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This is the story of how you treat and handle a Sophisticated Lady. How she is suppose to dress, wear Her hair and even to the bra and panties she wears. I saw this lady one afternoon as she was taking off her what appeared to be jogging shoes and was putting on what I thought was an extremely high pair of high heels. She appeared to be in her very early 40’s. A tall very sexy well proportioned lady. She appeared to be 5’6 to 5’7, 125-140 pounds. A very well fit and toned body of someone who took good care of her body. Nice curves and a nice ass, if I say so myself. Very self- assuring and self confidence and you can tell she was always in complete control. I watched as she walked away and I wondered how to tame this Lady and how she could best serve and please me. I have always enjoyed a challenge, and I knew this would be one I wanted to win, and win I would.

The first thing I have to do is figure out who this long Blond haired Lady is. Always walking with an air of arrogance/sophistication, better than thou attitude. The next thing was to discover how to introduce myself and get to know her. As I contemplate my next move I sit here drinking a cup of coffee an plot my strategy. The Lady doesn’t stand a chance as I prepare for my conquest. I did notice that she appeared to be in excellent shape, which tells me she works out regularly. I look at my and smile, I could use a little help, but for my age I’m in decent shape. Then the light goes on, and I know what I need to do. I need to find and join the same health club she belongs to. I know she works for a high profile company and must be very well paid. That makes the challenge even more exciting. Mission complete I join the club and begin my conquest. I spend an hour there the first day and we walk toward the door. I automatically open the door and “ I say ladies first” and allow her to leave and I follow. We walk toward my office and I suggest we stop for coffee or a cappuccino. She says no thank you, and continues to walk along side of me. I say have nice day and head into my office building. I wave and she just smiles and walks away. We continue to chat daily at the gym and I finally introduce myself. I’m Cowboy and extend my hand in the flat manner, putting my best set of manners forward. The lady smiles looks down and appears to be very quiet and reserved. As we leave the gym, I say its about time for you to allow me to buy you lunch. We have been working out together for over a month now, I insist. With a bashful and quiet demeanor she accepts a lunch date. I then say by the way what’s your name? She turns red and apologizes and says its Jennifer. As times goes by we continue to meet at the gym and become very good friends and begin to date and become very close friends and comrades in arms. We discuss our hobbies and what we enjoy doing after work. What we do for pleasure other than working all the time. The first romantic evening was at her place. I noticed Jennifer’s Dominant positive assertive attitude was missing. It seems the stress from work, she’s looking for someone to submit to, a means of stress relief for her. I smile and look at Jennifer and know half the battle is one. After a wonderful evening we both are looking forward to more. I hadn’t intended to get this close but I hadn’t met anyone quite so intriguing as Jennifer. I slowly introduce Jennifer to the world of BDSM. She takes to it like a duck does to water. The first night I bound her to the bed, my St Andrews cross in my playroom. I haven’t met a woman like her. She loved the feel of the flogger on her ass and thighs. Wanted to feel the cat, crop on her tits. This lady has nice firm tits with nice large protruding nipples. This is one hot submissive woman I have found. I told Jennifer it was time for something special now. She gave me a quizzical look and said what is that. I tell her its time to get her cunt and ass gets shaved. It will be smooth and there will never be hair there again. I lay her spread eagle on the bed and secure her to the bed so she can’t move. The look on Jennifer’s face is of fear, excitement and wondering what is about to take place. She lies there and looks at the ceiling and then notices the hooks and wonders what they are used for. I grin and say you will soon understand what they are for and I laugh out loud. I lean over and gently kiss her long and hard and suck the air from her as I also suck on her tongue roughly. I hear her moan, groan and whine as I refuse to end the kiss. I take my hands and slowly touch her wherever I want. I then blindfold her so everything is unknown to her. She cried and begged and pleaded for me not to blindfold her. She begs and begs and all I do is laugh. I run my hands between her legs and grab her shaggy hairy old cunt and tell her it will be gone soon. Never to grow hair they’re again. She is going to be my little submissive slutty slave. She cries out and says yes I will be and do what you want of me. I take the clippers and turn them on next to your ears to see what your reaction will be. You groan and said yes please please shave me I want to feel the clippers. I turn and kiss you again and bite your tongue as you give it to me, and you cry out. I laugh and slowly mow the hair off your cunt, and it slowly becomes bare and all of a sudden you scream as the hot lather touches your pussy and those red wet lips. Then I hear you beg me to hurry you want to feel it naked smooth and your