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Sue’s shop had now been open for 6 months and was certainly growing in the popularity stakes. Clients tried to book appointments but Sue stuck to her guns and only allowed walk ins. Mondays seemed to be the quietest day of the week but even so was still fairly busy. Today was an exception’ it was nearly closing time and liz and Zena were working on clients but Sue was sat out front gazing into the street’ hoping for just one more client with long hair to come in. The door opened and a women of about 35 came in followed by a young girl of about 16

"Hi I was wondering if you have time to take us’ just for trims?"

"Oh sorry I was miles away, sure come on over and I’ll take your coats."

The two of them gave Sue their coats and followed her through to the salon. Sue offered them a seat on the leather settee and asked them if they would like coffee. Zena had finished her client so made them the drinks while Sue chatted with her new clients.

Both mother and daughter had such wonderful mid brown hair’ very thick and very long touching their butts. Sue was in heaven.

"You both have such beautiful hair" Sue reached over and ran her fingers through the young girl’s hair.

"So thick."

"Yes’ Caren’ my daughter, and I have only just moved to the area’ and well’ a few people recommended us to you so here we are, can you cut my daughter’s hair first, my name’s Debbie by the way ."

"My name’s Sue, Zena and Liz work for me, well I think maybe I’ll trim yours first Debbie if that’s ok with you?"

Debbie remained seated.

"I must say you do keep your hair so short and your two girls here."

Sue blushed.

"Yes we like to keep it looking nice and neat, don’t we girls." Sue smiled at Zena and Liz." Infact it’s getting a bit long at the moment time for a trim up again I think." she winked at Liz who was nearby.

"Really, look I know this may sound a bit weird but do you mean that,…… I mean are you ……I mean if you are going to have it trimmed would it be ok to watch’ it’s just I’ve never seen such short hair before and always having such long hair, well you know it’s fascinating in a kind of weird way."

"Sure of coarse you can that would be fine, Zena can you come on over and trim my hair for me?"

Zena didn’t need to be asked twice she stood waiting at Sue’s station. Sue slowly walked over and lifted herself into the big chair. Debbie hadn’t noticed it before but was amazed at the plush ness of the big red leather chair.

Zena billowed the clean white barbers cape over Sue and fastened it at the back. She then tucked some cotton wool around the nape underneath the cape to stop the small hairs getting into her clothing and ran a comb through Sue’s already short hair.

"Right the usual please Zena nice and slowly."

Debbie looked at her daughter with a slight grin who was also watching the event’s unfold.

Zena selected a cutting blade for the osters that would leave the hair just under a quarter of an inch long. They whirred into action, Zena pushed Sue’s head down to her chest. Slowly they ploughed up through the hair at the nape leaving only a shadow, just a shadow of hair. Zena then repeated the action four, five, six times. The nape was now nice and neat. Sue squirmed a little, not to much just a little. Her hand appeared from nowhere and she ran them up her nape she quivered and let out a gasp. Debbie once again looked at her daughter who did not take her eyes off, could not, would not.

Next the sides felt the coolness, over the ears and up towards the crown the oster’s went. Finally they were placed at the front of her head and were slowly dragged back to the crown, three or four more passes and the cut was nearly completed. Zena then slowly retraced her steps and made sure no hair was longer than another.

Sue was in heaven.

Zena brushed her nape and face to get rid of any cut hair and undid the cape and gave her a final brush off. Very gently of coarse.

Sue climbed down from the chair and rubbed her hands all over her head, it felt good. No sooner had Sue got down from the chair Zena quickly climbed up into the chair and Sue just as quickly caped her. It felt good to be in the chair it had been too long since her last cut.

"Take it all off Sue all of it just shave it for me."

Sue replaced the blades with the 0000 blades and Zena smiled. Mother and daughter were tranfixed, they could not look away.

Zena’s hair had not been cut for two months and was about an inch long all over. Soon she had hardly any hair at all and was rubbing her hands over the bristles that were left. Sue brushed her off but Zena didn’t move she just sat and stared into the mirror. Sue went to a drawer and returned with a can of shaving foam, then applied a good amount to Zena’s head and rubbed it into a good lather, she reached over and grabbed a bic razor from the side and went to work on Zena’s head, within ten minutes her head was completely bald. Sue dried it off with a towel and applied some light talc to her head and gently smoothed it all over then again wiped it with a clean towel.

It was the shortest cut of all.

Mother and daughter were left staring as Zena allighted the chair.

Sue patted the chair.


Carren looked at her mother.

"Go on mum your turn."

"Well I don’t think, I well, I only want mine trimmed Sue"

"Don’t worry Debbie it’s just the way we like to keep our hair, nice and neat, I told you we just like it that way, I know you only want a trim and that’s what I’ll give you just what you want, besides the pair of you have such wonderful hair it would be sacralidge to cut it."

Debbie stood up and slowly made her way to the chair she looked back at Carren and grimaced slightly.

