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I had just recently moved to a beach resort in Southern California and was looking for a place to rent, with a roommate. I was really looking forward to having a fun summer vacation before starting back to work in the fall. I answered a few adds in the local newspaper before meeting Candice. She was an independent interior decorator in her late twenties, looking for a roommate to help share expenses. Her nearby house was simply gorgeous, with a huge, secluded pool and sun deck. When she answered the door to greet me she was wearing a top and shorts of almost transparent white gauze. She was an inch or two taller than myself, equally as thin, with extremely short black hair and an absolutely perfect dark tan. I couldn’t help but notice, as we walked through her open hallway out onto the back deck, that she was apparently naked under her skimpy outfit. Once we were sitting down across from one another, I found myself conspicuously staring at Candice’s provocatively dressed body. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin cotton gauze. She obviously knew she looked great and was not shy about exposing her tanned, lithe body. As we continued to talk and get to know each other, I found myself occasionally wondering about what it would be like to be more daring, and sexy, like Candice.

At some point in our conversation, and after a few strong drinks, Candice volunteered that she sunbathed naked and asked if that would bother me. I said, “No, absolutely not! As a matter of fact, I wish I had a tan as great looking as you.”

“You will if you choose to move in,” Candice coyly replied.

I quickly agreed as Candice stood up to finish giving me a tour of the rest of her beautiful home. As I slowly stood up to face Candice, a quick downward glance at her transparent shorts revealed absolutely no trace of dark pubic hair. I was completely fascinated, and intrigued, that her pussy was most likely as smooth and tan as the rest of her body. “When can I move in?” I asked.

“Anytime!” Candice quickly responded, as she reached for my hand and started off down the nearby hallway towards the bedrooms. The bedroom we entered was brightly lit by the afternoon sun and had an unobstructed view of the large pool in the back of the house. “The view is great, and the sliding glass door opens up out onto the deck,” she said. “There’s not much closet, or dresser space, for clothes … but then again, there really is no need for clothes around here. After all, it’s just the two of us. And it’s always so warm anyway, why bother!”

How very interesting, and erotic, I thought … sharing a house with a strikingly beautiful woman who sunbathed completely naked and preferred to wear minimal, sexy clothes. As Candice finished giving me the rest of the tour, I fantasized about what it would be like to share her home and wear little, or no clothes most of the time. And, after all, it would be the perfect opportunity to get an all over tan! As we approached the pool and continued our conversation, we decided I would move in that weekend. Candice quickly suggested that we take a quick swim before going back into the house. Before I even had a chance to respond, Candice had already pulled off her top, exposing her tanned, naked breasts. “Here, let me help,” she said as she leaned forward and began to unbutton my sundress. I was simply mesmerized by her almost totally naked body … and the anticipation of being stripped out of my clothes by my new roommate outdoors, under the warmth of the early afternoon sun. I offered absolutely no resistance to Candice’s obvious desire to help me out of my clothes. A few seconds later my yellow cotton dress fell off my nervous body. Next, Candice deftly unhooked my bra and pushed it off my shoulders, exposing my naked breasts to the warmth of the afternoon sun. Then, I felt her delicate, soft hands slowly drift down the sides of my body and grab hold of my thong panties. I momentarily held my breath as I felt a gentle tug and then the sensation of my thong being pulled down … first, over my narrow hips and then swiftly down my shaking legs, revealing my neatly trimmed pussy to Candice. Impulsively, I reached out towards Candice’s waist as she moved closer. Slowly, I began to push down her transparent gauze shorts. Only perfectly smooth, hairless skin was revealed as her public mound was slowly exposed. As I pushed her shorts down further, over her hips, I discovered a totally smooth, bald pussy. A moment later, after Candice stepped out of her shorts, we were both completely naked as the sun continued to warm our soft, exposed bodies. Experiencing it with Candice heightened the incredible sensation of being totally naked outside even more! There was something so sexy and provocative about her. And she was so deliciously naughty and uninhibited!

