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?Same length as last time?? she asked. I nodded my head as I closed my eyes, looking forward to the feel of clippers again. As she started buzzing up the sides of my head she asked me what made me decide to get a flattop in the first place. I opened my eyes and shared with her the whole story about my mother. She listened as she intently finished up the top of my head and asked me what I thought of my mother being bald. ?It looked good on her and she seems to like it.? I said. ?You would too,? the barber replied.

There was a moment of awkward silence that seemed to last an eternity, until she broke it with this; ?you?re almost there and if you did not like it, it would grow out in about two weeks.? She was right, I was almost there and my husband had wanted me to go all the way. My friends had accepted the different me and I was already stared at for such an extreme style, so how could I say no? My hair was ? inch at its longest point and it would not take long to grow it out again.

Before I could even say anything she was taking the guard off of the clippers and changing out the head on it. ?000 blade will get it close!? she said and smiled. I gave a nervous smile back to her in the mirror and she started running the clippers up the side of my head. The little tiny hairs began to peel off and fall on my shoulder. I was wrong about the difference. I was bald on one side of my head and it was very noticeable! Without even hesitating she started working the clippers up the back of my head and I could feel the steel blades chewing through my hair in the back. She then made her way to the other side and started at my ear again peeling off my hair on the left side of my head. Nothing left except at the top. She then placed her hand on top of my head and firmly pushed the clippers through the top of my head starting at my forehead. Tufts of hair began to fall in front of my face with some of the hairs sticking to my face as they fell. I closed my eyes and felt the steel blades make pass after pass over the top of my head It felt odd but felt good. The clippers were turned off and she rubbed all of the tiny hairs off of my face with a dry towel.

I opened my eyes and saw my hairless head for the first time. It was a huge difference between a flattop and bald! I instinctively pulled my hands out from underneath the cape and felt my head. It felt strange and a little rough like my husbands face before he shaves. She then placed a hot towel over my head and walked into the back. She came back with a straight razor and I did not move while she methodically removed every trace of hair on my scalp. She then walked me over to a sink and ran cold water over my head to close the pores. She then brought me back to the chair and rubbed her fingers over my entire scalp to make sure she had not missed any spots. There was not a trace of hair on my scalp! She then took some waxy oil and rubbed it over my entire head to give it a shine. It made my head look even smoother! I then felt my head for the first time after the razor shave and it felt sooooo smooth! I did look good with a shaved head and I knew my husband would love it! On the way home I called my mother and told her I had joined her club!

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