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Susan had been a top stylist in a well known shop in London, she had been in the business for 8 years now and had been saving hard so that she could open her own shop. Sue loved to cut womens hair she actually got a frill from relieving them of their tresses. Her hair was severely cut in very short style the way she loved it to be. All the years of scrimping had now paid off she was moving back to where she was born, a small town in the country side, to open a small salon. A shop had been found in a prominent position in the high street and she was in the process of buying equipment. Two chairs were purchased from a hairdressing supplier, but she wanted a third, something different, something special.

Sue was passing the old auction house during the morning and popped in to see if there was anything in there that may be of use to her. The weekly auction had already begun as she browsed. In the corner was the chair!! An old type of barbers chair all red leather and very plush, immediately she climbed up into it putting her feet onto the foot rest. It was wonderful just what she wanted. The feeling she got, just sitting there was somehow magical. Sue, fingers were brushing up through her hair at her nape pushing upwards she needed a haircut.

"Next we come to lot no. 13." People were staring at her. "I see we have a customer already!" A few people around her laughed.

Sue came back from where she was and smiled politely and climbed out of the chair. The bidding started at only a few pounds, nobody was seriously interested in the chair and Sue picked it up for a mere fifteen pounds. Sue paid for the chair and arranged for it to be sent to her shop in the high street the very next day.

Later that day back at the shop Sue interviewed the first of the young stylists who had applied for a job at "Sue’s Cutting Place." One thing for sure was that the successful applicants would have to have lovely long hair and also be very skilled at cutting hair with clippers. Zena was a pleasant girl with an excellent cv. also beautifully kept, mid brown waist length hair. Sue hired her immediately. One down one to go, Liz arrived at 2.00pm she had waist length thick blond hair beautiful. Although slightly younger than Zena she exuded charm and wit and appeared to be very talented as well. Sue asked her to trim her hair for her and as expected she used the clippers with great feeling and skill. Perfect, vacancies filled.

The grand opening was in two days, Sue showed the two girls which stations they were to use, and her own chair was placed in between the two of them so that she could have a birds eye view of any major cut’s they might do. The three stations were all well equipped with all the usual cutting implements scissors nape trimmers and an Oster A5 clipper each with all the necessary plastic combs Perfect. This shop was only in business for cutting no perms, tints just a fast turnover in quality cuts was what Sue wanted. A sign hung outside the door no appointments necessary quality cutting only.

On Monday morning all three were poised and ready for the first customer to come in. The door opened and with luck three young mums, all friends, came in together. They had just dropped off their children at the local school and had decided to try the new salon in town. All three had much the same style hair to just past the shoulders.

Zena took their coats and chatted with them it seemed that they only wanted trims, which was not a problem. Sue introduced herself and steered the youngest of the mums to the chair.

"Just an inch or two off the back please " offered her young client as she climbed into the chair. "OH this is really different, it’s so comfy" Sue combed her hair through. "I was thinking maybe you could take it shorter, I mean well you know maybe, but I feel nice I mean like your’s maybe" The girl was looking intently into the mirror. ‘Yes, like yours cut it like yours."

Sue didn’t need to be asked twice after caping the girl and brushed the girls thick blonde hair until it shined.

"Are you sure about this I’m going to have to use the clippers?" Sue ran her hands through the young girls luscious hair.

"Oh yes please do, nice and neat like yours!"

Her two friends just stared at her as if she must be mad.

Sue fitted the 1/2 inch guard on and gently eased the young girl’s head downwards towards her chest. "That’s it head down" the girl looked down into her lap and smiled a strange smile of immanent pleasure.

She jumped as the Osters burst into life, her two friends just watched in silence as the clippers made their first pass upwards towards her crown. 15" locks slowly made their way to the waiting floor below her hair was slowly being peeled away and they softly hit the floor below. Her friends couldn’t believe this was happening they continued to watch as their hair was trimmed the customary 1". Once the back was deflowered she lifted her head to watch the haircut progress. Next the sides were sheared just like the back she watched as her hair piled neatly into her lap. "Perfect!" she exclaimed.


"Oh! nothing just perfect"

Sue smiled into the mirror and continued to clipper her hair to 1/2 an inch, up and over the ears the clippers went on until almost nothing was left.

Sue was really enjoying herself and could fell herself getting quite wet between her thighs. The hair continued to slip gently into the cape, she smiled, her hair was now nice and neat. Next Sue slightly tilted the girls head forwards and brought the Osters to her clients forehead. A few passes later and the top was lovely and bristly. Sue gently ran her hands through the cropped hair.

"There nearly done, I’ll just taper the back and sides up for you."

The guard was replaced with one of 1/4 inch . The back and sides were now being attacked "There that’s a lot better!" Sue said. "Nice and short at the back and sides." they had been brutally clippered.

