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Miko Shatori needed a new haircut. Her last had ruined her long, black hair and she was afraid to have it shaved. It was the last thing she wanted to do with her hair. She had seen her youngest daughter shaving off her short bob, when she received instructions from her headmaster. All her girlfriends had shaved their head and so she had to follow. Her mother was of course not happy with the head shave.

?Yoshiro, no women should shave their head.?

?Mum, I have to shave my head. The headmaster had instructed me to go straight to the barber to have it shaved.?

Miko was not happy, when she joined her daughter to the barbershop on the corner. A strong barber picked Yoshiro up and planted the little girl in a barber chair. He lighted a white cape around her neck and took a pair of clippers hanging behind the chair. He installed the clippers and went through the short bob of Yoshiro.

Two weeks ago, she had cut her hair short in a bob. Her neck got shaved and she hated the feeling that she was bald behind her neck. She hated the haircut, but she loved her look. She was not happy again, when she felt again the clippers in her neck. She didn?t want to shave her head, but she would be punished by the headmaster, if she wouldn?t shave her head. He would shave her head until it was smooth.

Nitaka, Miko?s elderly daughter worked for the barber at his barbershop. She had recently shaved her head. She was very bald, when Miko walked inside the barbershop. Miko was still angry on her daughter?s haircut, but Nitaka loved her baldhead. She shaved it every day in the morning, when she had a shower.

?Hi, mum, you want a haircut??

A young British girl, Amber rose up and walked towards the empty chair. She smiled to Nitaka and looked for the last time to her long, blonde hair. She wanted a head shave. She loved her hair, but she had decided to give it a shave at a barbershop.

?I think I was first.? She said with a smile.

Miko smiled to the young blonde girl and found her place on the sofa in the back of the barbershop. The old barber, Tonio greeted Amber, who had already in her hands a blue cape.

Amber showed her long hair to the bald barberette and kept on smiling.

?Hi, want a head shave. Can you please shave my head??

Nitaka smiled and pointed to the chair, where Amber took her seat.

?Sit, down. So you want it all off??

?You have shaved your hair. I just want to know how it feels.?

Amber showed how bored she was her long hair. A good shave would suit her, she was convinced. She sat comfortable in the barber chair and waited to get the blue around her neck.

?So, young lady. You want it shaved??

Tonio appeared and grabbed some of Amber?s long hair. Nitaka grabbed a pair of scissors and cut of a small part of her long hair.

?So, you want to have it shaved. Alright, I?ll shave you, but it is now too late to stop.?

Nitaka took a pair of clippers, hanging behind the chair and clicked it on. She placed it straight on Amber?s front.

?Here we go, girl. I hope you love your shave.?

?Oh, I will.?

Amber closed her eyes, when she felt the clippers shaving the first part of her long hair. She couldn?t watch it, but she enjoyed the feeling of the clippers going trough her hair. Nitaka shaved her head on top as first, so there would be no escape anymore for Amber.

?Oh, my God. I am going to be bald.?

?This was what you liked, didn?t you?? Nitaka said with a smile. ?It?s too late for you now.?

She shaved more hair off and started with the right side. The pair of clippers ran smoothly through Amber?s blonde hair and turned her slowly into a baldy. Amber saw how short her hair had gone. She thought it would only a few millimetres, but it went zero.

?You have lovely hair to cut off. It is really smooth.? Nitaka said when she started with the back.

?I have never thought of giving it a head shave. I thought it wouldn?t suit me.?

?You look wonderful, girl.? Nitaka said.

Amber watched herself in the mirror and saw how bald she already was. Her barberette had shaved her for almost a half. She smiled to herself, when she saw that Nitaka was looking to her. She loved her head shave and did her best to enjoy it. As bald as Nitaka she didn?t want to have her hair, but a clear clipper shave was already bald enough.

Nitaka took nearly all the long locks, when she had shaved nearly all Amber?s hair in the back.

Amber felt the clippers in her neck and lost in a few shaves her long hair. She hadn?t had much hair left on her head and looked very bald.

?This is going to be the best thing I have done in my life.? Amber said to her barberette. ?It feels lovely.?