A few seconds later and we were both splashing around in the pool. The sensation of swimming naked was simply exhilarating … I felt so sexy and alive as the cool water stimulated my naked breasts. My nipples quickly responded by becoming extremely erect. I couldn’t help but notice that Candice’s nipples also involuntarily reacted to the coolness of the water. I can’t remember ever having more fun than I did that first afternoon in the pool with Candice. As we finally climbed out of the pool to dry off in the warmth of the sun, I wondered what other adventures and excitement would happen during the course of the summer in my new environment. I didn’t have to wait very long to find out. As Candice walked back into the house for a moment, I laid down on one of her oversized beach towels and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes a few moments later … Candice was standing next to me with a razor and a can of shaving gel in her hands. “If you really want a perfect all-over tan,” she said as she opened her legs a little further apart, “… the smooth look is really a necessity.”

The next thing I remember is watching Candice, now positioned directly in-between my legs, sensuously spreading shaving gel first over my pubic mound and then lower, over my pussy lips. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as Candice picked up her razor and began to scrape away the short, dark brown triangle of hair on my pubic mound. Soon, I felt the razor slowly removing the hair from each side of my slightly moist pussy lips before hearing Candice instruct me to roll over on my stomach and then raise up on my knees. Next, I felt her gently push my legs a little further apart before applying more shaving gel down the crack of my ass and lower, in-between my legs. Again, I felt the razor slowly, and carefully, shaving away the few remaining fine hairs from around my ass. I was so excited, and curious, to see how I looked without any pubic hair! After Candice gently wiped off the excess shaving cream, I quickly leaned back to inspect my freshly shaved, bald pussy. With no pubic hair, my pussy lips looked so sexy and soft, I thought as I gently explored the now perfectly smooth and hairless skin in-between my legs.

“You look simply incredible, Lisa!” Candice said as she helped me stand up to face her. “How do you like the bald look?” she coyly asked.

“I love it!” I quickly responded. “I had no idea a shaved pussy would look this sexy and feel so incredibly sensitive,” I added.

“I know exactly what you mean,” Candice said. “I like it so much, I started having my pubic hair waxed when I was in my teens. After a few years of waxing, it just finally stopped growing back!”

“How cool!” I responded, “Your pussy is permanently bald?”

“Permanently,” Candice replied. “I love having smooth sex! The feeling of having a bald pussy licked very slowly is heavenly. And, I like the erotic feeling of jeans and shorts against my smooth pussy lips and exposed clit!” “Well,” I said, “Now that I have a perfectly smooth, shaved pussy, I guess I’m about to find out for myself.” I paused for a moment and then added, “I’m really looking forward to this summer, Candice.”

“So am I,” Candice responded, “There’s simply no telling how much fun two girls with bald pussies can have in the summer … particularly if you are a little daring and adventurous.”

“I just let a woman strip me totally naked, and then shave my pussy as smooth as her own,” I quickly replied. “What kind of adventures do you have in mind?”

“The kind where you might end up naked … in a very public place,” Candice seductively whispered. “After all, what’s the use of having a bald pussy if you don’t show it off every once in a while!”

“What if I said I might like to join you during one of your exhibitionistic adventures?” I asked, before taking any time to consider the consequences of my impulsiveness.

