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"NO!" 12 year old Jessica shouted at her mother. " I DON’T want to go to the show! My friends and I are going to a movie! I’m NOT going to see that show with you!"

"Young lady, you WILL come to see that show, and you will BEHAVE, or else I’ll take you downstairs RIGHT NOW and chop off all your precious hair!" Her mom, Nora, threatened her, with a threat that usually worked on Jessica, because Jessica absoulutly adored her waist length, chocolate brown colored hair.


"Fine" her mother simply said, and walked away.

"That was too easy," Jessica thought. "Oh well, at least I get to go to the movie."

That night, while Jessica was sleeping, her mom quietly took her out of bed, brought her down to the big barber chair in the basement, and tied her to it. She then softly shook Jessica to wake her up. "What? What are you doing?" she panicked.

"Giving you your punishment." Replied her mom softly. "Now don’t say another word, and I’d better not see any tears, or I’ll shave it COMPLETELY OFF!"

Jessica nodded. Her mother then tied it in a lose ponytail, and hacked through it. Since Jessica’s hair was already wet, her mom went straight to work. First, she gave Jessica some bangs about a centimeter away from her eyebrows. She then took some more hair, and cut them level with her bangs. She continued doing this until all off her hair was in a bowl cut, a bit above her ears. She then took the clippers an shaved everything below the cut off to the skin. "Now that was the first stage." Her mother said grimly. "Now for the second."

Jessica looked horrified, but she said nothing. Her mom cut her hair into a VERY short military-type crewcut. "Well, at least I’m not BALD" Jessica joked when her mom turned off the clippers.

" I TOLD YOU not to speak." Her mom shouted. " Now you WILL be bald, Jessica!"

Jessica tried to run, but the ropes held her tight. Her mom took the guard off of the clippers and mowed them all over her head. She then took a straight razor and shaving cream, and finished the job off. "Oh, by the way, Jessica, I decided to let you go to the movie after all." Her mother told her as she undid her ropes.


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