless. Slowly a smile spread across her face and said ”Fine, at least Connie is getting her hair cut. I would gladly go bald if she does first.”

”Cindy, you must save the maximum length of my hair. I want to preserve it.” said Connie. ”So do I, Cindy” added Stella. ”When all the ladies around are smooth-pated why should I go around with hair?” asked Stuart. ”I will also get my head cleaned by Cindy, son” added Bob. Thus, it was decided that the four would be shaved by Cindy on her first day as a barber.

Came Wednesday and Cindy was at the barber shop half hour before opening to do any preparatory work that Susanne would tell her. At 9 o’clock the entire family landed at the door of the barber shop. Susanne greeted all of them with the broadest of smiles and asked them to be seated. She had been told by Cindy that there would at least be 4 headshaves from her family.

Cindy invited Connie to the chair. Both were nervous. Connie settled herself in the barber’s chair. It was some ten years ago that she had been seated in a barber’s chair and clipped bald. But then she was just 9 years old. Since then she did not cut more than half an inch at time.

Cindy caped Connie after lifting her long hair out of the way. She thoroughly combed the hair which Connie seemed to enjoy. Next she weaved the hair into a loose braid. Near the occipital bone she put a band on the braid and several more at about 6 inches apart down the braid. The braid was looking very good, yet sufficiently loose so as not to strain Connie’s head. Cindy now rolled the braid neatly into a ball to almost the nape of the neck. She put a few pins to hold it in the form of a ball. Connie was looking a bit weird now.

Now, Cindy put a quarter inch attachment on the Oster Clippers and held it in her left hand, she being a lefty. She called to Stella ”Aunt Stella, could you come here and help me a bit?” Stella was more than willing and very excited about seeing her darling daughter going bald. She came to the chair and said ”What should I do?” ”Hold her hair ball in your hand like this”. Cindy demonstrated the way to hold the ball such that it was not taut on the head but was clear all round. Stella did as she was told. Cindy switched on the clippers, pushed Connie’s head down and without much ado plunged the clippers at the base moving it upwards. Within about 2 minutes all the hair at the back got separated from the head. Connie’s smile was becoming bigger with the feel of clippers. So was Stella’s watching Connie’s head being shorn so close to her view. With her left hand which was free she felt Connie’s clippered bristles. It almost sent shock waves in both Stella and Connie.

Cindy pushed Connie’s head to the right and started clippering the hair first behind the ear and then in its front. She took the clippers as high as she could go without having to change its attitude much. She repeated the action on Connie’s right side. Now her hair ball was being supported only by the hair on top of the head and her mother’s hand.

Cindy straightened Connie’s head, plunged the clippers into the hair at her forehead separating more hair between her head and the hair ball. Pass after pass she denuded the top and finally less than a square inch of hair was attached to the head and the ball. ”You look like a punk, Connie”. Connie took her left hand out and pinched Cindy in her butt. ”Here we go for the deliverance” said Cindy. ”Aunt Stella, hold the ball in both hands” she cautioned her aunt. Cindy plunged the vibrating clippers into the last square inch of hair and the hair ball got separated with a small jerk. Connie’s 36 inch long hair was separated from her for good.

Cindy took the hair ball from her aunt, removed the pins and unwound the ball into the braid that it was, dangling it in front of Connie. The length was astonishing. Cindy had managed to retain the maximum length. She put the braid into a plastic bag and placed the package on the counter. She removed the attachment on the clippers, waved Stella to a seat, started running the clippers at Connie’s forehead. As the bald patch on her head widened, her smile also began widening.

First the top, then the right side and then the left side were reduced to sand papery stubble. Now Cindy came to Connie’s back, pushed her head fully down and ran the clippers up her nape several times. Connie could not withhold her physical reaction any more. With a violent jerk she went into orgasm that lasted about 15 seconds. ”Oh, that was fantastic. I am wondering why I did not do this all these days” exclaimed Connie after the orgasm subsided.

