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10:45 am. My eyes are opening slowly to see the time on the clock. The sun is shining through the curtains of our bedroom. It is almost midday and my husband and I have slept late. He is still sleeping. I get up and make my way slowly to the bathroom, still groggy from such a late night and way too much wine. My head is still somewhat foggy but the night before is starting to rehash through my mind. Last night we went out for dinner and the waitress had a shaved head. My husband was overly interested and when she walked away I let him have it. I knew that he had a fetish for bald women and he had wanted me to shave my head. I had told him I would but had not had the courage, until last night.

When the waitress came back I asked her what made her shave her head. Amazingly she had wanted to try it for a long time but never had the courage until she had married a man who told her she should go for it. After she left, my husband started pushing me to do it. To make a long story short I agreed to after a lot of wine!

There on the floor before I hit the bathroom door were our clothes from the night before. We had undressed and had sex one last time before my locks would be gone. It was good. I was slowly remembering the sequence of events from the night before. As I made my way into the bathroom I saw a pile of hair lying on the floor beneath the chair I had sat in. All of my blond hair was on that floor! The memories were getting a little clearer as my mind began to clear. I had sat in that chair last night; euphoric from the love session we had just had, still buzzing off of the wine. My husband had gone downstairs to get the clippers and while I waited, I stared at myself in the mirror. Soon it would all be gone. I started running my fingers through my hair, for the last time.

Almost instinctively while waiting for my husband I reached in the medicine cabinet for my scissors. I just wanted to see what it felt like to cut my own hair. I picked up a chunk of hair and cut it. I was holding almost 6 inches of hair in my head! I dropped it to the floor and watched it float to the ground. Liberation! I took another chunk of hair and cut it all the way to my scalp and through it in the air. Almost in a frenzy I started cutting large chunks of hair with the scissors, giggling as I watched all of my hair floating through the air. I was cutting frantically when my husband walked in. I looked like I had just gotten a bad mullet! Almost all of the hair in front was gone while the back was still untouched. He smiled as he plugged in the clippers and turned them on. I sat still as he placed them at the top of my forehead for the first pass. The clippers hummed at first and then started getting louder as it started eating away at my hair. A big white stripe down the middle of my head!

He shook the hair off the head of the clippers and blew the head clean. He placed the clippers at the top of my head again and the clippers chewed up another path through my hair. The humming of the clippers and the sound they made as they chewed through my hair was hypnotic. I sat still watching in the mirror as my husband made pass after pass at the top of my head, denuding my scalp.

Soon he was running the clippers up the side of my head. I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of the clippers vibrations around my ears. The sound of my hair being eaten away was frightening but exciting at the same time. I had kept my eyes closed until he started running the clippers up the back of my head. Instinctively I put my chin down and opened my eyes to look at the top of my head. The only hair I could see was at the very crown of my head, and I watched as it floated off of my scalp and I saw the head of those big clippers riding up my crown. The clippers on my neck were almost erotic, and I found myself rubbing my own clit, bringing myself to climax. I must have been moving quite a bit because my husband placed his hand firmly on the top of my bare scalp to steady me as he finished the last clippering.

Hair was all over the floor. My head was a lot clearer now. The memories of the night before were running through my mind. I smiled as I looked in the mirror and took both of my hands and rubbed them on top of my head. Smooth. My red fingernails shining brightly on my white scalp. I do remember the feeling last night after he had taken a razor to my head. The first feel of my bare scalp. The way it felt when he kissed my bare head. The feeling when we went swimming afterwards. My bare scalp was an erotic zone and it had awakened a new sexuality in me. One that had been dormant for too long.

I caressed my fingers all over my scalp, massaging the top of my head, lightly gliding them over my ears where I used to tuck my hair. Now sober and somewhat awake I started to examine my beautiful bare head. No blemishes or freckles. A little white from never seeing the sun, but it would tan. I took the mirror that I usually used to style the back of my hair and examined the back of my head. I had always complained about my short neck, but now my neck looked long and elegant! Instinctively I went to fluff my hair in the back but instead ran my fingers lightly up the back of my bald head. This was an entirely new experience for me, and the feelings were somewhat erotic!

I put the mirror down and could not stop staring at myself in the mirror. Being bald made me look younger and thinner. Why did I wait so long to try this out? I started to clean up the mess from the night before. I unplugged the clippers and placed them in the bag along with the combs and brush. I then rolled up the cord on the hair dryer and my curling iron, two tools I would not need for a long time. I put the shaving cream and the razors back in the cabinet and got the broom and dustpan to sweep up my hair. That was such a weird feeling to scoop up my hair with a dustpan and place it in the trashcan! I then threw away my hairspray and styling products. Perhaps it was a little premature thinking I would not need them again, but the more I looked at my bald head and felt it, the more I wanted to stay that way.

After cleaning up, I jumped in the shower to get rid of the cobwebs in my head. The warm water on my bare scalp was just one more reason for me to stay this way! The water beaded off of my scalp and it felt sooo good! Why had I waited so long to do this I kept asking myself as I rubbed my hands over my warm, wet, bald head. After showering, I dried off and instinctively reached for the comb. I stopped and stared. The feelings, the look, the experience was something I would enjoy for months to come!

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