“Then … I might say, what about now?” Candice quickly replied as she reached down and picked up my short cotton dress, leaving my bra and thong lying on the deck. “How about, just for fun, we change outfits first?” Candice suggested as she handed me her matching transparent gauze top and bottom. A few seconds later, we rushed out of her house, into her car and down the street. I had no idea what Candice had in mind, however, at this point I was so excited and hot, I was ready for just about anything. Without saying a word, Candice drove down to one of the many nearby beaches and quickly pulled her car into a do-it-yourself carwash. There were two other cars in adjacent slots to the one Candice pulled into. One of them was occupied by an attractive young couple washing their Mustang, while a teenage boy in a swimsuit was on the other side, washing his new sport truck. I got out of the car and walked around to the front as Candice put change in the control panel. As she reached for the soap brush attachment, Candice winked at me and instructed me to bend over and support myself against the front of her car. My heart began to pound with anticipation of whatever was about to happen next. Starting at my bare feet, Candice began to brush soapy water up my legs and over the gauze shorts. Without any hesitation, she continued up my back with the soap brush until I was completely soaked and covered with soap. Next, she told me to turn around and once again lean back against the front of her car. Her gauze outfit I was wearing was now totally soaked and completely transparent. My nipples and smooth pussy lips were clearly visible through the thin, wet gauze. Sensing my excitement and anticipation, Candice decided to help further expose my almost naked body in the middle of the carwash. Slowly she inserted the brush up under the loose fitting top and gently began to push it up over my breasts. Taking her ‘subtle hint’, I quickly reached up and peeled the wet top completely off my soapy body. Next, she lowered the brush down my slippery stomach until it reached the top of her borrowed shorts. Hesitantly, I slowly slid my hands down the side of my body, and inside the top of the shorts. After a mischievous smile and wink at Candice, I quickly pushed the wet shorts down my legs and then stepped completely out of them. Now, I was standing in the middle of the busy carwash, completely naked, while traffic continued past on the main street and other people continued to wash their cars next to us. I found myself actually wanting to ‘get caught’ by someone, while Candice continued to brush soap all over naked body. It was so exciting doing something this outrageous … in the heat of the afternoon sun, and only a few blocks away from a very crowded beach.

After Candice had sufficiently lathered up my body, she momentarily set down the spray wand and quickly hopped back inside her car. Slowly, she drove her car past me, completely through the carwash, and parked it next to the vacuum machine immediately behind us. Then she hopped back out of her car, ran back to get the spray wand and switched the controls from wash to rinse as she motioned for me to stand directly in the middle of the carport. Now, with her car no longer blocking people’s view from the street, or from cars pulling into the carwash … it was almost certain that we would ‘get caught’ while rinsing off my soapy body. I continued to slowly turn around in circles as the cool, fine water spray quickly removed the soapy, white lather from my naked body. Strangely enough, during the few minutes it took to finish rinsing off, no one seemed to notice our erotic nude carwash adventure! Soon, the water stopped. Candice replaced the spray wand and then picked up her wet top and bottom outfit. “Well, you can’t put these wet clothes back on!” she said on her way back out to the car. “I guess you’ll just have to drive back naked,” she said as she opened up the trunk and tossed the wet gauze outfit inside.

As Candice casually walked around the side of her car and opened up the driver’s side door, I stepped out of the carwash only to discover the teenage boy to the right of us, now vacuuming the cab of his new truck. Still soaking wet, I decided to give us both a thrill and began to slowly walk over towards him. The look on his cute face was priceless as he responded to seeing a naked girl, with a freshly shaved pussy, at the carwash walking towards him. “Excuse me,” I said in a somewhat nervous voice, “Do you happen to have a clean towel I could borrow for a second to dry off?” In an instant, the eager to please boy handed a beach towel to me from his back seat. Very slowly and deliberately, I stood directly in front of the boy and proceeded to dry off my dripping wet, naked body. As I finished, and handed him back the towel, he asked if I would like to keep it. I quickly answered back, “Thanks for the offer, but I just needed to dry off before getting back in my friend’s car,” as I turned around and started walking away. I was so turned on knowing that as I continued to slowly walk back to Candice’s car, the young boy was intently watching my every move! Just as I neared Candice’s car, the Mustang next to us pulled out. I don’t know if her boyfriend saw me, but girl in the passenger’s seat definitely did! Her first reaction was a look of total surprise, and then a big smile and wink as the Mustang drove away. I quickly jumped in the passenger’s side and glanced over at Candice as she started the engine.

