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I had been going out with Joe for about six months; I was 17 at the time. I was young innocent and in love. Joe was perfect, so kind and gentle. He stood 6 ft, muscular, with perfect blue eyes, and huge arms, covered in tattoos. Joe was everything I wanted in a boyfriend. We had been waiting for the perfect time to have sex for the first time, he thought I was a virgin, and we had been when we met, but for one night when I went out with my girlfriends and got extremely drunk, almost unconscious and I slept with a guy while I was out. I lost my virginity to a man I didn’t even know, and I cheated on the man I loved, I was gutted, but I did my best to keep it a secret, but that just didn’t work out. The night when Joe confronted me was the worst of my life. He called me on the phone, and I could tell by the sound in his voice he was upset. He told me that he knew which every single sordid little detail. I was devastated, and so was he. We agreed to meet that night, and work things out.

We met in the local park, and sat on the park bench, it was just going dusk. The water in the lake was moving, and leafs were falling off the trees. The breeze was blowing my hair around, as we stared at each other, we didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes, but I could see even though he was a very strong man, he was cut up inside. Finally I took the first move.

“Joe, I am so sorry, I never meant it to happen, I was drunk, and things got out of control” “Yeah?” “Yes, I would never had done it if I were sober, I love YOU” “I don’t know what to say Sophie, I know you love me, but he made love to you” he whimpered “He did not make love to me, I don’t even remember it!” “Your spoiled goods now Soph, I don’t want some slut” “Come on Joe, I’m not a slut, I just made a mistake” “Well you say it didn’t mean anything, and I do know you love me, but how can I trust you” “Joe, you can trust me, and I will do anything to prove it” “Anything?” “Yes anything, I can’t lose you Joe” “Well I can’t trust you when you have been drinking” “Ok I won’t drink anymore” “That’s not enough; I want to make SURE it will never happen again” “Anything Joe, like I said I can’t lose you” “How about you have your head shaved, so no other man will look at you again?” “WHAT?!?!?” I screeched “Let me shave your head!” he repeated “Come on Joe, you can’t be serious?” “Yes I am, let me shave your head”

I didn’t think he meant it, he always loved my long brown hair, but I would do anything for him

My eyes turned to the floor. “Ok baby, if you want to shave my head, and that’s what will keep us together, then I will do it” “Only if you’re sure you want us to work, you know that no other man will fancy you with a shaved head don’t you?” he said calmly “Yes, if you want to have a girlfriend with shaved hair, then I don’t care what any other man thinks” “Well come on then, lets do it now, and you can show me how much you love me by giving me your hair”

We walked back to his flat, we didn’t hold hands like normal, it was like I was going through some kind of initiations to regain his love, I was terrified, I still didn’t believe he wanted me to shave off my lovely hair, but I went along with it.

We walked into his flat, and he put the music on, and sat me down on a stool, “you ready to do this Soph?” he asked “Yes, if this is what I’ve got to do, then lets do it”

He left me in the room for about 10 minutes, I was sweating, hardly able to believe what was about to happen, finally he came back into the room with his electric clippers in his hand, he slowly plugged them into the wall, and stood in front of me, I looked up into his eyes, and all I saw was sorrow looking back at me. The clippers went on with a crack; he moved them towards my hair. “Joe stop” I screamed. He turned the clippers off. “I don’t want to have my head shaved” I cried, with tears running down my face “Ok babe, I wont force you”

He walked to the door, and opened it. “It was nice knowing you” he sighed

“Joe, please, can’t we work something else out?” “No” he replied bluntly “But I thought you loved my hair?” “I do, but he took your virginity, now I want to take something” “But my hair?!?!?!” “Yes your hair!”

I didn’t know what to do, it was my hair or nothing, and I just couldn’t lose him, I loved him too much, which was worth more, him or my hair? I had to make a decision

“Ok, I will do it” I exclaimed

He stood in front of me again, and snapped the clippers on; he lifted them up to my forehead with no guard, and paused. This was my last chance to say something, the final moment, either him or my hair; I knew he was waiting for me to reply. I kept my mouth shut. With only silence from me, he pushed the clippers into my fringe. I felt a single clump of hair fall from my head onto my lap. I knew there was no turning back. The next sweep was deeper, and a whole load of hair dropped. I could only hear the buzzing of the clippers loud against my head, as sweep after sweep was made, hair falling all over me. He paused for a few moments, and I put my hand up to my head I could feel very short stubble against the long hair on the sides. He continued on, hair falling all around me. Inside I felt sick; horrified that I was being shaved, but knew it was the right thing to do, I was justifying it by the fact I couldn’t lose him. I closed my eyes throughout the whole experience, all I could feel was the hair falling round my face, and my head getting lighter.

When he finally turned the clippers off, I opened my eyes, to see me staring back, me without hair, my ears were sticking out, “Joe, I don’t like it, I look like a lesbian”

“I’ve not finished yet, I want you to be bald” “But Joe, I’ve let you shave my head like you said” “No I said SHAVE, which means with a razor”

I sat back defeated, knowing that I already had no hair, so what difference would a razor make, I sat there crying, while he put the shaving cream on my head, and began scraping the stubble from my head, I couldn’t look at myself while he was removing my precious hair, so I closed my eyes through the whole nightmare. I could feel the rasp of the razor against the top of my head, then the sides, down the back, and onto my neck, then my forehead, removing every trace, his fingers running over my now smooth scalp to make sure he didn’t miss anything. I opened my eyes, my white head shone out against my brown face, to my horror he had removed my eyebrows as well. “Joe what have you done to me, I look hideous, everyone will laugh at me.” “Shhh babe” he said as he started to unbutton my top

It didn’t take him long, to unbutton the flimsy top, and remove my bra. The room was very cold, and my nipples were hard. He took my left breast, and began gently licking and sucking my nipple, his hot breath on my cold skin was so nice, he started moving up my body nibbling all the way up, he landed on my neck, and began biting hard, it felt so exquisite, I had been waiting for this moment for so long. I began to moan enjoying every hard bite he took out of my neck. He stood me up, and unzipped my trousers, quickly pulling them to the floor, he put his hands down my panties and smiled as his hand reached my wet pussy, he ran his fingers over my mound, finding my clit with no problems and started flicking me off, I stood there going weak at the knees, as I get hornier and hornier. He pushes me to the floor, and unbuttons his fly, his huge cock, stands hard in front of me, I take it full length in my mouth, rocking backwards and forwards, his hands settle on the back of my freshly shaved head, as he pushes my head hard, as he rams his cock deep into my mouth. I keep on sucking until he pulls me up, lifts me in his arms, and sits me on his cock penetrating me fully in my wet pussy, he pounds me up and down. To feel the man I love hard inside me was how I always imagined it would be, it doesn’t take me long to repeatedly cum with him inside me, finally he lifted me off his cock, and knelt me back on the floor, told me open my mouth, and began jerking off in front on me, it
didn’t take him long to cum, squirting his load all over my face, in my mouth, and of course on my bald head.

After we had finished, I took a look at myself in the mirror, my head was bald, my face was covered in cum, and I had huge bite marks all over my neck, but I had a huge smile on my face. That’s when he came over to me and said “now get out of my flat you dirty fucking whore, and don’t bother coming back”

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