"Go on mum you’ll be fine, just a trim."

"Famous last words" she let out a laugh as she climbed into the chair.

Her hair hung down over the back of the chair, it was so thick. Zena lifted it up out of the way while Sue billowed the cape over her and snapped it snuggly around her neck. Debbie’s head down now, towards the floor, she coily looked at the mere snipnetts of hair and smiled to herself. She had beautiful hair the pair of them must be mad to have their hair so short. Once settled she felt a strange sensation building in her. This chair felt well, cosy she could just sit there forever it was a pleasant feeling almost, well, almost sexual.

Debbie looked at herself in the mirror her hair so long, her hands ran through the long strands that lay on her shoulder. Sue brushed her hair through and then started to section the back ready to trim the ends. Debbie looked into the mirror and watched Sue.

Sue’s hair was so short, but it was neat it wouldn’t need a lot of upkeep just wash and go. What was she thinking her hair was looking really good, but she was so comfy just sat here and she did so much want to have it cut. All cut nice and neat. What would Carren think she probably would hate it. No it’s a stupid idea. Debbie could feel herself getting very warm between the thighs. She would have it cut it was her hair and if she wanted it short, cropped then so be it.

"Its only hair after all."

"Sorry Debbie."

"I was just thinking it needs to be cut, my hair, it needs to be nice and neat like you have yours cut, nice and neat."

"Sorry Debbie cut what do you mean I am cutting it, trimming the ends like you wanted."

"No you don’t quite understand Sue I want it cut like yours, just like yours, nice and neat."

Sue looked at Debbie in the mirror her face appeared to be in shock.

"Sorry Debbie did you say you want it as short as mine."

"Yes please cut it just like yours I want it, please."

At this point Carren got up and immediately went over to her mothers side.

"Mum wwwhat aa…are you doing you can’t cut your hair please don’t do it mum."

Debbie snapped out of the feeling and quickly climbed down from the chair, she felt cold weird, only moments before she had felt soo good, so nice she needed to, no wanted to get back into the chair and have her hair cut nice and neatly. A smile formed on her lips.

"Oh Carren darling your right of coarse, look why don’t you just have your hair trimmed while I think about it, maybe I’ll just have mine trimmed after all."

"Phhew I really thought you meant it then I’m glad I was here to stop you."

"Thank you darling." Debbie moved aside to allow her daughter to get into the chair offering her a hand.

Carren climbed into the chair and Zena undid the cape from her mother’ s neck which was still flowing around her. She then quickly caped Carren who by now was feeling comfy soo comfy in the red leather chair. Liz helped with all of the wonderful thick hair while Zena snapped the cape around Carren’s neck.

"I’ m so sorry Debbie are you ok." Sue said

"Yes, fine, just fine but like you said perhaps it might be better if Carren gets all of her hair cut first." She spoke quietly.

Sue smiled knowingly, and sat down besides Debbie on the settee.

Debbie looked at Sue "But aren’t you going to cut my daughters hair."

"No, I think perhaps Zena would like to do it." She whispered.

"Zena would you cut Carren’s hair while I chat to her mother, Liz be a dear can you make us another coffee, thanks."

Liz disappeared and returned a few minutes later with freshly made coffee.

Debbie lit a cigarette and drew heavily on it smiling at Sue.

"I want my hair cut straight after Carren’s, nice and short, nice and short." Still mesmerized she smiled.

Zena brushed Carren’s hair one last time.

"Now your really sure you want it like mine, your mother will have a kitten fit when she sees all that hair being cut off especially after you just stopped her from having her’ s cut."

"Yes please cut it, shave I want it just like yours Zena, all of it has to be cut off." she pleaded with Zena .

Zena turned to look at her mother for a nod of approval, Debbie smiled and nodded. Sue sat next to Debbie and ran her fingers gently through her hair and felt the fullness, the beauty of such lovely long hair.

"It really is so lovely" she said stoking it.

"Yes, I know but I spend so much time on it, I need to cut it, I understand now why you keep yours so short’" smiling knowingly.

Sue blushed and carried on stroking Debbie’ s gorgeous locks.

"I’ m looking forward to cutting it all off for you Debbie, all off."

"So you and your daughter live alone?"

‘Yes, I left my husband four years ago, well he left me actually, another women."

"Oh sorry I didn’t mean to pry."

"It’s ok I’m over it now Carren and I get on fine together, were fine, are you married Sue, boyfriend."

"No, I’ve never really had a boyfriend, well you know I prefer girls, other women." Sue blushed again.


"Perhaps I could take you out one evening Debbie just for a drink, maybe."

"Well, yes I would like that." Now Debbie blushed, they laughed at each others faces. Sue continued to stroke her hair.

The sudden noise from the osters brought them back to ground. Zena placed them at Carren’s forehead and almost casually dragged them back through to her crown. Carren smiled as all the hair dropped into her lap, great swathes fell down like a ripple on water.