“That was so hot!” she said … “Now it’s my turn!” As Candice slowly drove out of the carwash and pulled out onto the main street, I wondered what she had in mind next. A few short blocks later, I found out. Candice pulled her white Le Baron into a busy gas station, and up to one of the gas pumps. Without either of us saying another word, Candice quickly got out of the car and put a credit card into the appropriate slot and pushed one of the nearby buttons to select the type of gas. As she turned around towards her car, it was apparent that she had completely unbuttoned the front of her dress. Before reaching for the gas pump nozzle, she quickly slipped my borrowed dress off her tan body and tossed it inside the car window. Now, completely naked, Candice turned around and inserted the gas pump nozzle in the Le Baron’s tank. She was instantly the center of attention at the gas station! Everyone at the gas station did double takes as they stared in amazement at the sight of a totally naked woman casually pumping gas in the middle of the afternoon. A few passing cars even sounded their horns in appreciation of Candice’s naked body. A moment later, the pump stopped as Candice hung up the nozzle and reached for her receipt before jumping back into the car. A few people cheered and whistled as we left the gas station and pulled back out into the traffic, with both of us now completely naked! The rest of the ride back to Candice’s house was relatively uneventful … I noticed that most people didn’t really pay much attention to the people in other cars. And the few drivers who gave us quick, casual glances probably figured we had on tube tops, or strapless dresses, that simply revealed our bare shoulders … not expecting that two attractive women would be riding through town completely naked. That afternoon I not only found a new place to share with a new and extremely interesting roommate, but I also found out something new about myself. I totally loved the look and feel of a bald pussy and was also extremely turned on by the exhibitionistic thrill of stripping naked in public. I was so looking forward to moving in with Candice and having more erotic adventures!

I moved in on Friday, and spent most of the afternoon naked out by the pool, perfecting my new all-over tan. In anticipation of a possible new adventure that evening I took a long, relaxing bath and carefully shaved my legs and pussy as smooth as possible. As soon as Candice arrived home from work she suggested that we go out for a drink to celebrate the first day of being roommates. I was ready to go in just a few minutes. Candice was waiting for me out on deck, now dressed in extremely low cut hip hugger jeans and a white silk top. She looked absolutely stunning! She immediately complimented me on my choice of clothes for the evening … a 10” black micro skirt and a loose fitting, very short, crop top. “You look great,” she said, as she grabbed her car keys and purse. “Let’s go have some fun!” she added as we pulled out of the driveway and headed for a nightclub down by the pier. “A close friend of mine is going to meet us at a club we often go to. Her name is Jessica. We have known each other for a few years now. She works at the salon I go to,” Candice said as we neared our destination.

“Let me guess,” I said, “She is beautiful, sexy and a little on the wild side … just like you.”

“Maybe even a little wilder!” Candice responded, “I think the two of you will get along perfectly.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting her,” I enthusiastically said, as we pulled in the crowded parking lot.

The Nightclub had two levels. The lower level consisted of the main bar and dance floor, while the even more dimly lit upstairs overlooked the open dance floor. We were only there a few minutes and Jessica arrived. She was so beautiful … part black and part Dutch. She looked like a European model. And she had a slight French accent that even made her more exotic. One quick glance at her revealing two-piece outfit, and it was obvious she was not shy, or inhibited either. After introductions and a few drinks at the downstairs bar, we headed upstairs to get a better view of the dance floor.

I was not the only one to notice how low Candice’s hip hugger jeans were cut. As we walked up to the railing overlooking the dance floor, Jessica whispered a suggestion to me. It seems she was curious if we could influence Candice’s jeans to go even a little lower and tease anyone who might happen to look up from the dance floor. Following Jessica’s lead, I moved a little closer to Candice, helping to block anyone’s view from the back. While Candice held onto the railing with both hands, Jessica slipped her hand around to the front of Candice’s jeans and slowly unbuttoned them. “Exactly what do you girls have in mind?” Candice innocently asked, as she felt my hand grab hold of the zipper and give it a gentle tug down as her jeans fell loose around her slim hips.

