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My husband and I are both teachers. We decided that is year when school gets out we will drive across the country and camp along the way so we can get to see a lot.

Well, the last day of school finally came, we were both looking so forward to our trip. We were just about all packed and ready to go so wasn’t too much more we had to do. That night after dinner my husband went to shower, he came out of the shower and was drying his hair, he said, "you know Peggy maybe I will get a crewcut for this trip". His hair was over his ears and it did cover the collar of his shirt. He has a very thick head of hair. He went on to say, "I feel it will be easy to care for and would be cooler”. I agreed with him and told him why don’t we stop by the barbershop in the morning on our way, he agreed. I said maybe he can give me a trim up also. My hair has really gotten long and was about 6 inches below my shoulders, I thought maybe something shorter would easy for me as well.

The alarm went off at 4:30am, we wanted to get up early just to finish the last few things and have breakfast also. At 6:00am my husband said let me call the barbershop and see if he is opened yet. The barber was an older guy and always started his day very early. I could hear Jeff on the phone talking with him, saying, "great we will be there in about 20 minutes". My husband came back and said, "yes he will be ready for us, and said no problem with him cutting your hair as well." Jeff was standing there just in his briefs, and said to me, "boy its going to be a hot day, too bad I could just go like this." I jumped in the shower got dressed and we were ready to leave.

It was 6:20 and it was already like 80 out and humid. As were driving to the barbershop my husband said, "I can’t wait to get this mop off my head, I didn’t say anything but was thinking would be nice to get all my hair cut off as well, but women do not get crewcuts." I turned towards Jeff and said, "you guys are very lucky you can get nice short crewcuts for the summer". He had a smile on his face and said, "well Peggy you can if you want, we will be gone for two months".

We walked into the barbershop and Frank (the barber) said, "why good morning Jeff, boy its been a long time since your last haircut". Jeff said," yes its been almost 4 months now, just have been busy." Jeff went on to tell him how we were driving cross country this summer and how we were actually headed out right from here. Frank thought that was great. The Jeff said, "hey Frank would you mind if I take my shirt off so I do not get hairs in it that will itch like hell all day." Frank told him no go head and take it off, you can even take the shorts off if you want as well no one here yet anyway. Jeff took his shirt off then to my surprise took his shorts off as well. There he stood in his jockey briefs, white socks and sneakers, I have to say he did look very cute, a little bit of a belly but cute. He sat down in the chair, and Frank said, "well Jeff what type of haircut are you thinking of. Jeff put his hand up to his head and said, "well I was thinking of maybe getting like a crewcut or a good short buzzcut." Frank told Jeff the buzzcut would be the shortest and maybe better. Jeff agreed and told Frank ok give me a good short buzzcut. Frank asked Jeff if he wanted him just to use the bare clippers that it would buzz him right down to the scalp. Jeff sat for a second and then said ok, sure. Frank put a short cape around him, then picked up his big black clippers he put his hand on top of Jeff’s head and pushed his head down. He started by buzzing up the back of his head, Jeff said, "wow a lot of hair is really falling off." Frank said it sure is this will be nice and cool for you." I sat there watching Jeff getting all of his beautiful think black hair all buzzed off, I could actually start to see the white of his scalp. Frank finished up the back and sides then stood in front of Jeff and just pushed the clippers from his forehead back. I have to say that in a very strange way this was totally turning me on. Frank finished up rubbed Jeff’s head off and then turned the chair towards the mirror so Jeff could see, at first I thought Jeff was going to cry a little he looked bald but very, very sexy. Jeff took his hand and rubbed his head and said, "that’s great Frank, feels nice and cool." Frank took the cape off and Jeff stood up. He walked over to chair next to me and didn’t even but his shirt or shorts back on. Frank said, "ok Peggy you are next, if you want you can take your shirt off as well. Jeff said go on this way you will not itch all day and he is a old guy he has seen breast before, I wasn’t wearing a bra. I thought what the hell, I walked to the barber chair topples could feel my breast kind of bounce when I walked. I sat down and Frank said, "well Peggy what are we doing for you." I told him I was thinking maybe of a short cut as well. At that point Jeff spoke up and said, "Frank do women get crewcuts". Frank said, "sure I have two ladies I give crewcuts to every summer why shouldn’t they be cool as well. I am not sure why but I said, "ok Frank give me a crewcut". He asked if I was sure about this and he explained that it will be very short. I told him yes I did understand. He put the cape around me and first took his scissors and started to cut just above ear, I thought "my god that’s a lot of hair falling". I look over at Jeff who was just smiling at me, I could actually see him starting to get a little hard even. I myself was even getting a little horny with this. Frank scissors cut my hair all around, I was almost going to say, "thats looks good like this Frank lets just leave it, looked like a pixie cut I use to get as a kid. I heard those clippers start up and then felt them running up the back of my head. I was thinking my god I am going to be bald like Jeff. The feel of the clippers really did feel great the more he buzzed the more I was enjoying this. I looked at Jeff again who by this time was really getting into this big time what a look on his face. Frank finished the back and sides of my head and moved to stand in front of me, he said "Peggy want me just buzz it all down even or do you want some to brush up in front." I told Frank no just buzz it all down even. My god what a feeling having those clippers run all over my head, the buzzing sound was starting to make a little wet. When Frank was done Jeff stood up to walk over, his penis was actually sticking out of his briefs, I try to let him know afraid Frank would see, but too late I saw Frank look at him and then Frank just got this huge smile on his face. Jeff rubbed my head and said, "you look so sexy baby". I reached up to rub Jeff’s head and I said the same thing to him. When I rubbed my head could believe how great it felt.

Jeff paid Frank and we walked out, Jeff said, "for not I am going to just stay in briefs no one will see me while I am driving and we sit so high up." I told him that was fine with me. As we were driving we talked about our buzzcuts and how great they felt. Jeff looked over at me and said, "you know Peggy I can not wait till we get into bed tonight." I started to think I bet tonight will be the hottest sex we have had in awhile. We both realized at this point the haircut thing was going to be our new fetish……………………….

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