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It had taken the new Playbald magazine a couple of months to set up one of the soon to be famous playmates revisited pictorials. They had found the perfect two playmates to be in the pictorial the former playmate of the year Debra Jo Fondren and Susie Scott both of these women had long blonde hair that reached their knees. The only thing was the former playmate of the year had been shaved, bald a couple of years earlier by a porn queen and Debra Jo wanted her to do it. In the time it took to shave her head smooth she had changed her name from Debra Jo to Baldie Jo. The name that was given to her by her barber.

Hef thought she would be perfect to be the barber for Susie Scott revisited pictorially and he had the set fitted to Baldie Jo?s ideas and specifications. And Hef had a few ideas for Debra Jo as well which he told her about and she agreed to go along with them. Both knew that Susie would not willingly cut her gorgeous long flaxen hair and shave her head for the Playbald magazine, so they had to trick her into thinking it was the usual Playboy?s Playmate Revisited layout. All was ready two weeks later.

A camera crew followed Ms Scott as she got out of the limo and walked to the set Baldie Jo and Hef had designed, this sound stage would be used a lot in the future.

Baldie Jo was wearing a long blonde wig that matched the hair she had shaven off so long ago and she was a white barber?s jacket. The jacket barely covered her shaved smooth slit. She greeted Susie at the door and escorted her to the place of her lengthy flaxen locks would be removed from her head.

Susie eyes grew wide as she saw the set. It was an old fashion barbershop, one of the things she saw was two wig stands and one of them had a wig on it that matched her hair exactly. She knew then she would not walk off the set as blonde but a baldie. She thought Debra Jo would still have her hair once her own head was shaved smooth.

The former playmate started to run but before she could get out the door Susie was forced into the old fashion barbers? chair by Baldie Jo and both her hands are handcuffed to the arms of the chair. Then fun time was ready to begin and the camera and film crews were ready to record the event as Susie went from long hair to no hair.

?Debra Jo, please don?t cut my hair. I don?t want to be bald like the other playmates of Playbald.? Susie pleaded.

?God, how I hate that name. Debra Jo is no more. Let me show you.? As the bald playmate of the year slowly peeled off the white barber?s jacket. All of this was caught on tape every curve of her body was revealed before the crews and Hef. But she didn?t stop there, her right hand went to her forehead and pulled the long blonde wig off her shiny bald head. She carefully placed the wig on the stand and turned to her victim and stated. ?I am Baldie Jo, now and your turn to join the ranks of the playmates gone bald. But first let us get you ready for your new look, who knows I might come up with a new name for you as well. So let us get started.? ?Since I am not going to need these scissors to cut your hair, I will use them to remove your clothes Ms. soon to be smooth.? As Baldie Jo rubbed her left hand over her hairless head indicating to Susie what her own head would look like in a little while.

Making an incision in her white dress, Baldie Jo began to rip the dress from the captive woman?s lovely body. She didn?t stop there with the scissors, Baldie Jo slipped the sharp blades under the straps of the seated woman?s white bra and snipped them. With a quick flick of her wrist the bald playmate pulled the bra off Susie?s beautiful tits. The shears were placed back on the counter and Ms Fondren continued remove Susie?s clothing with her hands. The bald beauty went to work on the long haired lovely remaining and ripped them off. Susie Scott was now completely naked.

?I see you shave your pussy but you won?t shave your head. Hef and I will fix that for you. We are going to make you sexy again. Say goodbye to Susie Scott…? as Baldie Jo unhooked the clippers from their place on the chair and she turned the chair toward the mirror.

?Please don?t shave my head,? the long-haired blonde begged.

?It to late to stop now.? As the bald woman thumbed the clippers on next to the captive woman?s hidden ears.

The clippers hummed as they were brought to the hairline of Susie Scott. In the moment that followed the flaxen hair lovelie life was about to change. Baldie Jo pulled the clippers through Susie?s long hair. The shorn locks landed on the seated lap and around her barber?s ankles. The 3 ? inch strip grew widened with each pass of the clippers. The piles of hair grew deeper around Baldie Jo?s feet and on Susie?s lap. Ten minutes later Susie Scott?s head had been clipped clean, only 1/16th of blonde stubble graced her head but it wouldn?t be there for long.

?Now for the fun part Susie, the shaving cream and the razor.?

Baldie Jo sprayed the specially prepared shaving cream onto Susie?s nearly naked scalp and spread it all over the former blonde dome.

?It is burning my head,? Susie screamed.

?Good, it means the lather is doing the work it was created for,? the bald woman said with a smile on her face. ?Now for the razor, Ms Smoothie.?

Debra Jo picked up a Mach 3 razor, she carefully pulled the razor across Susie?s foam-covered scalp. The three blades left behind smooth skin. Every time the razor was full of lather and blonde stubble it was rinsed clean. Baldie Jo stripped the shaving foam and bristle from the front of Ms Scott?s head. This took ten minutes to do and she was doing it for a reason.

Then she moved onto the back of the bound woman?s head. As she scrapped the lather and nubs from Susie?s head, she let her captive in on a secret about the shaving cream.

?The burning you felt was the hair remover doing it work. Hef and I wanted to make sure you were absolutely smooth for your pictorial.? As the Baldie Jo made the sweep of the razor on her captive?s now satiny smooth head.

Taking up a hot towel, Baldie Jo wrapped Susie Scott head to wipe the excess foamy from Susie?s beautiful bald head.

?Attention everybody I would like to present for the first time anywhere . . . say hello Ms Susie Smoothie.? As she whipped the towel from the former long hair beauty.

All Susie could do now was cry, while Baldie Jo and Hef smiled and laughed at the first of many Playmate Revisited with Electric clippers.

The End for Now

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