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Sue had now been in the shop for about twelve months and things could not have been better. Business was good, very good.

Liz had grown her thick blonde hair out from the usual cropped look and Zena’s chestnut brown hair was also a tad too long for Sue’s liking. As she rubbed her own freshly cropped head, Sue spoke.

"Time to get you two girls cut again I think." Sue gently patted the chair and called Liz over.

"That’s it make yourself comfy." Liz settled back into the plush red chair and gripped the armrests as that old familiar feeling swam through her body, she guiltily looked at herself in the mirror.

Sue picked up the smallest guard and fitted it on to the Oster’s and wasted no time in shearing away all of Liz’s thick blonde hair. Liz looked on as if in slow motion her hair fell around her, she was pleased with the result and quickly rubbed her hands over the finished cut as she vacated the chair.

"Next." Zena got up from the leather settee from where she had been watching and sat herself in the chair. Sue spread the white cape over her and snapped it shut. Within minutes her chestnut coloured hair fell to the floor. As Zena climbed out of the chair the door opened, it was Debbie, she was followed by her daughter Carren and two new friends. Sue went straight over and kissed Debbie lightly on the cheek.

"Hi how are you." Sue smiled.

"Fine thanks Sue, oh this is Christine and Aleanor by the way, Carren’s friends." Debbie motioned towards the two girls.

"Hi there girls." Sue held her hand out and motioned them to take a seat on the settee. All three girls walked over and sat.

"Would you like a coffee or tea perhaps." That sorted Liz went out to make some coffee for them all.

Debbie followed Sue over to the chair and climbed up into it, asking Sue straight away to buzz her hair nice and short. Sue caped her and picked up the Oster’s from the side. Using the guard that was already in place she proceeded to slowly remove Debbie’s hair. One inch tuffs floated softly down onto the cape. Debbie smiled it looked good, nice and neat.

As Sue clippered her hair she looked in the mirror at Carren’s two friends their hair was very long almost as long as Carren’s before she had had it cut the first time. They were laughing and talking together as they drunk their coffee. Such long hair.

"I,m surprised to see you today I thought you were going shopping." Sue said.

"We’ve been and after all you did tell me last night that I could do with a trim, so here I am." Sue continued to remove the last traces of hair from Debbie,s head.

"So what about Carren’s two friends are they going to get a haircut today?"

"Well, that’s up to them isn’t it, I know Carren wants her’s cut. Debbie smiled as the last trace of her hair fell to the floor. Sue undid the cape and brushed all the tiny hairs from Debbie,s neck and face.

"Come on Carren your next." Carren rose from the leather settee and walked to the chair in anticipation.

"Come on up you get." She lifted herself into the chair and relaxed back, it felt good, real good.

"How would you like it sweetheart." Her mother asked.

"Nice and short, nice and neat." She stroked her hands through her already shortish hair.

Sue whisked the caped over her and snapped it shut, nice and tight around her neck to stop the stray hair going down her back. Her hair was combed through and then the clippers did their work. Starting at the back Sue ran them up and over and into the crown. Carren’s two friends sat in silence and watched. They couldn’t take their eyes off what was happening. Short lengths of hair spewed out from the teeth of the clippers. Within ten minutes all of Carren’s hair had been removed. Nice and short. Carren ran her hands over Sue’s handiwork. She was pleased with the result, it felt good. Sue took the cape off and the cut hair fell onto the floor.

"Wow come over here and let us feel it looks cool."

Both Christine and Aleanor ran their hands over Carren’s new haircut.

"Six months ago when we first came here I had my butt length hair actually shaved all off, and I mean shaved as in lather and bic." Carren laughed with the girls.

"Really you must of been terrified, why did you go so short so quick, your really mad!" Christine ran her hand over Carren’s head.

"It does feel cool, though I could never be that brave I’m afraid, not in this lifetime anyway!"

Once again they all laughed and then sat back down onto the settee.

"Liz can you get another round for us all."

Five minutes later they were all sat talking and enjoying another cup of coffee. As per usual of first time customers to Sue’s shop the two girls couldn’t believe how short the styles were that Sue regularly cut. Sue explained that most of her customers were business people and had no time to spend on hair care. They preferred no nonsense haircuts, easy to look after, clean and tidy.

"Yes, nice and neat, nice and short." Carren rubbed her hand once again over her head.

‘We would never have our hair cut would we Christine!" Aleanor looked over to Christine for a response.

"Well, I not sure it does look good and feel’s, well so nice when you touch it." She once again ran her finger over Carren’s head. Carren smiled as Christine ran her hand through the stubble.

They all laughed out and Aleanor felt a bit uneasy about the whole thing.

Sue and Carren excused themselves and went to the ladies room. Carren who had now left school was doing a hair and beauty coarse at the local college. Sue had even offered her a place in the salon when she was sure that was what she wanted to do.

