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Song Li waited patiently in the barbershop far away from home. She had decided to cut of her long hair. She was anxious how she would like without hair. She had never cut her hair short and it was very long. If she would wait another year, her hair would touch her bottoms.

?Okay, lady, you?re next.? The barber said.

She stood up and took a seat in the waiting old red-leathered barberchair.

?So, lady, what can I do with your hair?? He asked when he placed a cape around her neck.

?A headshave.? Song Li said nervous.

?All this hair had to be shaved?? The barber asked. She nodded.

?Alright. Bent your head over.? He said clear.

Song Li bended her head and heard the sound of a buzzing pair of clippers.


The barber placed the clippers in Song?s neck and started shaving. Soon a lot of hair felt of on her lap and Song Li cried.

?Oh, my god. What am I doing??


Again, she heard the sound of the buzzing clippers. More hair was shaved and dropped down on the floor.


This time she lost a lot of hair on top of her head. She hated the idea of what she was doing. This was not what she wanted, but it was too late. For the first time she looked to herself in the mirror and saw how bald she already was.


More shaving. This time it was her hair by her ear that got off. Her head was shaved at on side and at the other side; she saw how long her hair was. She looked ridiculous with this new look.

?Can you please stop?? She asked her barber.

?Let me first finish your haircut.?


The clippers ran through her hair on the other side and all her long hair felt on the floor. In less then five minutes her head was shaved and she looked again in the mirror to see her new look. She had hardly hair on her head, but the barber shaved the rest of her hair off with a different pair of clippers. This one shaved her head much closer and her head looked much smoother.

?You?re done, love.? He said.

He removed the cape and the first thing Song Li did, was crying. This was not what she wanted, but she had asked her barber to shave her head.

?It will take a while before your hair will be back, but it suits you well.?

That was the best compliment she heard from her barber.

?You know, lady. You have a lot of guts to ask a barber to shave your lovely hair, but it is worth while.?

Song Li paid for her haircut and came back a few months later for a new headshave. Asian women really look great when they shave their head. Her dramatic new haircut gave what she wanted and she was pleased that she had the courage to go for it. She was pleased with her head shaves and continued it until she had enough?

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