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Sues Cutting Shop. Jenny had often looked in through the window as she had passed by, and what sights she had seen. Only yesterday as she wandered past, a young girl with waist length hair was being shorn by the stylist in the middle chair, a big bright red barbers chair. The clippers had reduced her hair in what seemed like a few minutes. Although in reality she had stood staring through the window for fifteen long minutes. Jenny had watched the whole thing happen before her very eyes. Time froze. The stylists in the shop had seen her but, this was nothing unusual as lots of people found they were drawn in and often stopped to watch the girls in action. Today Jenny had decided it was her turn to sit in that chair.

Now once again she stood watching as if in a trance as yet another young girl was in the chair being shorn by the stylist. She opened the door and walked in slowly, all manner of thoughts rushed through her mind.

"Hi! can I help you."

The girl stood up from the behind the reception desk. Jenny had been so intently watching the young client being sheared she had not of noticed the other girl sitting there.

"Oh yes, umm can I get a haircut today, It,s ok if your too busy I can always come back."

"No problem, Sue is just finishing off she can take you in a ten minutes or so if that,s ok with you."

The young girl smiled at Jenny, took her coat then ushered her over to the settee to where an older woman of about thirty something was waiting. The woman just sat there with a huge smile on her face watching the young girl in the chair being clippered. The woman, on seeing, Jenny turned to her.

"Do you know I’ve been on at my daughter to get that mop of her,s cut for a long time, and do you know I bring her in here, look at her, all gone. She just would not have her trimmed let alone cut, but now she wants it cut, clippered, the lot all off. Well, at least I won,t have to keep on and on to her about it any more, I don,t know kid,s.

"Sorry I,m Jacky by the way that,s my girl Joanne."

"Hi I,m Jenny."

Jackies hair was long just past her shoulders.

"I,m waiting to have mine trimmed," she touches the ends of her hair. "It is in need of it," she smiles at me.

Sensations run through my body as I sit watching the clippers finish their job Joanne’s hair is gone, just a velvet fuzz remains. The young girl runs her hand up and over the shorn nape. She smiles, she likes it.

"What do you think mum," she walks over to us rubbing her head with both hands now?

"I just do not understand you Joanne first you don,t want it cut then the next thing, you look like a skinhead just like your father, I just do not know."

The stylist pats the chair for the next customer. I watch as Jacky walks over and hoists herself up into the red barbers chair.

"Right now just a trim is it Mrs Robins." Jacky touches her hair as the girl puts the cape around her, she looks so snug. So comfortable I can almost feel it.

Now a barbers rubber mat thing is placed around her shoulders. Jackie murmurs a few words, inaudible to me, and the stylist brushes her thick hair through, again and again until it shines.

Next thing you know the hair clippers burst into life and the stylist places them at Jackies forehead and they slowly move back through the hair. Huge amounts of hair rain down to the floor, onto the cape, into her lap. The floor is a mass of freshly shorn hair, her daughters and now hers, and soon mine.

Next the stylist moves to the side at the temple more hair falls, and pass after pass is made. I,m getting wet down below I place my hands gently between my legs, and push fiercely, but without bringing attention to it. God do I really want my hair cut by this maniac. The girl is smiling prettily all the time as she removes all this person,s hair, she is getting off on this too. I move uncomfortably as my body shivers with delight. Now she works methodically up the nape. Jackies head is bent forward into her chest, she stares down at the pile of red hair gathered there. Long lengths of beautiful red hair.

"There you go Mrs Robins all off just like your daughters, you look like twins." They laughed together.

My legs have now turned to jelly and my stomach is aching. God am I really going to go through with this. I really only came in for a trim, yes that’s it I will ask for just a trim. I have seen enough, just a trim. I can hardly move. I watch as Jacky gets down from the chair, as she walks over her hands caress her head. I want to touch it. It.… It looks so wonderful. Her daughter gets up and runs to her mum.

"Mum you look great you really do," they walk to the reception desk laughing together holding hands.

If I get my hair cut like that he is going to kill me. Just a trim that’s all I want don,t I?

I look towards the chair, She smiles at me as she pats the chair gently. I look to both sides, no one there it is my turn. I manage to stand but I,m not sure I will make it to the chair without making a fool of myself. That,s it smile try to act cool nice and slowly. Phew made it.

"Up you get," she offers me a hand it,s still warm from using the clippers, I lift myself up and sit back into the comfortable chair. I grip the armrests. "There that’s it now make yourself comfy," she smiles again she knows.

This is, oh god this is so nice, I feel the chair willing me to have my hair cut, it wants me to relax, to enjoy just enjoy, do it, cut it. The stylist returns, she left me for a few minutes to settle in the chair, to let the chair do its job I wonder. What shall I do? What?