"Just clean the hairline up and your all done" The buzzing of the clippers fell silent and Sue brushed off her client. The girl rubbed her head, feeling the fine pelt at her nape and smiled


As she got down from the chair the oh so comfy chair she continually rubbed her hair and smiled. Her friends just looked on in amazement, their hair nicely trimmed.

"You must try that chair next time we visit so very strange so perfect " she told them. They paid and left.

Liz and Zena just looked at each other in amazement.

The day continued in the same way. A mother came in with her 16 year old daughter the girl came in virtually kicking and screaming.

"I’m not having my hair cut and that’s that."

"Please darling it really is getting so long, just have it cut to your shoulders!"

"No and that’s it, no! I’ll have it trimmed and no more than 1/2 an inch"

Sue who by know knew that once in the chair the girl would change her mind, told the mother that it wasn’t a problem and told the young madam to take a seat in the chair.

"Sharon just hop up dear and the stylist will just trim it for you"

Once seated the Sharon stared into the mirror and relaxed back into the cozy chair. It felt good, she ran a hand through her mid length hair and Sue started to brush it slowly.

"Yes a good cut would be nice I’d like to keep it looking good mum" The girl smiled at her mother in the mirror.

"How would you like it cut?" asked Sue knowing what the answer would be.

"Short, nice and short, it’s so comfy just sat here yes nice and short like yours" Sharon smiled at Sue, who just kept brushing her hair gently.

The hum of the clippers once again filled the salon. Sue ran them straight through the top of the crown for effect. The mother nearly fainted as her daughters hair rained down into the cape. Hair fell everywhere, soon the girls lap was full and her hand came out from under the cape and touched her once long hair it felt good.

"That’s it nice and short perfect"

Sharon’s mother watched in silence as Sue finished the cut. She could not believe this had just happened.

Sharon got down from the chair rubbing her head, she left the shop happy.

In no time at all the shop soon had a good reputation and mothers with problem children found Sue was the answer to their prayers no more fussing with long hair no more playing up. Strangely all of her customers became repeat clients who would only ask for Sue. The chair obviously had a drug like quality and her customers were well and truly hooked. They needed to be in the chair for their haircut and would have no one else cut it for them.

The chair certainly had powers and Sue loved it in quiet spells she would sit in the chair and hair her own hair buzzed down to 1/4 inch all over it felt soo good.

Although Sue wanted to get her scissors into Zena and Liz’s hair she didn’t rush it she knew that in time they would succumb to the chair.

One afternoon they were unusually quiet, Liz had gone off to the suppliers to get a new set of blades for her Osters Sue jokingly patted her chair and asked Zena if she would like a trim just the ends she reassured her. Zena said that she needed one, as she was going out with friends that night.

"No problem up you get " Sue patted her chair once again

"Just a trim right."

"Look I respect the way you look if you only want a trim, a trim is what you’ll get ok?"

"Thanks if you’re sure. "

"No problem anyway I love your hair it really suits you and it’s in such great condition"

Zena sheepishly climbed into Sues chair.

"Oh it’s so comfy so nice" Sue brushed and brushed Zena’s hair, by now, butt length hair

"Yes it is comfy isn’t it, so comfy" As she relaxed back into the comfort of the red leather she placed her arms onto the rest

As she sat there a strange feeling came over her, the chair was seducing another client. Sue started to trim the ends of Zena’s hair. It was beautiful hair, the main reason Sue had employed her,1/2 an inch was being trimmed off. Little fluffs of hair floated to the floor. Zena sat mesmerised this feeling was wonderful just wonderful.

"I was thinking perhaps you could take it shorter I mean much shorter" Sue looked up and smiled at Zena,s reflection in the mirror.

"Really would you like it shorter, but I thought you only wanted the ends trimmed, are you sure?"

By now Zena was desperate she wanted it cut, and cut short very short now. Sue ran her finger through the gorgeous hair enjoying the feeling it was giving her. It felt good very good.

"No, I can’t do it Zena your hair it’s soo beautiful it’s perfect just the way it is " Sue was playing a cruel game with her and she knew that there would only be one outcome to this haircut.

"Please cut it for me now I want you to it needs to be nice and neat all over just like your own hair nice and neat"

"Look here’s the scissors you cut a bit off yourself then I will cut it for you ok?"

Sue reached over and passed the sharp scissors to her. Immediately Zena grabbed them and slowly hacked off a two inch wide strip from the left hand side and then another from the right side two 40 inch swathes of hair were handed to Sue. Sue felt it between her fingers it was as soft as silk beautiful just beautiful. Zena smiled as she raised the scissors and chunked another then another handful off. This was fun.

