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I grew up on a small farm in Alabama, I was a only child and my Dad was a retired Army Drill sergeant and he ran our home like a boot camp. He was always a very strict man. I couldn’t wait to move out and be on my own. My Dad always made me have a crewcut and in the summertime would just buzz me down bald when I got older I hated it.

Well I am 30yrs old now and I have moved to New York City and love being on my own. My Dad and talked on the phone at least four times a week since my Mom passed away. But I have not been back to our farm now in about 2 1/2 yrs. About three months ago I got laid off from work and it was really hard finding another job and money was running out. One evening when talking with my Dad and asked if I would ever think of moving back and helping him with farm it was starting to get to be a lot of work for him. I thought to myself “NO WAY”!!!!! Well things weren’t getting better and I was just about broke at this point and decided maybe I would move back and help my Dad out just for awhile. I called my Dad and gave him the news I would move back, needless to say he was over joyed. I only had a few things to pack up. It July and very hot and humid in the city. I took a shower right after I finished packing and ate some dinner. My hair has really grown and thought maybe I should of gotten a haircut before I went home, but said to myself “heck I am 30yrs now and can wear it as I wanted. The alarm went off at 3:00am I wanted to get a early start since I was driving back. The air was very heavy and real humid. I finally left at about 4:00am. The drive was going well because I was ahead of all the rush hour morning traffic. I decided I would just take my time and do it in two days.

Well only about another 20 miles to go till I will be there. It was only 8:00am and already like 85 out, I stopped at a roadside diner for coffee to go and gave my dad a call from the pay phone to let him now wouldn’t be too long now. As I got closer I started to get knots in my stomach, I love my dad but was wondering if this would work. Even though I am 30 he still treats like I am 14. I got to the bottom of the driveway and stopped for a few minutes the place looked the same, I could see the swimming hole I use to go skinny dipping in all the time, and right about now looked very inviting. I could see my dad sitting on the front porch drinking his coffee. I gave a honk on the horn, he stood and waved and I could see the big smile on his face. I walked up to the porch and we gave each other a big hug. He said,” stand back boy let me get a good look at you”. I noticed him looking at my hair, it looked like my dad had just gotten a crewcut was short and crisp. He took his hand and rubbed my head and said,” I still have my hair clippers son and later I can give you a nice summer haircut.” I just kind of smiled and said, “ok, dad sounds good.” I thought why the hell did I say that. We both walked to my car to get my few bags and then went into the house, I said” wow still looks the same dad,” he said,” yes and I haven’t even touched your bedroom. We took my bags up and my room was hot has hell I opened the windows up and dad got a fan for me. He said the swimming hole is still there, and was nice and cool and said,” why don’t we walk down and you can take a dip.” The swimming hole sat back off the road and one could see in, my dad said you can still swim naked. I started to get undress and my dad said leave you shoes on for the walk down, I just striped down to my jockey briefs and we walked down, my dad said” looks like you are getting a little belly there.” Dad told me we can work on that. It felt a little strange pulling my underwear down in front of him and walking around naked, but he was my dad and we are guys nothing he hasn’t seen. I saw some dirt fly up in the air from the drive then saw a pickup truck my dad said ,”hey it is old man Lewis”, I thought great well we will not see me, my dad said,” come Tommy come say hello, I said” dad I am naked” dad said back so he has seen it before and laughed. I walked up to the pick up truck and said,” hello to Mr.Lewis, he said “goos to see you Tommy and glad you are back” I walked back to the pond. but my socks and shoes back on but my dad was holding my briefs. Mr. Lewis drove off and my dad said,” come lets go up to the house I walked back totally nude was I have to say felt nice, my dad said,” bet you feel nice cool naked and actually I did. We walked into the kitchen and I saw my Dad’s hair clippers, I though here we go. My dad said,”now we will take care of the mop on your head.” I said,” Dad I really do not want a baldie I am kind of old for that.” Dad said,” wrong son you are never too old for a good summertime buzzcut.” I kind of yelled back at him and said maybe just a crewcut. My dad said don’t raise you voice son, you know I could still spank you.” I just started to laugh and said,” Dad I am 30yrs old now guys my age don’t get spanked by there dad’s anymore saw my Dad reach for that wooden paddle he use to use on me and I said,” come on dad stop. He just said standup and bend over the table, I said” no way” he grabbed my arm and turned me and forced me down. I said “listen dad I am sorry please don’t do this” then I felt the paddle hit my rear-end and hard I kind of jumped and then another and another and other I bet it was like 15 smacks. I couldn’t believe this I was crying like a baby, and said,” I am sorry. My rear-end was really sting and was bright red. My dad said,” now sit your rear-end down in that chair”, I just turned and sat and boy did it hurt to sit. He picked his clippers up and turned them on and said,” now I will buzz you bald son.” My god so much hair was falling off was unreal and it seem to take just a few minutes. He pulled me up and walked me to the mirror and said,” now that is the way a fine young man should look. I was bald buzz right to skin, and said now after lunch I will go over the rules of house, I just said,”yes dad”. Rubbing my head and my stinging rear-end I walked back and sat down. More later…………..

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