Soon another followed, then another. Carren felt good, she was alive for the first time in her life.

”It’s wonderful mum she cried out." As more hair fell onto the floor below.

Debbie smiled, her eyes transfixed on the scene in front of her. Her daughter was being sheared.

Zena know worked her way through the side, the hair fell onto the shoulders and down. Then it was repeated on the other side the clipper’s were hungry today. The floor was covered in a thick blanket of hair Zenas kicked her way through it and turned her attention to the back, which was still completely intact, as if nothing had changed still three feet of thick hair flowing down behind the chair.

Zena turned the clipper’s off and combed through the huge amount of hair still left. Next she fastened it with a band close to the nape, she planned to save a nice pony tail for posterity.

The clippers started again and Zena returned to the crown and gently swept them over and back down towards the nape, the sides followed shortly after it was looking good. Finally the pony fell away all of the hair had been removed and the cut nearly finished. Carren stared into the mirror and rubbed her hands over her head, she felt good. Zena handed over the pony tail and Carren stuffed it into her bag not even looking at it.

"Now shave it like yours just like yours please do it." She almost ordered.

Shaving foam was spread over the girls head and the bic razor made short work of what was left on her head.

Debbie and Sue smiled at each other and were now holding hands tightly.

"Sue how about we go out for that drink now and perhaps later we could come back here and you could cut my hair out of hours, I’m sure that we would enjoy that more, don’t you." She grasped Sue’s hand tighter and reached over and gave her a small peck on the cheek." They blushed together and laughed again.

Carren was now being dusted off and Zena rubbed her head briskly it looked beautiful. Zena helped her out of the chair and Carren walked proudly over to her mum. Debbie got up and met her halfway and put her arms around her. Rubbing her head she admired her daughter’s new style it looked and felt wonderful on her. No more long hair for them.

"Carren I’m going out for a few drinks with Sue tonight so look here’s your key and some money to get a takeaway, I won’t be late love and maybe Sue might come back with me tonight, ok."

"Yes, that’s fine mum but I thought you were having your hair trimmed maybe you have it cut!"

"Well, yes I am but Sue will do it for me later look were see you later and Carren I love you."

She opened the door of the shop and waved to the pair of them still running her hand over her new style as she went out.

"You two can go off now if you like I’ll see you both tomorrow morning."

Liz and Zena put on their coats and made out of the door.


They were gone, Sue suggested that they go to the local pub, it was only a few doors away, for a chat and soon they were on thier way down the road.

Debbie paid for a meal for the pair of them as she was starving hungry, and knew Sue was as well. They chatted throughout and drunk only a couple of glasses of wine each. The pair really hit it off well and after they finished their meals chatted endlessly. Debbie wanted to know all about the chair, and Sue held back nothing telling her about the powers it held, but apart from that she couldn’t find out any history about it

"I know something though" said Debbie.

"What." Sue’s eyes lit up.

"I want to get back there right now and try it out again" they laughed and left shortly afterwards.

Once inside, back at the salon, Sue pulled the blinds down so they could have complete privacy, she turned slowly to Debbie and took her in her arms and kissed her tenderly caressing her full body. Debbie had never been touched like this before and melted into her arms. God it was good, so good.

Standing back Sue took her own top off and pulled Debbie to her and offered her comfort with her body. Debbie reciprocated, they fondled each other and quickly the pair took turns, taking each others clothing off. Eventually ending up in the red leather chair. Sue sat in the chair and the feeling was ecstatic she told Debbie to get the clippers. They were turned on and Debbie slowly ran them over what little hair that Sue had left on her head.

Sue rubbed herself all over until she could take no more.

"Shave my head please shave it all off."

Debbie found the shaving foam and massaged it into her scalp next she took the razor and shaved her head clean, all over.

Sue got down from the chair and stood behind it.

"Next customer please." She gently patted the leather.

The completely naked Debbie lifted herself into the chair and began to rub her own body all over. Sue combed her hair one last time, no cape was used, it fell right down behind the chair, so thick.

Sue pushed her head forward deep into her chest and hung the hair over the shoulders so it was covering Debbie’s breasts. She heard the hum of the clippers and felt the coolness at her nape.

They began the climb, as they rose higher hair peeled away and fell, as planned, into Debbie’s lap her body shook with excitement, she shuddered. Again and again they rose up through the hair completely denuding her of any hair. Up and around the ears they went all the time hair spilling into her lap. She was high.

Not one hair fell to the floor it all piled into her lap onto her legs. Debbie grabbed the large mass of hair and pushed it into her face it smelt good, but it needed to be cut. So much hair. All gone. Finally. Sue followed through from the crown mowing the hair right to Debbie’s long fringe which eventually fell into the waiting lap. With the cut completed shaving foam was spread all over the head and strip by strip slowly removed. Her head was towel dried and talc applied. Next and finally Sue climbed up onto her in the chair the only thing between them both, three foot lengths of hair…….

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