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?I admire your courage.? I said rather sheepishly not knowing how she would react. A puzzled look came over her face and then she smiled when I pointed to her hair. Her hair was extremely short and spiky. I think the longest part of her hair was maybe ? inch long. She was mid to late 30?s and it looked good on her. I was standing in line behind her at the coffee shop and she thanked me but then told me the same thing. I wore my hair in a traditional bob and spent lots of money and time getting it to look perfect. Puzzled, I asked her what she meant and she explained. ?I admire any woman who is willing to put up with the hours it takes to color their hair and the hours and money they spend just to fit in with society. It takes courage to do that! My haircut is just to simplify my life.?

She was ordering her coffee as I thought about what she was saying. It was true. I spent a lot of money and time on a haircut just to please others. And my husband had always complained about the time and money it took to keep it up. In fact one time he had mentioned that I should cut it all off and told me that I would look sexy. I dismissed the idea but now was contemplating it. I asked her who cut her hair and she handed me a card. She happened to be a hairstylist who owned her own salon. ?Drop by when you are ready to be free!? she said and walked out.

I ordered my coffee and sat down. I had been reading a book on how to spice up your marriage. My husband had read it and things had changed with him. He was really working on being a better husband and I had realized that I too had some issues I needed to work on. The chapter I was on dealt with looking your best for your husband. When I got to the part about wearing your hair the way he liked it, I sort of chuckled. If he wanted me to cut it all off, I was ready. I called him up and asked how he would feel if I cut my hair real short and he replied he would love it.

I got in my car and drove over to the salon. It was a small shop and when I walked in it looked like a female version of a Barbershop. Her name was Karen and she looked surprised to see me. She asked me to sit down and started to run her fingers through my hair. ?How short do you want to go?? she asked. I smiled and told her that I would leave that up to her. She shampooed me and then caped me. She then combed my hair out and turned me away from the mirror saying she wanted it to be a surprise. I could not see what she was doing but she took the scissors and started combing and cutting. I knew she was cutting a lot off because the scissors were very close to my head. She cut sideburns around my ears and cut the back extremely short. And when she made her way to the top, I imagined it was going to look very similar to hers. After about thirty minutes of cutting, I still had no idea what I looked like. She took out the hairdryer and blew all the hair off of me. She then took some gel and rubbed it through my hair and used her fingers to blow dry it. She then took edging clippers and shaved a V in my neck and shaved around my ears giving me pointed sideburns. When she turned me around I immediately liked it! It was a little longer than hers but looked good on me. My husband loved it too.

It was just the spice we needed in our marriage and I was enjoying the time and money I was saving on my hair. After about three weeks my husband commented that it was getting a little long and recommended a haircut. ?Why don?t you go a little shorter?? he said as he kissed me on the neck. I loved his kisses on my neck! ?How much shorter?? I asked him. And he recommended shorter on the top because it brought out my eyes.

I went back to Karen?s shop and told her what I wanted. ?So you want a flattop?? she asked. I did not quite understand so she showed me a picture of a woman with a flattop and explained that my hair would be much shorter. I asked her what she thought and she said it would look good on me. This time there was no shampooing. She just caped me and turned me away from the mirror. No scissors, just clippers. She started shaving up the back of my head and I started to get wet. The clippers were a new experience and I liked it! She then took the clippers up the sides of my head over and over again. Then she took a big comb and placed it on top of my head using the clippers to shave off the top of my head. I was excited but could not see how I looked. She looked over the top and then took out her comb and edging clippers to blend and even things out. When she turned me around she asked if that was short enough. I was shocked at first. My hair had been real short when I walked in but now I barely had any hair! She took some gel and ran it through the top and I ran my fingers through what little hair I had left. She then took the edging trimmers and trimmed my sideburns and nape. When she gave me a mirror to check out the back and sides, I liked it! And my husband did too. Our sex life had improved dramatically and I loved my new found freedom.

It was fun to watch people stare when my husband and I would go out. But I would get a lot of compliments form women who ?admired my courage!? I used the same line on them when they would say that. A few weeks later it started to lose its shape and I told my husband one morning I was going for another haircut and to be ready that night. He kissed me and thanked me for doing this. I thanked him for being such a wonderful husband and jokingly asked him if I should go shorter. He looked at me and smiled. ?I will leave that up to you!? he said as he walked out the door. I laughed as I got ready wondering if I should. I studied myself in the mirror and thought that I might look good with an all over buzz. Perhaps take the top as short as the sides.

And that is precisely what Karen did. She gave me a ? inch buzz. When she turned me around I asked her if she had a razor and shaving cream. She smiled and said she did and then buzzed my hair completely off. When she was through shaving me with a straight razor I loved it! And my husband did too! In fact he shaves me every morning and every evening

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