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Dana and Lizzie were for a day in the city. Dana was in for a new haircut, while her best friend, Lizzie, was more in for shopping. She had her boyfriend?s credit card and wanted to use it. Like Dana, she had long hair and could use a haircut, but wasn?t in for the moment for a new look. She wanted to wait a bit longer, before she would let it cut.

Dressed in a short, tight skirt and a tank top, Dana passed a barbershop. It was busy, but she wanted to look inside, while Lizzie wasn?t interested in the business.

?Come, Dana. Let us have a coffee. You don?t need a ?cut.?

?Why not. I always wanted to have a haircut from a barber.? She said and walked inside.

Lizzie, who was dressed in a jeans and a white t-shirt, followed her friend. It was busy and they had to wait for a while. At a coffee table, there were some magazines about cars, politics and other men style, but Dana was mostly interested in the latest Playboy-magazine. Her boyfriend read it, while she wasn?t at home, but she sometimes read the magazine too.

?Oh, stop it, Dana. That?s not a magazine for a girl.?

?I can?t help it, that I like to read it. Besides, Eric buys it every month, but he still doesn?t know I am reading it too.?

A young barber draws the attention from the two girls sitting on the big coach, waiting for their haircut. Lizzie still didn?t want to have her hair cut, but Dana begged her for a new look.

?He, Liz, you?re not the only one, who will go for a new look. I will have it short.?

?Ok?, ladies, who?s first?? The barber asked.

Dana got up and walked towards the waiting barber chair. She sat down and the barber placed a bright coloured cape around her neck. He pulled her long hair from the back and let it hang loose over the back of the chair. He looked to her long hair and looked for the right equipment.

?So, what will it be??

?Very short and neat.? Dana said.

?Very short and neat.? The barber repeated.

?No, Dana! Don?t!? Lizzie shouted.

It was already too late. The barber took a pair of clippers and clicked it on. Dana didn?t do a thing, when she felt the clippers so close near her ear. Long layers of her dark hair dropped on her lap, leaving behind a bald piece on her head.

Again the clippers passed her ear and above her eyes. Long layers of her gorgeous hair dropped down.

?Dana, don?t tell me you?re going for a head shave.?

The clippers ran this time more to the back and to the crown of her head. The barber didn?t leave a bit of hair left. He cut it all off and smiled happily, when he saw how much he already had shaved of Dana?s head.

?You would look lovely without a single hair on top of your head.?

?Oh, thank you.? Dana said. ?Yes, I have wondered, how I would look if I decide to go for a headshave. Will it suit me or do I look awful.?

The barber had set up his plan for Dana. He ran smoothly with his clippers through her long hair and shaved her crown. Lizzie was shocked, but Dana loved her headshave. She kept smiling to her barber and followed his movements through the mirror.

The clippers passed her front and long layers of hair dropped down on her lap. Her head was halfway shaved now and she could see how a baldhead would suit her.

The barber put shaving cream on her shaved side and gave her smooth razors shave what she loved. She saw the half of her scalp shining, while the other was still covered with hair. She looked in the mirror to see her friend. Lizzie didn?t like Dana?s new look, but a baldhead suited the half Asian, half European girl.

?Take it all off.? Dana said when she touched her shaved side. ?I like it. You can do the rest also for me.?

Dana sat more comfortable in the chair and enjoyed her headshave. She saw the clippers shearing all her long layers of hair off. In a few minutes time she turned into a beautiful head shaven girl. The barber shaved the other side of her head and she was a complete bonehead.

?I have to see, Dana. You look good.?

The barber took off the cape and Dana could see her new look in her feminine clothes. She still looked good for a young girl and her baldhead did her good. She looked better without her long hair then with.

?This was the best shave ever that I have had. Now it is your turn.?

She stepped out of the barberchair and gave her friend a glimpse. Lizzie sat down and waited to get a cape around her neck. The barber didn?t, but took a different pair of clippers from the wall. He looked to Lizzie?s fine. Long, blonde hair. Her hair was very long and to him she could use a decent shortcut. He clicked on the clippers and shaved some hair of the side.

?No, please, don?t shave me.?

The barber smiled to Lizzie and shaved a stroke of hair right in the middle of her head. He didn?t leave a bit of hair left and continued shearing her long hair off until she was bald. He laughed at her, when nearly all her hair lay down on her lap. Lizzie cried.

?You look gorgeous now with that shaved head. Come, let me make it smoother.?

He took another pair of clippers and repeated the shearing. Lizzie looked sat to her friend, who enjoyed her headshave. It was funny to see Lizzie going for shearing her gorgeous hair off. It was something she would never do, but the moment she stepped in that barbershop, she knew she would walk away bald. The barbershop wasn?t a decent place for a girl to get a haircut.

Like Dana, her head was shaved with a sharp razor until her head was bald and smooth. She saw her shining baldhead in the mirror and she was covered under her own hair.

?Well, lady, that looks much better. Bye the way. You were the first women, who have entered our barbershop. Come soon back for a new haircut. I would like to see you both again in my chair.?

Dana paid for the two haircuts and gave the barber a huge tip. She would come back to keep her head nice bald and smooth. She loved to be bald and had finally realised a dream she had for many years. She finally did it and her best friend had joined her too. That was the best thing she had ever done and she enjoyed her headshave for the rest of her life.


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