Now, Cindy spread foam on Connie’s bristly head, lathered it up and with a straight razor shaved it nice and smooth. She wiped her cousin’s head clean with a towel and said ”That is it, Connie. Welcome to the World of Bald” taking away her cape and affectionately caressing her smooth pate.

Next a beaming Stella walked towards the chair. But Cindy stopped her. ”First the two gents. Come on, Uncle” she invited Bob to take the chair. Though it was her first day as a barber, her movements and words were those of a practised veteran. She caped Bob and with no attachment on her clippers shaved off his head to sand-papery stubble in just 10 minutes. ”Foam and straight razor, Uncle?” Cindy asked with the affectionate smile of a dear niece. ”No Cindy, this feels nice” said Bob rubbing his head and got down from the chair. In the next 15 minutes Stuart’s head became cue-ball smooth in Cindy ‘s hands courtesy clippers, foam and straight razor. Now I ushered Stella into the chair. After Cindy caped her, she brushed her hair and braided it in a loose fashion similar to what she did to Connie. Stella’s brown hair was not long enough to be rolled into a ball. ”Mom, just hold it straight up like that” Cindy showed me holding Stella’s braid up almost vertically. I did as told. Cindy put a quarter inch attachment on her clippers and ran it all round her head slowly. Finally, just as she did for Connie, the last square inch was sheared off with a flourish and Stella’s braid was in my hands.

Now Cindy removed the attachment and ran the clippers all over Stella’s head making her fully bald. Now she had to be reduced to completely bald by shaving her head cue-ball smooth. One of Susanne’s male barbers, Jack said he would love to shave that lovely head. Cindy looked questioning at Stella and Susanne. Both gave approvals. The practised hands of Jack did the job in 5 minutes flat.

The fine outgrowths of myself, Alex, Peter, Karen and Cindy were removed rendering five more egg heads – three females and two males. Susanne and Jack helped Cindy in the shaving. ‘If all were egg smooth why should I be sand papery’, thought Bob. So, after Karen was shaved clean by Cindy he again jumped into her chair ordering her to shave him clean. Cindy gladly obliged.

We paid for the shaves of all the nine, paid some hefty tip and started leaving the barbershop leaving Cindy behind to carry on with her work. Just then a mother and her 16 year old daughter, both short hair, about 4 to 5 inches long came in. Seeing so many baldies, many females among them, made them a bit dizzy, I think. The mother asked me ”Wait, could I touch your head please?” I obliged by bending my head down. She caressed it gently. Her eyes and then her smile widened. As we were leaving I heard her telling Susanne ”Bald for both”. Later, Cindy told me that both were ecstatic after becoming baldies.

That night after the kids slept off we had a different party. I had told Stella ”No incest. But we will watch each other.” As Bob sucked and fucked Stella, I and Alex watched. And they watched as I and Alex sucked and fucked. We had invited two more to watch the fuckings, as something of a treat – Cindy for her first day in employment, Connie for her first head shave after more than a decade. I don’t know how Cindy felt about it. From her reaction she felt exhilarated seeing for the first time her Mom and Dad sucking and fucking. But I was on cloud nine doing it in front of my daughter and brother. What to do! I am of a rear mentality. I like to fuck, get fucked, watch others fuck, being watched by others fucking just as much as I like getting nicely shaved on the head. And that’s the bald Martha for you, PS to Harry, wife of Alex, Cindy’s mother and lover of so many. Cindy has promised me that she also will emulate me – only one husband through the life but as many lovers as possible.

Back in her bank, Connie was welcomed like a hero, she later informed us. Monica shaved off her mid-back length hair that evening itself. Since then she has said that she would follow a grand five year ‘hair cycle’ – cue ball smooth for three months, high and tight for three months, cue ball smooth for three months and full growth with little trimming for four and a quarter years. Let us see how many braids she will save by the time she is sixty.

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