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His side of the story..

From the age of 12 I always knew I was a little different. I always had a thing for girls with short hair. I visited haircutting sites for years. I never expected to find someone who would share this fetish with me. So, when I met my wife I thought for sure this would always be a deep dark secret of mine. But, one night we stayed up talking about our weird fetishes, and after much heckling I finally told my wife (then my girlfriend) my hair fetish. To my surprise she seemed very interested, and willing to experience this with me.

After a few months it was my high school graduation. My wife had come to see me for the weekend. After graduation we went to a little get together at my best friend’s house. We both became inebriated (drunk) and soon we were driven back to my house. After we settled in, we had some fun looking at haircutting sites. Then I asked her if I could shave her neck. She surmised to my request without hesitation. We headed back downstairs where we decided to role-play that I was the barber and she was my little client. I sat her in a chair and picked up my clippers. We braided part of her hair where I was going to shave it. Then, she told me to shave her neck. I asked her if she was sure and with a yes I began. I slowly pressed the clippers up her neck, cutting thought her beautiful hair. I left nothing but stubble. I worked my way around the little braid, detaching it from her head. My dick began to throb as I pulled the braid away, where there had once been 7 or 8 inches of hair. I let her see the braid; she looked at it with bewilderments. She wanted to touch her neck but I pulled her hand away.” Not until I’m done,” I said. I cleaned up her neck, and got out my shaving gel and razor. I spread the gel over her neck and began to scrape away the stubble, leaving nothing but smooth scalp. As my dick pulsated with pleasure, she touched her scalp with a curious hand. I finished my work on her neck and washed her off. As soon as I was done she couldn’t wait to see it. So I got out a mirror and showed her. As she stared at it, I kissed her soft shaven neck. Then I led her back to my room where we made the most passionate love. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her neck. It was so smooth and sexy. She let me shave it 2 more times. One of which was after she had let me cum on the back of her neck. She is growing it back now, but I wait for the day she lets me shave it again.

Her side…

From the moment my husband (my b/f at the time), told me about his hair fetish I fascinated by it. The Idea of it turning him on so much excited secret desires in me that not even I knew of. I always like to pleasure him in the most extreme way possible.

So when I though of how hard his cock got thinking of haircutting, shaving necks, and even women going bald, I wanted to do that for him, and make him want me more and more. It made me so wet think about his hard cock, I stopped caring about the fear I had of looking bad.

When graduation came, I had almost forgotten his strange fetish, until that night, when he asked if he could shave my neck. At first I was hesitant because I’m a little vain and I worry about my appearance. But, because he though it was sexy, it helped to make me more confident. So I said yes. I have to admit; it did turn me on a bit, even through the nervousness.

Descending to the bathroom I was very anxious. My juices were flowing and my mind was racing. The anticipation of the clippers was making me very excited my pulse was racing. It seemed like an eternity before the clippers touched my neck. As the touched it sent a shock through my body, and made me jump a little. As my hubby I was invigorated. I had never had the feeling before and it’s still hard to describe. When he buzzed my neck the clippers felt so exotic to me, like a sin that u love to commit. I got the biggest rush from it; I really wanted to see what it would look like, to feel it, and to wash it. Something new had come over me; I was soaked through my thong and leaking juice. I couldn’t wait to feel what it had done for my love. I wanted so badly to have his hard cock inside me. As he pulled the braid of hair off my neck, I winced. I wasn’t sure what to expect until I felt his throbbing cock. I wanted to touch my neck but he wouldn’t let me. He instead got out his razor and shaving gel, I panicked inside. What was I going to look like? But I held it in, and let him work.

When he first took a stroke with the razor I jumped again, but then stroke-by-stroke I gave into this passion and let my self enjoy it. After all he was throbbing and I couldn’t look that bad. After he washed it off I immediately asked for a mirror. I looked at it with a bitter sweet though, but when he kissed my newly shaven neck I knew every thing was fine. I took the braid from his hand and start to tease him with it. As things led us back to his room I experienced euphoric feeling. We made passionate love while he caresses and kissed my nakedness. I couldn’t speak the entire time. I had many many orgasms each magnificent. I never went dry, never spoke, hardly breathed, I was thrilled.

As the weekend moved on I let him shave me again twice. Each as erotic as the next. I still can believe that I enjoy it some times, I’m growing my hair back, but I will most defiantly let him shave me again.

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