Next, Jessica and I slowly pulled the front of Candice’s jeans open enough to expose her smooth pubic mound to the crowd of people below on the dance floor. Again, I was somewhat surprised that no one seemed to notice our efforts to partially expose Candice’s body. However, it was considerably darker upstairs than on the main floor … and most everyone on the dance floor was already a little high and having their own fun. Seemingly oblivious to anything except her own desires, Candice quickly positioned her legs a little closer together in an effort to allow her unfastened jeans to effortlessly fall completely off her hips. ”Oh,” I heard her softly moan as her jeans slid all the way down her long legs. Impulsively, I decided to see just how far Candice dared to venture in the crowded nightclub and tentatively began to slowly unbutton her silk blouse. A moment later, the last button was undone and her tan breasts pushed her delicate blouse wide open. I’m not sure which one of us was having the most fun! It was so exciting to help Candice strip out of her sexy clothes with people all around us. “Would you ladies like another drink?” a young girl in one of the nightclub’s uniforms politely asked us.

“Not right this moment,” Jessica quickly answered back. “Perhaps the next time you pass by,” she calmly added.

The young girl simply smiled and continued making her way through the crowd taking drink orders as I turned back towards Candice and Jessica. If she did catch a glimpse of Candice’s half naked body, she didn’t let on. Either way, it only served to heighten the exhibitionist thrill for all of us, particularly Candice. As if totally oblivious to her present surroundings, Candice placed one hand in-between her legs, while the other hand enthusiastically traced circles around her erect nipples. The loud, pulsating music drowned out most of her sighs of pleasure. Jessica and I simply watched in amazement as Candice quickly brought herself to orgasm as people danced below us, and continued to walk by directly behind us. One last muffled sigh and her thin, taunt body relaxed from the involuntary muscle spasms. Then, Candice casually bent down and slowly pulled her jeans back up her tan legs before buttoning her blouse and turning around to face Jessica and myself.

“Where’s my drink?” she nonchalantly asked. Jessica and I looked at each other, and then laughed as Candice hurried away to the small bar in the corner of the balcony.

“That was interesting!” I commented to Jessica.

“Yes it was,” she immediately quipped back.

“Somehow … I get the feeling that you both do this sort of thing quite often,” I said.

“What sort of thing would that be?” Jessica coyly responded, as she leaned forward and placed her arms around my waist. Seductively she pulled our bodies closer together until our lips almost touched. The immediate temptation was simply impossible for me to resist. Impulsively, I surprised myself by leaning forward and softly kissing Jessica’s parted, moist lips. She responded by pulling our bodies even closer together and gently returning the kiss. It was so soft and sensuous … I absolutely loved it! As our breasts pressed together, I felt my sensitive nipples’ reaction to the contact between us. I was totally out of control, and loving every second of it. Just as we ended our intimate embrace, Candice returned and suggested that we visit another one of her favorite clubs.

The next club was much smaller and intimate. The dance floor was extremely small and very crowded. Curiously enough, most of the women were dressed in even more revealing outfits than us! A few of the women on the dance floor were even topless! As we approached closer to the dance floor, I noticed that there were two even smaller elevated platforms just off to each side of the main floor. A couple of young girls wearing only g-strings were on the far platform seductively dancing in front of their boyfriends and everyone else in the audience. Our late arrival was timed perfectly; just as we approached closer to one of the elevated platforms, a young couple was leaving and offered us their table. As we sat down, and Jessica ordered drinks, I glanced back at the two girls on the elevated platform. The taller one was now completely naked, and was in the process of stripping off her friend’s g-string. As the loud pulsating music continued to play, and the stage lights bathed their naked bodies, they continued their seductive dance. Our drinks arrived just as the music changed to a slower rhythm. The two naked girls stayed on the stage and began to dance even closer, as they started to touch each other. Soon, it seemed as though they were both in another world … totally oblivious to the stares and attention of their appreciative audience. A few moments later the slow song ended, and the girls jumped off the stage, still completely naked! This was obviously not just another dance nightclub.

