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I was aware of Deb years before I met her. She grew up in the same neighborhood as I and we crossed paths without ever meeting. She was about my age and seemed to be a devoted longhair hippy type of girl. I would always notice her long shiny dark red hair first. It hung nearly to her blue jean wrapped haunches and was always kept well trimmed in a gentle arc with long bangs just out of her eyes.

I finally met her though work and eventually asked her out.

Our first date was an extremely hot summer evening and to my delight, she wore her hair in a high ponytail! I gave her a kiss on her bare salty neck as soon as she sat in my car , a reckless move, but once the past the shock , she reciprocated. It turns out to be one of her erogenous zones. "How did you know?" She later asked. I smiled knowingly , not letting on too much this early.

One evening, after we’d been dating for awhile , she took out her hair brush and our adventures began.

"May I brush you hair?"

"OK , but go slow and be careful as my hair snags easily."

I very slowly go thru her hair , starting near the ends and slowly work my way up to her shoulders and eventually I have every strand of her hair in my hands. It looks wonderfully shiny and is so soft and cool in my hands. I’m trembling with excitement.

Maybe she sensed my pleasure , or maybe she just enjoyed it herself , but she urged me to be a little more aggressive. " Go ahead , I have a tough head!"
I pressed into her hair and started to gather as much hair onto the brush as possible with every stroke. Her leaned her head back submissively to me and surrendered her hair. This began out favorite form of foreplay.

One evening , after a few weeks , I took the next step and set a pair of barber scissors on the coffee table next to her brush.

"Where did you get those?" Deb asked , a bit of nerves in her voice.

"I though I’d clean up the split ends whenever you would like me to. I used to give my ex-girl trims and even gave her a bob when she grew tired of her shoulder length shaggy perm. I enjoy cutting hair and I hope you’ll trust me when the time comes. "

"I like my hair long. It takes forever to grow. I have a girl who gives me a small trim when I get my color touched up every three months. That’s enough cutting. I wish it would grow longer."

"I could take over the trimming duties , and perhaps your hair will get longer with me trimming only when needed. I could trim your bangs to show you how good a stylist I am with minimal risk to your beautiful long hair. Just let me know when you feel shaggy , and I’ll show you my skills at no charge , I kidded her."

"We’ll see" said a still unsure Debbie.

I brushed her hair into a high ponytail, taking care to get the elastic band tight as I can against her skull, and braided it and waited for her to doze off in front of the TV. I wish she would have let me trim it. Now I’ll just take it all.

About a hour later, after an agonizing wait through half of a bad lifetime network movie , she was asleep. I got up and gave her braid a gentle pull to test her reaction. She continued to sleep. I went and picked up the scissors and lifted her braid. How much to leave and how much to cut. I put the blades at the base of the braid near her crown. All her hair is in my hands pulled tight against her head by the elastic band that I placed into her hair earlier, so deliberately snug. I pull up on it and press the chrome edges down against every hair on her head! I push with increasing pressure waiting for the sweet moment when these is no turning back.

Then I get a better idea.

I tug hard and awaken her.

I lean down a whisper into her ear "I’m a kidapper , I’ll take off your hair if you do not suck my cock immediately"

Debbie’s hair is as long as ever, though I kind of look forward to the day she gets tired of oral………

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