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My husband and I left for home the next day and I was still a little self conscious about my new look. But my husband loved it and I did like the fact that it took me only minutes to get ready. We had driven to my mother?s so we had a long drive ahead of us and decided to take our time on the way home. We stopped at an outlet mall and we shopped for some new clothes to match my new hairstyle. Also new earrings and big jewelry to give me a more feminine look. I was enjoying shopping and trying on different looks. It was fun and my husband liked the new updated me.

Once we got home, I had a lot of explaining to do with my friends. But almost all of my friends said it looked good on me and wished they had the nerve to do the same. After a few weeks, I was starting to get used to the new look and was amazed at how fast it grew. I had secretly thought about growing it out a little so I could style it, but when it started to lose its shape I decided to get a trim. I drove around looking for a barbershop close by and came across a little shop I had never even noticed before. I was nervous walking into a barbershop by myself, but I was relieved to find a woman sitting in the chair waiting for customers. She welcomed me and asked me to sit down. She complimented me on my look and told me I wore a flattop well and I told her I needed a trim.

She placed a tissue around my neck and snapped the cape. I told her about my new step father giving me my first cut and she said that he did a good job. She asked me how short I wanted it and I told her that he had used a #2 guard around the sides and back and a flattop comb on top. ?Was that short enough for you?? she asked. I was sort of taken aback by that question seeing that I was practically bald. ?I guess so? I replied. ?Why do you ask?? She told me that a lot of her clients usually go shorter after the initial flattop because it seems to grow so fast and lose its shape. I asked her how much shorter and she told me that she usually uses a #1 around the sides and back and then free hands the top. I told her I wanted the #2 and she nodded adding that she could always take it shorter if I wanted to. It had only been a few weeks but feeling the clippers again made me realize what my mother was talking about. When Bill was cutting my hair, I enjoyed it but was also tense from getting such a dramatic haircut. Now this time was different. It was just a trim so I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of the clippers. But all too soon it was over. She asked me if that was short enough on the sides and back and I took my hand out from underneath the cape and rubbed it up the back of my head.

It felt good but almost instinctively I asked her to take it shorter. She smiled and placed the #1 guard on and went over the sides and back again. This time I could tell it would be considerably shorter. My scalp was showing through on the sides where she had already run the clippers! She then took the guard off and took out a comb and started clipping the top of my head. This time there was no flattop comb, she was just doing it freehanded. And she was doing it so quickly! When she was done, I was surprised at how much shorter it was. You could see my scalp and I had what she called a landing strip on the top of my head!

I ran my hands across my head and could tell it was a lot shorter, but it felt really good. I stood up and she gave me a mirror to view the sides and back. She explained that the sides were called whitewalls and the cut tends to hold its shape longer. I held up the mirror to look at the back and it looked completely bald! Nothing but a trace of fuzz! I asked her if she could edge a V in the back and she asked me to sit down again. This time there were no edging clippers, she used a straight razor and shaving foam! The clippers felt good but the straight razor felt even better! It was extremely short but I liked the look and feel of it. And the lady was very professional. ?I have to admit you are the first woman I have ever given a flattop to, but you wear it well? she said as she rubbed some wax in my hair to give it a wet look. Not much hair to style but it looked good!

My husband was shocked at first when I came home but commented that it did look good. And the cut did keep its shape for almost three weeks. After three weeks it had grown out to where Bill had first cut it and I debated whether or not to let it keep growing but my husband came up to me that night and rubbed his hand across my head. ?Time for a haircut?? he said smiling and kissing me. The next day I found myself sitting in the barber chair looking forward to feeling the clippers and the straight razor once again!

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