"There I’ve started it for you now please cut it short very short all over."

"I not sure here look I,ll plug the clippers in and you can take a bit off with them, then I’ll cut it for you."

Sue removed the guard from them and handed them to Zena.

"What guard would you like to use the 1/2 inch or the 1/4 inch you choose." Zena pondered for a while but not for long. By now she just wanted it off all off and without a word she placed the buzzing clippers at her own forehead and pushed them straight back through into the crown hair. Too late now it had to come off all off. Sue gently prised them from her grip and told her to relax back into the chair and she would clean it all up and make it nice and neat for her nice and neat.

Sue realised that she must hurry with the task ahead or Liz would be back from the suppliers and her plan to crop both the girls in one day would be foiled. Just then the phone rang, it was Liz ringing just to say that she was now on her way back and sorry she had been so long. Sue chatted for a bit and said no worries see you in 20 minutes.

By now Zena was almost peeing herself she needed it to be cut. Zena,s hair was tied back into a pony so that the hair could be saved for posterity. Sue picked up the clippers and turned them on. Concentrating on the job in hand Sue ran the buzzing clippers right through the hair at the crown reducing the once beautiful hair to a mere stubble. As it fell it remained on Zena,s shoulders for a second or so before slipping down behind the chair. Zena smiled. Wanting it desperately. The clippers raced through the sides and peeled the hair away, nice and neat now she thought. Zena,s head was pushed forward so the nape could be clipped. Within 10 minutes all her hair was reduced to a mere fuzz. Zena ran her hands over and over her head in amazement she loved it. All gone nice and neat.

"Perfect’ she exclaimed as Sue brushed all the hair form her face and neck.

"I love it thank you so much Sue, I simply love it I can’t imagine why I never done this a long time ago" she climbed out of the chair still fingering her freshly shorn nape. Zena kissed Sue on the cheek as she got down from the chair.

Sue quickly asked Zena if she would pop out to the local takeaway and get some food for a snack for them all as Liz would be returning shortly. Zena took some money from Sue and made her way out of the shop. Within 5 minutes Liz returned with the supplies.

"Hiya where, s Zena, I’m sorry I was so long but the place was packed."

"That’s fine no worries." Sue smiled.

"Look why don’t you just come and sit here, she patted her chair, and I’ll give you a shoulder massage you look done in."

Without thinking Liz climbed into the chair she and Zena had always been so careful not to get into Sue’s chair as they always thought there was something strange about it. Liz eased herself back into the chair wooo it was so comfy so nice she loved the feeling she was getting.

"That,s it just relax."

Sue lifted her butt length hair and placed it over Liz,s shoulder, it was so long, she then massaged her shoulders. Liz stared at her hair in the mirror just hanging lifeless, but beautiful it felt so good, she closed her eyes it felt good.

"There all done how did that feel, up you get."

"Fine really nice thanks Sue." Liz just sat there.

"Sue I was wondering could you, I mean, have you got time, I was thinking, do you think I would look nice with well, short hair, you know I mean really short, well, cropped.?"

Liz ran her fingers through the pony hanging in front of her.

Sue picked up an elastic band from the side and secured the pony tail. Nothing more was spoken Sue smiled with joy as the scissors crunched through the thick hair. It was quite surprising how long it took to come free but within a few minutes it was off leaving the pony intact, which was whisked away to put with the others. Liz now sported a rough bob it hung to the shoulders thick and uneven.

The door opened it was Zena.

"Hi, got the food!"

Zena put the bag down and ran her fingers through her own newly buzzed hair.

"So you’ve decided to have all that hair cut off have you?" she smiled at Liz and was soon at her side touching the shortened hair.

"Yes I asked Sue to cut it for me I really want it short nice and short just like yours, it really suits you." Zena lowered her head and gestured Liz to feel it for herself.Liz complied and physically shook with excitement.

"Thanks, Sue just cut it for me I love it I can,t take my hands off it."

Sue grabbed the clippers and looked at Liz. Zena took Liz, s hand to give her encouragement but of course she needed none. Liz closed her eyes as the hair rained down onto the floor, thick blonde shiny hair a veritable carpet. When she opened her eyes the transformation was complete. Liz looked almost bold as her hair was so blonde.She climbed down from the chair.

The door opened,all three of them turned tosee a young women,she stepped inside and closed it behind her, she was very pretty with hair to die for. It was the most beautiful shade of red very curly and very long, it cascaded down to nearly her waist.

"Hi my names Sue can I take your coat."

The girl looked strangely at the three of them, they all burst out laughing.

"Don,t worry it,s not catching we just like to keep our hair neat nice and neat."