My head was beginning to spin from the effects of the alcohol and all the excitement of the evening. I was totally fascinated by the semi-naked women exposing themselves on the dance floor and the elevated stages. It was so exciting watching all the exhibitionist/voyeur action! A moment later, a really cute boy who looked around my age approached our table and politely introduced himself. Of course, Candice and Jessica invited him to join us and made the introductions. His name was Daniel. His best friend, and his friend’s girlfriend, brought him to the club to celebrate his twenty first birthday. And although he was obviously enjoying being at the club and watching the girls get wild, he was as shy as he was good looking. Candice could not resist the temptation to be the first to help Daniel ‘celebrate’ his birthday. She enthusiastically grabbed his hand and led him out onto the crowded dance floor. Immediately, Candice began to entertain our new young friend. First, she slowly unbuttoned her silk blouse, exposing her naked breasts. Then she pulled Daniel closer to her and whispered briefly in his ear. A moment later, following Candice’s instructions, Daniel slowly pushed Candice’s silk blouse off her shoulders and tossed it over to Jessica and myself, at the table. Candice was so sexy, and naughty, the way she seductively danced in front of Daniel. After teasing Daniel for one more dance, Candice escorted him back to our table.

Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, Jessica asked Daniel if he would like to dance with her. As soon as they got out on the dance floor, Jessica reached out towards Daniel, grabbed hold of his t-shirt and quickly pulled it up over his head and tossed it aside. Then she began to gently caress his smooth, hairless chest with both her hands as she stepped closer to him. While she continued to tease, and excite, Daniel … he hesitantly reached out and began to unbutton her top. She offered no resistance to his cautious attempt to remove her top. As the last button was undone, Jessica reached up and stripped off her own top before pulling their half naked bodies close together again. Now her totally naked breasts were rubbing seductively up against Daniel’s bare chest. Again, a brief whisper into Daniel’s ear … then his hands slowly slid down Jessica’s waist towards the bottom of her skirt. As they continued to dance, one hand totally disappeared under her short skirt, and in-between Jessica’s legs. I’m quite sure that Daniel never imagined in his wildest dreams that his twenty first birthday would turn out this exciting. After one more half naked dance, they both returned to our table by the dance floor. “That was fun!” Jessica said as she sat back down next to me. “He is just too cute!” she quickly added.

Now I was the only one left at our table with a top on. And by now Daniel, I’m sure, was expecting the opportunity to dance with me and help remove it! Not to disappoint, I got up and walked over directly behind Daniel. “Daniel … before we dance, there is something I really must do first,” I whispered in his ear. “I promise, it will only a second … and it will be worth the wait,” I added as I quickly peeled off my loose crop top and tossed it aside. Then, while Candice and Jessica watched, I pushed my black micro skirt down over my hips and let it fall to the floor. “I’m ready now, Daniel,” I said in my most seductive voice. The look of total surprise on Daniel’s face as he turned around was absolutely priceless! Not only was he a few inches away from a totally naked girl in the middle of a crowded club, but also, he was staring directly at a perfectly smooth, freshly shaved pussy! “How about a birthday kiss?” I offered as I reached out and gently pulled his head closer to my already partially wet, bald pussy. After an initial brief hesitation, Daniel leaned closer and softly kissed my exposed pussy lips. “Let’s Dance!” I said, as I grabbed Daniel’s hand and pulled him up and out onto the crowded dance floor. Although I noticed a few women dancing near us without tops, and a few others in just thongs and g-strings, I was the only one that was totally naked! I was so turned on, and so totally out of control, I reached out, unsnapped Daniel’s jeans and quickly pulled the zipper down. Next, I pulled him close up against my naked body. I immediately felt his cock harden and then get fully erect against my stomach. While we continued to dance, I purposely slid back and forth against his hard cock in an attempt to further excite the situation. We were definitely noticed on the dance floor, and I loved every second of it! Just before the second song ended, I felt Daniel’s cock begin to involuntarily spasm and then squirt its’ warm, sticky cum all over my stomach and up higher onto my naked breasts! As the song ended, Daniel casually fastened his jeans as I quickly messaged his wet cum all over my shaved pubic mound and higher, over my breasts. My stomach and breasts glistened from Daniel’s wet cum as we walked back through the crowd to rejoin Candice and Jessica at our table.

“Oh,” I heard Candice sigh, “It looks like they started the birthday celebration without us.”