"Why don’t you offer to trim your friends hair I’m sure they would like that and besides I’ve got a feeling they’d trust you more. They probably think we are all scissor mad hairdressers here, use my chair if you like!" If I were you I would get Aleanor in the chair first as she seems a little unsure about haircuts." Sue smiled and the pair of them walked back into the salon area.

"Aleanor come on over and I’ll just trim your hair for you if you like." Carren patted the chair.

"Come on don’t you trust me, oh come on for god’s sake I’ve done long hair trims at college and Sue said it will be ok, come on."

Aleanor smiled at Sue and rose unsteadily to her feet.

"Well, I’m not sure, what do you think Christine, my mums picking me up at 5.oo and she’d be really mad if I had too much cut off?"

"Don’t worry why not go for it, a free trim can’t kill you go on."

Aleanor slowly walked over to Sue’s chair.

"Hop up, that’s it, now that’s not too bad is it?"

Aleanor felt the comfort of the chair overwhelming her she knew now but it was too late. Sue caped her and put the rubber barbers mat over her shoulders. It felt heavy.

Aleanor looked into the mirror her thick blonde hair close against her face, the bulk still plaited hung out of site down the back of the chair. Under the cape she pressed her hands in between her thighs, she knew what must be done. She squirmed and stared at her reflection in the mirror, she felt good, she wanted all of her hair removed, all of it just like Carrens.

"Aleanor…, Alea…,"

"Oh sorry umm Carren can you cut my hair for me."

"Sorry" Carren stood back.

"Yes I’d like you to well.., cut it off I mean… you know cut it all off like yours."

"What with the clippers." Carren was shocked.

"I’ve never done that before, it would mean I,d have to clipper it." She repeated herself.

Carren looked over to Sue and she nodded her approval. Aleanor carried on staring into the mirror.

"Would you like me to take it out of the plait?"

"No just cut it off please nice and short!"

Carren picked up the largest pair of scissors and cut through the pony tail with ease. Within a few moments the hair was bobbed. Aleanor seemed amused and told Carren to get on with it and to cut it all one length all over, nice and short. She lowered her head and waited for Carren to run the clippers up her neck. Carren picked up the Oster’s and went behind Aleanor. A few seconds later they were running up through the blonde hair. Great swathes of hair rained down onto the floor. Carren just concentrated on her job, she was enjoying this as much as her friend. They were both in worlds of their own. Every now and again Carren stopped and gently brushed her free hand over her work, she was pleased with the way it was turning out. Aleanor just said beautiful, beautiful every now and again, as the clippers ran over and over her head. The sides had now been clippered and Aleanor could see in the mirror how short her hair was. A hand appeared and touched the short bristles, she shivered, and replaced her hand back under the cape, disturbing long locks that had gathered there, they fell to the floor to join the rest. Now Carren ran the clippers through the top, hair slipped effortlessly down once again into her lap. Aleanor smiled, it looked good, very good. And at last it was finished, all gone.

Aleanor just sat in the chair and enjoyed the moment, rubbing hers hands over her freshly cropped hair.

‘Your mum’s going to kill you when she see’s you." Christine brought her back to the room.

"Sorry." Aleanor looked over her shoulder towards Christine.

"Look it’s my hair and it’s what I wanted, tough."

With that the salon door opened, it was Aleanor’s mother. She stood and stared, and then slowly walked over to the chair. Was this her daughter the one with beautiful long hair?

"God Aleanor what have you gone and done to yourself." She was stunned, she lifted a hand as if to hit her daughter but instead she ran it over the girl’s head.

"It’s what I wanted mum, I really love it, don’t be cross." Aleanor pleaded with her.

"I don’t know what your dad’s going to think I just don’t know."

Margaret, Eleanor’s mum stood there silently and picked up the long plait from the floor, it was almost as long as her own? Meanwhile Aleanor got down from the chair continually rubbing her hands over her head. Aleanor suggested that she herself should get a trim as she was in need of it and Sue was quick to offer it free of charge.

"Well I don’t want it ending up like yours that’s for sure."

"Come on mum Sue will just trim it for you."

Sue brushed the chair off as it was by now filled with hair of all lengths.

Margaret was in her thirties, a very attractive women with even longer hair than her daughter’s. Her hair was braided and hung, just as her daughter’s did right down her back. Sue offered a hand to her as she climbed up into the chair.

‘My this is so comfy here so nice I can understand why Aleanor wanted her hair cut it’s so relaxing just sat here."

Sue undid the braid and gently brushed it all out, where it had been braided the hair was almost wavy, it was stunning, so thick. Sue quickly sectioned the hair and started to trim am inch off. Another section was released and trimmed. Margaret sat in silence watching.

"You can take more than that off if you like Sue, my husband won’t be able to tell the difference."

Sue cut six inches from the ends and smiled.

