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Day 18

The next morning led to another erotic encounter as we woke up rubbing each other?s heads and as my husband took a shower, I made coffee and got the kids ready for school. I had forgotten that the kids had not seen their ?new? mother and my daughter was blown away at first, but then commented on how much younger it made me look. My son told me I looked cool, but both of them were wondering if I would wear a wig until it grew out. I really had not thought about it but it now dawned on me I would have to go to the grocery store today with no hair. I had been lost in the moment last night and this morning because it felt so good being that close to each other once again and it did feel erotic having a bald head. But how would people respond?

The kids went off to school and the feeling came over me again. The same one I had last night when I started to cry. I was pouring a cup of coffee when my husband came up behind me and kissed me on the back of the neck. The sick feeling went away and I turned around and embraced him with a long kiss. I was taking the week off and he grabbed his coffee and went to work leaving me alone.

After eating breakfast and reading the paper I headed for the shower. Getting a glance of myself in the mirror once again caught me off guard. Being hairless was definitely going to take getting used to but I did not look bad even without makeup. I must have stared at myself from all angles for 15-20 minutes and then decided to take a shower. The warm water on my bare scalp was unbelievable! I took one of the longest showers just allowing the warm water to bead on my scalp! After drying off I instinctively grabbed the hair dryer and turned it on and then laughed. Knowing I would not need it for awhile I rolled up the cord and placed it underneath the sink along with my hairspray and mousse. I put on my makeup and applied it further back on my face and put in some large hoop earrings. There was just a hint of stubble starting to show and after staring at myself for a few more minutes I got the courage to go to the grocery store. As I expected I received a lot of stares at the grocery store and most of them were double takes, probably wondering if I was a man or a woman. One kid working there told me I had an awesome look. I laughed and thanked him. As I turned the corner I ran into a mother of one of the students at our school. She was there for the shaving and she stopped me and congratulated me. I was not sure what she meant but then she elaborated. She shared with me how beautiful she thought I looked as a bald woman and confessed she had always wanted to do the same but never had the courage. I was quite taken aback by the conversation but thanked her for the compliment. On the way through the store I must have been smiling a lot because I received three more compliments from people who recognized me. Each time I would rub my head and thank them. The smoothness of the night before was replaced by stubble now and I hated to admit it, but found myself missing the smoothness of the night before.

Almost instinctively, when I passed through the aisle with razors and shaving cream, I picked up some justifying that I would talk my husband into keeping his head shaved. After all it was his idea in the first place.

Day 19

The night before brought some interesting conversation at the dinner table and in the bedroom. My husband had agreed to let me shave his head and I woke up ready for action. I set up the chair and got the razors and shaving cream and my husband laughed as he sat down, amused by my enthusiasm. I placed a warm towel over his head and then spread shaving cream all over his head and started at the front with the razor. I hated to admit it but I was getting turned on by shaving his head. And once I was through I wiped the excess off and was so turned on I crawled on top of him while he was sitting down and we enjoyed another session. I could not keep my hands off of his smooth head and I asked him how long he would keep it shaved. ?As long as you want if it turns you on this much!? he said with a smile as he got up to shower. I went into the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast.

After the kids went off to school and my husband went off to work I found myself staring at myself in the mirror again. Talk about some dark roots! I was amazed that I had as much stubble as I did and I found myself wanting to shave it smooth, but I had some wig shopping to do. I showered and got ready and drove to a shop I had found in the Yellow Pages.

I was the only one in the shop and the lady was very helpful in helping me to fit the right wig and I bought several different lengths and colors. I thought it would add an interesting dimension to our newly awakened sex life. I wore a long blonde wig out and drove up to the school to surprise my husband. Needless to say he was surprised and we went out for lunch. Afterwards I went out shopping for some new lingerie to go with my new wigs and that night was incredible! My husband liked the idea of role playing and the different looks I could wear and I have to admit it was fun to be able to wear any hairstyle I wanted.

Day 20

After an incredible night of sex, the next morning we woke up and decided to take a shower together. It was much easier to shave his head in the shower and again I was turned on by the feel of his smooth head. He looked incredibly sexy and when I felt his head again it brought back the longing for me to be smooth again.

I dried off and got breakfast ready. After the kids went off to school, my husband and I sat down and drank some coffee together. He told me how much he appreciated the wigs and lingerie and I shared with him that I loved his new look. This was a much needed second honeymoon for both of us.

I wanted to ask him about the possibility of me keeping my head shaved but was unsure how he would take it. I had a few errands to run so I kissed him as he went off to work and got ready for the day. I had bought 10 different wigs so it was hard choosing which style I wanted to wear. I finally decided on the black bob and went out for the day. It was funny to see the different stares of men throughout the day and I laughed thinking if they only knew!

Halfway through the day though the wig started to itch on the stubble I had on my head. The lady at the wig shop had told me that this would probably happen because all the wigs I had bought had been vacuum wigs which fit my head perfectly. But this one sure was getting hot and itchy. On the way home I stopped by the wig shop to see if they had any type of powder or lotion to help alleviate the itching. The woman shared with me that the wigs I bought were usually for alopecia victims who had no stubble. The only way, she explained, to stop the itching was to keep it shaved. This might be the chance I was looking for. Since my husband liked the wigs so much and I had already bought them, maybe he will let me keep my head shaved for a while.

That night after the kids went to bed, I put on a new wig and some sexy lingerie and seduced my husband. After a wonderful night we both went to sleep in each other?s arms and I waited for morning to come.

Day 21

The next morning after the kids went off to school I joined my husband in the shower and shaved his head. While I was shaving him, I asked him how he would feel if I kept my head shaved for a while and wore the wigs. I explained to him what the woman at the wig shop had said and he smiled. After rinsing his head off he took the razor and switched out the blades. I could tell he was excited as he started spreading shaving cream all over my head. I bent over and slowly he started from the back working his way to the front of my head, I was careful not to move my head. It felt so good to have a razor to my head and I was looking forward to the smooth feel again. Each stroke of the razor starting at the base of my neck brought shivers through my body. My husband shaved my head twice to get it extra smooth and afterwards we dried off. My husband then rubbed some oil all over my scalp and we made our way to the bed. I put my hands on my head and once again relished in the feel of my smooth head. My husband too placed his hands on my head and I kissed him and thanked him.

After some fun in bed he went off to work and I got ready for a new day. I stood in front of the mirror looking at my freshly shaven head. No more stubble and I was glad. I started applying my makeup and thought about the last three weeks. Perhaps Cindy knew how much I would love this new look or maybe she was just tired of dealing with the same look for so many years. Whatever the case I could not imagine three weeks earlier even remotely contemplating such a drastic change, but it had happened. And I was now glad it had. There was a certain feeling of liberation that came with a bald head. I put on some black slacks with a nice blue blouse and some nice dangling earrings and walked out the door. No wig today. Just me and my bald head. I drove to Cindy?s salon and walked in asking for Cindy. The receptionist did not recognize me at first but was very complimentary about my new style. I walked into the back where Cindy was stationed and thanked her for my conversion. A big smile came across her face and her look gave her away. She knew she had lost a customer but she had gained a friend for life.

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