“If we’re going to party, let’s do it right,” Jessica suggested as we sat back down. “Let’s get dressed and drive over to my shop, it’s only a few minutes away.”

We quickly agreed, finished our drinks and pulled our clothes back on before making our way back out of the crowded club. A few minutes later, we were at Jessica’s beachfront salon. Jessica’s station was on the second floor in a spacious room overlooking the ocean boardwalk .The room was equipped with two salon chairs and mirrors on three of the walls. I guessed that this was probably not the first time that Candice and Jessica shared erotic adventures at her lovely salon. While Daniel watched, with a look of great anticipation on his young face, Candice and Jessica quickly stripped off my clothes.

“What a beautiful little shaved pussy,” Jessica commented, as she placed her soft hand on my smooth pubic mound. “Would you like to fuck Lisa’s pretty bald pussy, Daniel?” Jessica asked as she lightly placed one of her fingers in-between my exposed pussy lips. “Oh,” Jessica sighed, “It appears that our sexy exhibitionist is already wet!”

While Jessica continued to tease my pussy, Candice walked over to Daniel and began to slowly strip off his clothes. “Is the birthday boy ready to open his presents?” Candice seductively asked. As she pushed his jeans down his tan legs, his cock immediately responded to the erotic scene directly in front of him, and to Candice’s attention to his naked body. “Girls,” Candice coyly said, “Perhaps we should give Daniel a quick shave before we let him play with his presents.” Daniel offered no resistance as Candice quickly pushed him back into the nearest salon chair.

I was still feeling extremely lightheaded from all the drinks and decided to sit down in the other chair, directly across from Daniel, and watched as Candice and Jessica put on some loud music and began to strip out of their clothes. Once the girls were both naked, Candice quickly approached Daniel from the side of the chair and leaned over to seductively kiss him. Daniel’s predictable response was to place one hand in-between her legs and the other over one of her naked breasts. While Candice had Daniel’s full attention, Jessica quickly positioned herself directly between Daniel’s legs and switched on a small electric hair clipper. While I started to message my pussy with one hand and tweak my erect nipples with the other, Jessica proceeded to carefully shave off most of Daniel’s pubic hair. A few moments later, as Jessica finished and switched off the clippers, Candice whispered something to Jessica as she approached Daniel with shaving cream and a razor. Next, after they changed places, Candice began to message the warm, thick shaving cream to Daniel’s pubic area.

As Candice began to carefully shave Daniel completely smooth and hairless, Jessica leaned around the back of the chair and gently kissed me on the cheek. Then she whispered in my ear, “Lisa, you have such a perfectly shaped head, you would look so fantastic with a shaved, bald head.” I was so high, and sexually excited, at the time I really didn’t pay any attention to her unusual comment. As I continued to watch Candice shave Daniel’s pubic hair, I barely felt Jessica position the clippers at the base of my neck and slowly begin to push them forward, up the back of my head! Next, I felt my long blonde hair falling down over my bare shoulders. Jessica was actually shaving me bald! And all I could think about was how erotic it felt! Soon, blonde hair was flying everywhere as Jessica expertly glided her clippers over my head. While I watched Daniel get his cock and balls shaved smooth, Daniel attentively watched Jessica finish shaving my head with the clippers. As Jessica wrapped a warm towel around my head, I watched as Candice instructed Daniel to stand up and bend over the other chair. Then, just as she had done with me a few days ago, she squirted more shaving cream down the crack of Daniel’s perfectly cute ass and finished shaving him totally smooth. “Hold perfectly still for a second,” Jessica said as I heard the buzz of the clippers once again. An instant later, both my eyebrows were gone. Oh well, I thought, if you’re going to be bald, you might as well be totally bald! Next, Jessica and Candice changed places again.