"No take it so it lays on my shoulders don’t be shy."

Eleanor watched as Sue hacked off thirty inches or so of her mother’s hair, so as instructed it fell just to the shoulders. Margaret took a hand from under the cape and ran it through her now shoulder length hair, so short so smooth to the touch.

"Take it a little shorter will you sue, yes a short bob please nice and short."

The hair was sectioned again and six inch clipping fell onto her lap and down to the floor.

"Can we try a short fringe please Sue."

Sue complied and sectioned the thick hair, it hung down over Margaret’s eyes it was quickly sliced through to make a fringe about an inch long. It looked good, the short bob really brought out Margaret’s features, she would look beautiful with nice neat hair, just like her daughter’s.

Sue brushed Margaret down and waited she just sat and looked into the mirror.

"Cut it all off Sue all of it nice and short please."

The Oster’s whirled into action and Sue tilted her head forward, hair peeled away from the head and soon the sides followed. The clippers were placed at the forehead and very gently pulled back through to the crown, Margaret gave a little moan as the intensity under the cape exploded. It was finished, all of the hair was now scattered over the floor. Thick blonde hair covered the whole area. Margaret ran her long fingers over her head it was just right, just what she had wanted all along.

Aleanor walked over to her mother and touched some of the hair that still remained on her mother’s shoulders, so soft.

Margaret climbed down from the red chair, she knew she would have to come back for another cut soon, very soon.

Christine by now, was very nervous there must be something about the chair that was causing this total madness. Why would they all want to have their hair, their such wonderful hair ruthlessly destroyed like this? Why?

Aleanor and her mother walked hand in hand over to where Christine was sitting Margaret broke the silence. Christine sat quietly deep in thought holding her own thick hair, caressing it.

"Looks like your the odd one out Christine."

"What do you mean …. odd one out."

"Well, you know what I mean young lady." She turned and winked at Sue.

"I am not getting into that, that chair so you can forget it."

"Sorry." Margaret smiled.

"I am not getting my hair cut no way, no how."

"Don,t be silly Christine just come on over and sit in the chair it won’t bite you dear."

"No, I,m not going near the bloody chair and that’s that, it’s weird."

"Look I not sure what your on about, but there is nothing strange about someone wanting their hair cut, feel it for yourself, see it feels good doesn’t it, feel the softness as you run your hands through it.

Margaret helped Christine up onto her feet and steered her over to the waiting barber’s chair. Christine tried to release the grip on her arm but it was useless, Margaret would not let her go. As they reached the chair Sue joined in, and helped the young girl up into the plush red chair. Together they pushed her back into it.

Christine felt a wonderful sensation coming over her, the thought of having all of her hair chopped off was sending her wild. Christine had never experienced anything quite like it. Hadn’t she always loved to watch hair being cut? She had even wondered what it would feel like to have her own hair cut, but what would people say. Oh the feeling was electric it was finally going to be her turn. Why hadn’t she done this a long time ago?

She watched her reflection in the mirror, Sue was brushing her waist length hair over and over again. It felt so good, she wanted it to last forever, her hair was shining. Sue brushed it so that the thick blonde hair hung over her shoulders and reached into her lap, Christine smoothed her hair down gently with both hands, touching her breasts and finally down into her lap, it looked wonderful, the best it had ever looked, without doubt. She smiled knowingly at Sue, who just continued to brush her mass of hair. Sue then put her hands onto Christine’s shoulders and massaged her gently.

"There how does that feel now." Sue asked smiling at her.

"Fine, just fine, are you going to cut it all off now Sue."

"Yes, that,s right Chris I,m going to cut all your hair off nice and short for you."

"Is that ok with you, it will look stunning on you really lovely?" Sue continued to massage Christine’s shoulders.

"Yes, I want it all cut nice and neat all over, nice and neat." She spoke as if drugged, completely intoxicated.

Sue picked up her brush once more to detangle the hair after Chris’s massage. Christine smiled as she heard the clippers start to hummm, and watched intently as they approached the left hand side of her head. She instinctively held her head over to the right as the clippers pressed against her cheek and moved upwards and over her ear. Hair spilled down onto the cape, as had happened many times that day. Her body quivered the feeling of at last being free. The coolness as the clippers rode high up to the crown was unbelievably exhilarating. Aleanor who was close by gently ran her hand upwards over Christine’s ear.

" There that’s much better Chris nice short hair will suit you."

Sue clippered the hair further up until the left side was almost devoid of hair Then starting from the crown she ran them back over the top again and again right through, and then down to the nape, hair spewed everywhere, into her lap, onto the shoulders and down her back onto the floor.

Christine rubbed her hands between her thighs in rhythm with the clippers. Her hair was now nearly gone years of growth all gone. It looked good Sue just continued working away enjoying the moment, smiling, she was happy to be a barber and always would be.

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