They all sat in the reception area and chatted while Liz went to make coffee for them. After a long discussion about hair styles, the girl told them she had been recommended to them by her boyfriend who had been in a few days before for a trim but apparently had decided to go for a buzz cut instead of his usual trim. Sue quietly smiled she remembered the lad who previously had worn his hair in a long outdated tousled look, but once in the chair had decided to go shorter. Carry, that was her name, told them how he was always going on to her about getting her lovely hair cut short. He apparently loved her hair but had some sort of thing about nice short hair, as she spoke she stroked her hair lovingly. Sue reached over and told her that her hair was superb and should never have it cut, just trimmed. This put Carry at ease she did wonder at first though all three of them with such short hair so short.

The door went again the buzz cut boyfriend had arrived. Carry got up and kissed him lightly on the cheek and introduced him as Tim. She grabbed his hand and lead him over to where she had been sitting with the girls.

"Sue,s said that I should never, never have my hair cut only trimmed, isn’t that right Sue!"

"That,s right Tim she definitely mustn’t have it cut and definitely not short that would be terrible. With such beautiful hair it would be such a waste."

Sue reached over once again and stoked her hair. It was indeed gorgeous so curly and natural. Zena and Liz sat there continually fingering their own freshly cropped hair. Carry wondered why they chose to have their hair so cut so brutally short. Soon she would find out. Sue asked Tim about his preference for short hair. He couldn’t put it down to any one thing but suggested it was because of the change in style just something different.

"Right then young lady I suppose we shall have to get on and trim this hair all up for you!" Sue smiled.

Carry wasn’t too sure though did she say trim this hair all up. It sounded well, all up, it sounded short, all up. Carry put down the empty coffee mug and stood up she made her way over to Liz station and sat down in the chair. Sue waited by her own chair and beckoned Carry with a gentle tap on the seat of it. The plush leather sounded firm but soft. It was nearly the same colour as Carry, s hair. a beautiful red.

"Come on over you,ll be lot more comfy in this one" Sue beckoned her again.

Slowly Carry got up, walked over and then hoisted herself into the chair. It nearly swallowed her up there and then she was so petite. Sue went and got a booster cushion for her to just raise her slightly.

"There that,s better much better."

Carry looked at herself in the mirror all that hair and so tiny, something she had never really noticed before now. Her thighs became damp she couldn’t do this no not her beautiful hair no, she continued to look at herself in the mirror and ran her hands through her hair, yes it was too much just too much hair hiding her face, perhaps Tim was right, maybe, yes it would have to go, to be removed, it was soo long too long, she pulled it back from her face the difference it made was astonishing. Yes, it must all go nice and short, it would be better Carry looked over to Tim who was smiling at her.

"I,ll just trim all the ends off shall I" Sue broke into her thoughts.

"No I mean yes I want you to trim it all, all off nice and neat just like yours please, just like yours"

Sue picked the scissors up and positioned them at about ear height and looked into the mirror at Carry, who slightly nodded her head. Curls began to fall into her lap, lovely red curls floated softly down. Then another followed by more. They looked so beautiful laying there in her lap. Her knees prevented the hair falling onto the floor and the pile of curls got larger and larger Carry slipped both of her hands out from under the cape and played with the mass of hair running her fingers through the tangle. Sue made sure that each cut length landed in her lap. The lengths of hair were at least 30 inches long if not more when pulled out from their spiral curls.

"There that’s looking really nice isn’t it. Is that short enough for you or do you think a bit shorter."

"No don,t stop please carry on take some more off and please do it nice and slowly nice and slowly."

Carry couldn’t take her eyes off they followed each and every cut, she was enjoying the feeling of the cut and wanted it to last forever, and it would. Sue was now layering the hair through 12 inch curls still fell into Carry, s lap which was now full to overflowing. Tim just stood and stared a dream come true, at last.

The buzz of the clippers saw Carry jump slightly she had never seen clippers let alone had her curls cut by them, but cut they would. they ran up the side of her head over her ears then the back and then again on the other side. short pieces of hair flew everywhere and found their way into her clothing. Carry just smiled and enjoyed. Sue looked at Carry in the mirror and asked if it was short enough. Carry shook her head, so Sue kept cutting. The top was next the clippers ran over her head slowly but deliberately. Taking shape quite nicely now Sue smiled to herself as she finished her job. Carry just sat in the chair.

"Were done all nice and neat."

Carry didn’t flinch.

"No, I want it all trimmed off all of it."

Sue understood and removed the guard form the oster,s they roared back into life again and within minutes all traces of hair were removed.

Sue brushed her neck and face all though itchy bits of hair remained stuck in her blouse it felt nice. Carry rubbed her hands all over her head mmm it was good just like she imagined

Climbing down from the chair she felt reborn Perfect just Perfect

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