Jessica wasted no time pushing Daniel back into the salon chair and dropping to her knees in-between his legs. As she slowly began to lick Daniel’s smooth cock and balls, Candice removed the warm towel from my head and quickly replaced it with warm, thick shaving cream. The sensation of having my head shaved perfectly smooth was, if possible, even more erotic than having my pussy shaved bald. A few moments later, Candice applied more shaving cream to my head and shaved it a second time, even slower. After she finished and wiped off the excess shaving cream with a soft, wet towel, she dabbed a little shaving cream on each of my buzzed eyebrows and carefully finished shaving them as smooth as my head. I barely recognized the girl I saw in the nearest mirror as I turned my head. The only hair left on my entire body was my eyelashes! Candice quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the salon chair and stood me in front of the nearest mirror to view my new totally smooth, hairless look. It looked so cool to be totally hairless! My blue eyes were so noticeable and sexy looking without any hair. And with no pubic hair, my pussy lips absolutely screamed for attention! A brief moment later, I realized that I was not the only one checking out my sexy new look.

Without anyone saying another word, Candice quickly escorted me out onto the sundeck facing the ocean. Jessica turned off the salon lights and then followed right behind us, bringing Daniel with her. Next, they positioned Daniel up against the balcony railing and instructed me to kneel down in-between his legs. Needing no further prompting, I leaned forward and engulfed his smooth cock with my open mouth. Sucking and licking his beautiful, shaved cock and balls was a delightful experience. And I am quite sure that the sight of having a girl’s bald head in-between his legs was a real turn-on for Daniel! Meanwhile, Jessica and Candice licked and sucked on Daniel’s nipples. Wow, what fun!

A few moments later, Daniel and I changed positions. While Candice and Jessica now focused their attention on my breasts and sensitive nipples, Daniel licked and sucked my bald pussy. It didn’t take long for my body to respond to all the sexual excitement. I screamed out loud as my body convulsed with multiple spasms in an explosive orgasm. As my body went limp from sexual exhaustion, Candice and Jessica carefully lowered me to the floor of the large deck and spread my legs wide open in front of Daniel. Daniel immediately replaced his tongue with his cock and entered my soaking wet, bald pussy. While Daniel started to slowly stroke his smooth cock in and out of my pussy, Jessica kneeled over my bald head and slowly lowered her shaved pussy to my lips. As I began to explore Jessica’s smooth pussy lips with my tongue … Candice, still standing, positioned herself directly above me and offered her hairless pussy to Jessica’s lips and tongue. The next few moments were simply a blur of sexual activity. Just as Daniel was about to climax, he pulled his cock out of my bald pussy and squirted his white, warm cum all over my pubic mound and breasts for the second time that evening. This time, however, it was Jessica and Candice who enthusiastically messaged Daniel’s cum all over my naked body as the cool ocean breeze caressed my naked body.

The next thing I remembered was waking up in my bed at Candice’s house. The sliding door leading out to the deck was wide open and the room was filled with bright sunlight. For a moment, I thought perhaps that the wild exhibitionist adventures of last night were merely a really hot dream. That is until I got up out of bed and glanced at my image in the large mirror over the dresser. The reflection staring back at me had a bald head, smooth skin above her blue eyes and a slightly wet, bald pussy. Last night was most definitely real! As I slowly raised my hands up to touch my bald head, I heard voices and splashing water out by the pool. Still totally naked, and very curious, I walked out on the deck to explore further. Candice, Jessica and Daniel were all in the pool … splashing around and teasing each other. As I walked out further onto the deck, I saw Daniel’s friends from the club last night, also naked, at the far end of the pool. The girl was sitting on the edge of the diving board with her legs spread wide, while her boyfriend, hanging in the water from the edge of the diving board, licked her pussy. As we made eye contact, she seductively licked her lips and reached up to tweak her erect nipples. Without taking my eyes off her, I casually continued walking around the edge of the pool until I reached the diving board. I slowly walked out on the diving board as the very attractive girl leaned further back. While everyone else watched, I positioned myself directly above her head and slowly began to lower my smooth pussy closer to her lips. She quickly reached up, wrapped her slender arms around my legs and gently pulled my naked body lower.

I vaguely recall hearing Candice yell over to the girl now licking my pussy, and to her boyfriend still licking her pussy, “Oh, by the way … that’s Lisa, my new roommate.”

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