?Oh, you look great without this hair.? Said Nitaka smiling, when she showed Amber the last long bits of her hair.

?This feels so smooth. All my hair is gone.?

?You like your head shave??

?How did you feel, when you had yours?? Amber asked.

The clippers reached the other side of Amber?s head and all her last bits of hair were shaved. The barberette pushed the clippers a bit harder onto Amber?s skull and shaved off the few remains of Amber?s blonde hair. Amber smiled to herself in the mirror, when she saw how her bald barberette, Nitaka shaved the last bits off.

?Oh, this feels wonderful.? Said Amber, when she touched her shaved head. ?This looks really cool.?

?It suits you, girl. You look wonderful without hair. Now let me shave your head nice and smooth.?

The barberette put shaving cr?me on Amber?s head and took a razor. She gave the young girl a head shave as she had had a while ago, when she asked Tonio for a dramatic haircut. She shaved her head to leave home. She had enough of being with the rest of the family and wanted to live on her own. A head shave helped a lot to get out of the house.

Miko took place in a chair next to Amber and pointed to her long waisted hair. She had seen how her daughter had shaved Amber. She would do it again on with her. This time Tonio took a pair of clippers from behind the chair.

?Sorry, Miko, but I have to shave it all off.?

With one look he already had made a decision, what to do with her hair. He would probably shave it. Miko looked to the happy face of her daughter, who loved to shave Amber. Amber lover her headshave. It felt great. She turned from a nice blonde chick into a beautiful bald girl. She smiled when Nitaka placed the razor back on the dressingtable. She removed the blue cape and a bald, sexy girl stepped out of the barberchair.

When Amber went for her headshave, she was dressed in a short, tight skirt and a tanktop. She smiled, when she saw her new look in the big mirror of the barbershop. She looked different with her head shaved, then when she appeared with her long blonde hair. The shave did her good. She looked to Miko, who went for her headshave.

Miko, dressed in a long, tight grey skirt and a white blouse sat comfortable in the barberchair, when Tonio clicked the clippers on. It was time for her headshave. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She felt the clippers running through her long black hair. She didn?t saw, what felt on her clothes. The only thing she noticed, was how much hair got off. She opened her eyes and saw the clippers running smoothly through her hair on top of her head. Very gentle and smoothly her hair got shaved.

There was no turning point for her. She saw her daughter taking another pair of clippers and took it over from Tonio, who had to help one of his male customers.

?So, you go for a headshave too.? Nitaka said with a smile.

Miko could finally produce a smile. Her elderst daughter, completely bald, but happy with her job. She was a good barberette. There weren?t many barberette around and the few there were, weren?t as good as she was.

?Yes, I will have my head shaved. Will you do it??

Nitaka shaved her mother till she was bald and smiled to the new look. She looked different without her long, black hair. She looked more fragile, because her expensive clothes were under her shaved hair. She ran the clippers smoothly through her mother?s hair and looked from time to time in the mirror to see her mother smiling, while she had her headshave.

?I never had thought, you were that good. You love your job, don?t you??

?Yes, mum, I love to shave men and women. I love it when women ask me for a headshave. Tonio let me do it most of the time, because I love to do it.?

More hair went off till Miko had no hair left on her head. She touched her shaved head and smiled to her new look. With the headshave she had changed.

?You?re in for a razor shave??

?Go ahead. My hair is all gone now.?

Nitaka, the barberette put shaving cream on her mother?s head and took the razor again. She cleaned it, before she used it to shave her mother?s head smoothly. In a few minutes time she turned her mother into a beautiful bald Japanese woman. Both women had to smile to see each other bald.

Nitaka cleaned her mother?s white blouse and gave her a kiss on her shaved head. It felt smooth and it shined. She looked different, but instantly Miko loved her headshave. Thanks to her daughter she had solved a domestic problem for her. She would keep it for a while till she had enough of her headshave. She stepped out of the barberchair and went home. A new client took place in the chair and waited for her headshave.

Miko went home and looked once back to her bald daughter. They both were now bald and both looked great with their headshave. Miko knew her daughter was right. She looked much better without her long hair.

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