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Day 1

What had begun as an off the cuff remark by my husband had now become a reality. As the owners of a private school, we had experienced a growth surge and needed to relocate to a larger facility to accommodate the new enrollees for the following school year. A building that would have been perfect was available but we needed to raise $250,000 in a very short period of time. My husband had called a meeting with the parents of current and future enrollees to discuss the plans. A fundraiser was presented and my husband offered to shave his head if half the money was raised by the close of the present school year. Then without thinking he blurted that if we could raise all of the money that I, his wife, would join in on the festivities and be a baldie with him.

Day 12

I was not pleased that he volunteered me for this but I was fairly sure that we would not raise that much money in such a short time. The cutoff day had come and we were $25,000 short. I had been sweating it up to this point. I was on the phone when my hairstylist Cindy showed up. She had been my stylist for years and we both had a laugh about this contest when she would style my hair. She had always been trying to get me to change my look but I had kept the same style for years. I wore my hair in a shoulder length bob and I wore it teased out. For years Cindy had try to talk me into a softer shorter look but I would always balk at the suggestion. We had a great relationship and she had always done a good job on my hair. I motioned for her to sit down and finished up my conversation on the phone. I was puzzled why she was here because I had just been in her shop three days earlier. It was then that I had bragged about the fact I would be keeping my hair because we were $25,000 short. I was fairly sure at that time unless we had a large donation, only my husband would be losing his hair. I said it almost boasting and was looking forward to having a bald husband. I shared that I thought my husband would look good bald. It had seemed the more I talked the more quiet Cindy had been and now I knew why.

Cindy pulled out her check book and asked me how much we needed. She smiled when she asked me and told me how good I was going to look hairless! How could she do this I thought to myself, we had a trusting relationship and now I felt betrayed. She wrote me a check for $25,000 and as she was giving it to me, she stated that the stipulation was she would be the one to shave my head.

Day 14

That Sunday night, the whole school plus parents and faculty came to the celebration. Everyone cheered as my husband took center stage and sat down in the barber chair. Cindy was going to shave both of us and she did a quick work on my husband. He looked good bald and the crowd loved it! She uncaped him and he stood up motioning for me to have a seat. The next thirty minutes were a blur as I listened to the sounds of the crowd cheering and the noisy clippers make pass after pass on my head. I watched as mounds of hair fell on to the blue cape. Cindy turned the clippers off and then spread shaving cream all over my head. She shaved my head three times to make sure there were no rough spots!

I looked at my husband as Cindy unfastened the cape and asked him how I looked. He smiled and told me that I was beautiful. I touched my head for the first time and nearly freaked out! It felt so strange like it was not my head! I then kissed my husband and felt his head. He looked sexy and it did feel good. The first look at myself in the mirror was a shock, but after the initial look I felt I looked pretty good for a hairless 40 year old! My eyes really stood out and it did feel good to rub my hands on my scalp. I could not stop rubbing my head and throughout the rest of the night neither could my husband. It was odd, but we both were turned on by each other?s bald heads!

After a lot of pictures and mingling with the crowd, the night was over and we drove home. On the way home we talked about how grateful we were to have raised the money, of how we were going to move into the new building debt free. We both laughed nervously about our new hairdo?s and once we got home and got ready for bed the reality of me being bald hit hard! During the evening the excitement and the people took my mind off of it at first, but now I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror washing my face which seemed to go all the way to the back of my head! I started to cry and my husband ran in asking what was wrong and I collapsed in his arms sobbing that I had no hair! He started rubbing my head to calm me down and the sensation hit me again. My bald head being rubbed felt so good it started to calm me down. Then my husband started kissing me on top of my head and it felt good. I turned off the lights after I had calmed down and we went to bed. I asked him to hold me and I turned my back to him and he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. When he started kissing me on the neck and the back of my head I realized that my head was an erotic zone and this was such a turn on! Needless to say, our bald heads added a new dimension to our sex life!

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