sopping wet as I shave you completely. I pick up crop and apply it to your freshly shaved cunt . You scream loudly as it hits your cunt. I then proceed to spank whip that cunt and all you do is cry and scream from the pain and pleasure of your whipping. I remove your blindfold and allow you to see what’s coming next. As your eyes adjust to the sudden bright lights all you can see is the rope and cables hanging from the ceiling. The look of uncertainty covers your face and its one of fear of the unknown. Your lying on the bed naked tied spread eagle and your eyes wide open. I walked up to the edge of the bed and picked up a pair of leather straps and begin to wrap them tightly around your tits. Your tits and nipples begin to swell from the pressure each leather strap had a leather ring in it. I attached a leather cuff to each wrist and each ankle. The look in your in eyes was worth a million dollars. You had no idea what I was up to, but you were so turned on and I could smell your sexual aroma, as strong as a bitch dog in heat. Your inner thighs were soaking wet, the sheets you’re laying on were soaking wet. I attached a cable to each wrist and ankle. I untie your hands and ankle. I then attached a rope to each ring attached to your nipples. I slowly pull the rope taut and I see your gorgeous tits and nipples begin to stretch and your face winches from the discomfort. Your cry of pain slips from your lips as you try to hold back. I continue to pull on the rope and your tits continue to stretch and you cry out and I hear your say please don’t stop I want to feel the pain and I want to please you. As I continue to pull your chest is lifted off the bed and all I hear is your constant scream and crying. Your getting so turned on I can barely stand your sexual aroma. I then begin to pull up ankles and legs up and in the process your legs were being completely spread apart. I touch you there and all I feel is your wetness and I touch your wet cunt and your lips begin to open up .I slowly rubbed your naked cunt, and slowly put my finger inside that naked cunt. You push your cunt up toward my hand. I slowly insert two more fingers inside, there are three fingers inside and your pushing hard and urging me on and saying more please, don’t stop. I run my hand inside your lips and pull on them. I then slowly begin to insert 4 fingers in that cunt and you open up wider and wider. I the fold my thumb inside my hand and slowly push my hand farther inside that nasty wet cunt. Your outcry says don’t stop, the pain and pleasure your receiving is beyond your comprehension. I continue to push and I hear a loud scream and a sigh of relief as my whole hand slides in your cunt. Your orgasm is beyond your control and imagination. Your cry of relief is overwhelming and all of a sudden you’re so relaxed. There pain radiating from your swollen tits being stretched and being prepared for something really special. I have something special for your tits, as I reach over and pick up the needle and the gold bar. Your eyes are glaring at me and I tell you Jennifer, tonight is the night you give me your submission. I grasp your nipple and pull on it roughly and insert the needle through your nipple and all I hear is a loud high pitch scream and shaking your head back and forth, then I put the gold bar thru the nipple, then I prepare the other nipple and I sl
owly insert the needle and replace it with the matching gold bar. I then lower your ankles and loosen the ropes attached to your nipples so the pressure is relieved. I remove the leather straps and they begin to return to normal. I hear a deep sigh of relief and I lean over and slowly rub your face, lips and gently run my finger thru your hair. I kiss you softly and deeply. I release your hands and I feel you wanting to touch and hold me. I see a sensual sexy woman in front of me begging to be taken. I release you and you sit up on the bed next to me. I hold you tightly and we cuddle for a few minutes and relax. I get up and bring you a fresh cup of coffee and just sit and hold you. Approximately 20-30 minutes later I look in your eyes and say to you Jennifer are you ready for your final transformation? You look at me and lean over and kiss me softly and say yes I am and I want this as much as you do. You pull your long blond hair around and it lies softly on your chest. I want you to take it and cut it anyway you desire. I say are you sure? Yes I am Cowboy. I escort her to the chair and I see you tremble and shudder as the realization of what lies ahead. You have no idea of the style I have chosen for you. I pick up the scissors and slowly begin to trim your hair. It goes slowly from the top of your tits to barely touching your shoulder. Tears of joy run down your face as your getting exactly what you have always wanted. I comb the long hair and pile it on the top of your head leave the back, sides exposed. You know what’s coming next, as I pick up the clippers and turn them on. I place the clippers on the back of your neck and you feel it as it slowly moves up. Your blond hair slowly falls to the floor. The sides and back follow. The lather and razor follow and it becomes smooth and soft. I let your hair to fall back down and touch your shoulders. I lean over and kiss you nice and hard and say that’s all for tonight. The best is save for last.


This story is totally fictional and may not be copied or reproduced with out authors written permission.


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