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For as long as I can remember, I have been strangely attracted by female haircutting and even headshaving. I don’t know why, but down through the years I have taken every chance I could to peep into a ladies magazine to see a makeover or watch a similar show on tv just to see what I loved. As a straight, otherwise average guy, the chances have been few and far between as the thought of being “exposed” as “weird” always hung over me and I kept my desires secret. Over the years, I dated many gorgeous girls, almost all having great hair as it was the main attraction for me, but again I never opened up. One day that all began to change.

I always liked getting a haircut in a unisex salon for two reasons. First, there was always a chance, however slim, that I would have another customer in the next chair who would happen to be a girl getting a big cut or , as sometimes was the case, the stylist who cut my hair would be an attractive girl and I would enjoy my own haircut more.

One day I walked in as usual for a trim but was met by quite a surprise. There was a new stylist who as luck would have it just happened to be free at the time. She was a beauty, from the Phillipines, with thick jet black hair hanging loose to her waist. I was mesmerized as she led me back to the shampoo chair. As she bent over to wash my hair, the soft length of her beautiful hair slid across my face and I actually was able to breath in the sweet scent of it. The longer she massaged and the more I thought about her hair, the more turned on I was. She finally finished the shampoo and again I followed her to the chair trying not to be too obvious as I stared at her hair. As she trimmed my hair, we talked about this and that, and I really enjoyed not only the haircut but the conversation not to mention the view! I couldn’t wait for my next trim, and about a month later I set up an appointment with her. Again it was great…….I was totally entranced by the girl and I started to think about finally telling someone about my hair secret. I bit my lip for the time being but after another few weeks I found myself back in the salon. This time it was a much later appointment and I was her last customer for the day. As I waited for my turn she finished with her customer and about the same time, the other stylist finshed up and within a couple of minutes was headed out the door, leaving us alone. As she shampooed my hair I finally decided to go for it……….”If you only knew how good that feels” I said as she massaged. “Do you ever get the chance to be the one to sit here and get the same treatment?” She smiled “Oh sometimes Eve will give me a shampoo before trimming my ends, but she is usually pretty tired and in a hurry to get out of here.” I decided to try my luck. “Well I think you deserve to be pampered yourself for once and I’d love to do the honors if you will allow me.” “That sounds wonderful….how did you know I needed to wash it tonight?” Wonderful indeed! In about twenty minutes, she had finished my cut and we literally switched places. She took her seat in the chair so that I could begin by brushing out her long mane. I stood behind her and had to catch my breath as I looked down at the top of her head. Her hair was perfect in every way……..long, thick, and healthy with not a split end to be found and reaching to her waist in one glorious length of shiny black. I inhaled sharply as I gently drew the brush down from her crown to the ends going ever so slowly so as not to pull. I repeated this over and over until I had removed any small tangles and her hair shone like a black waterfall. I again decided to test the water. “This is the most beautiful head of hair that I have ever seen. Do you ever get tired of it being so long though? I mean it must be kind of a pain to have it so long, right? Have you ever thought of getting it cut shorter since you are around haircutting all the time?” I didn’t know what to expect but I was this close to confessing my secret. “Gosh it is so funny you asked that..,,actually I am gonna cut it soon. I’ve had it long for years now and it is getting tiresome although I do love the length. I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to take the first step and do it.” Once again I went for it and picked up her scissors which were on her counter. I held them up and with a grin asked “Ready to take the first step?” “Oh yeah…..sure…cut it all off for me.” she replied laughing. I slid the scissors into her hair about chin length and paused, looking directly into her eyes. She stopped smiling and said “you’re not serious are you?” ” I think you would look totally hot without all of it and I would love to do the honors if you want to go for it.” As I spoke I closed the scissors ever so slightly so that a tiny section of her hair was actually cut off………something she noticed and responded to with a quick “oh!”. Without waiting any longer, I once again closed the scissors again snipping off a slightly larger lock. Now it was her turn to be mesmerized it seemed as I picked up a long, thick lock and cut it off. She finally spoke “oh my God….I can’t believe I’m actually letting you do this. I can’t explain the feeling of finally getting my hands on this gorgeous hair….I was trembling literally from excitement as I just buried my hands in it again. I again looked her in the eye and asked if she wanted me to stop. “I’m ready for the next step….go for it.” Without waiting, this time I picked up the clippers and placed them at her forehead and clicked them on. “I’m not sure I want to go that shorttttttttt…………”as I plowed them straight back leaving only an eigth inch swath. “Oh…my…God….”she moaned , but I again cut another swath and another until the top of her head had been reduced to a nice bristle of grey. Without stopping, I placed the clippers at her ear and went straight up to the top all the way around her head until I finished with the last hair on the other side. It had happened so fast that we were both in a state of shock and not a word was said. All of her mane was gone only her bristly scalp remained and I still wanted it shorter. I filled my hand with shaving gel and began massaging it all over her head. Then taking several razors I continued until the job was finished. The floor was covered in a carpet of black hair. I massaged her beautiful scalp with balm for what seemed like hours. Her shiny mane had become her shiny snow white scalp. I kissed it and licked it as we made hot passionate love right there in the chair until I completely exploded within her while she screamed in her own release. The funny thing was……..I never gave her the shampoo that I was supposed to……at least not that night. But then there is always tomorrow………….

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