She unfolds a crisp new cape and asks me to hold my hair up out of the way. I lift my plait skywards, coiled up like a snake, she smoothes the cape out around me, my dark hair shows up really well against the whiteness of the cape. Then comes the rubber mat why do I need that for? It fits snugly over my shoulders, it feels so heavy. Its tight against my neck. I release my braid and it falls with a dull thud to the back of the chair.

Gently she undoes the band holding it and takes my hair from the braid. I’ve had it braided for several days and it has left it wavy, it looks good, so nice, do I really need it cut? Next she takes the other band, holding my hair tight to the nape. Then the brushing begins I become intoxicated it feels so nice. I close my eyes.

"Right now how would you like your hair today?"


"Oh sorry the brushing was nearly sending me to sleep it feels so good."

I want it cut all cut, the chair needs me to conform I must have it cut nice and short.

"Yes, i want it cut nice and short all over, nice and short, but will you do it with the scissors please, I want it to last, just take your time and make it last."

What am I saying, make it last, god she will think I,m crazy or something, make it last.

"Your hair is so long Jenny, so long, it must of taken you years to get it this length," she pulled the brush through it.

My hair stretches down to past my butt yes it had taken a long time to grow but now I wanted it cut nice and neat, it had to be neat, easy to manage the chair knew what was best.

"I think i,ll wash it for you before I cut it, would you like that."

I rise from my comfy seat and follow her back to the basins. I sit and lean my head back as she fills the small sink with all my hair, my beautiful hair. She turns the water on and tests it and then after a few minutes starts to run the warm water through it. Next she applies the shampoo it smells nice. The perfume wafts around me, she starts to massage my hair and suds form.

"There is that good? she asks. I say nothing I just relax and enjoy my last moments with my long hair.

I lean my head right back over the bowl as she rinses my hair free of the shampoo, I am enjoying this so much. A large towel is wrapped around my head and I stand up and am told to sit in another chair. The stylist called Liz towel dries me and then she starts to blow dry my hair by running her hands quickly and vigorously through my hair one last time.

Ten minutes or so and my hair is looking great I start to rethink my situation, but not for long as Sue tells me to follow her back to her station. Once again she helps me into the bright red barbers chair. I am welcomed by the chair and all is well. Sue brushes my hair until it looks the best it has ever looked the cape once again engulfs me and the barber mat is replaced around my shoulders.

"Right you want me to cut it with the scissors first is that what you want Jenny?"

She looks in the mirror at me, I nod. I am becoming very wet between my thighs and want my hair cut. All off nice and neat. I sit staring at myself in the mirror, Sue sections the hair at the top of my crown and combs my hair down over my eyes. I can no longer see myself in the mirror, as a thick veil of hair blinds me. Suddenly I hear the crunching of hair on scissors, it has begun. As I look downwards into my lap hair starts to slowly fill it, the cut has started. Sue is cutting a short fringe right the way around my hairline at the front. I can feel the scissors on my forehead now, I peek upwards towards the mirror I look stupid, my fringe is hideously short. She stops and re-combs my hair down, and then continues to cut the fringe high up. My face is framed I look like i am wearing a helmet, she continues right round to just in front of my ears. Sue smiles at me as the last of the fringe is cut.

"There that’s better now you can watch me cut your hair all off can,t you," smiling Sue combs a two inch section of hair and lifts it up and away from my head.

Snip, the first piece of hair sails gently down to the floor leaving perhaps four inches of hair still attached to my head. With a second section in her hands it quickly follows the first. Slowly, oh so slowly she works skilfully through the side towards the back. The floor is covered with my hair, it just floats silently to the floor one section after the other. I watch every cut and smile, now she works her way around the back I look strange one side still long the other laying flat to my head snugly. I almost want to stop her, but it is of coarse too late now. Half my hair is gone the other half will soon be cut nice and short. Sue just continues around the back and through to the other side, nearly all gone now. She swivels the chair slightly so that I do not miss a single cut. The top hair is perhaps five inches long and blended to lay neatly to my head. Only a fine wisp of hair now remains one more section should do it, yes all gone, all my lovely long hair has now been layered nice and neatly. Sue goes over her work cleaning up a few stray long hairs, I stare into the mirror, is this really me I cannot believe it I look so different.

My lap is completely filled to the brim with hair, I am pleased to see it lying there, it needed to be cut. Unrelenting she now combs through my hair, and starting at the top she reduces it even further, taking it down to an inch at least. Comb snip, comb snip, my hair gets shorter, I Laugh with her as she flicks through and continues to reduce the sides. The back is now attacked, slowly combed, and once again cut nice and short scissors over fingers, nice and short. I watch maybe nervously now as I see the carnage that she has done. Working her way downwards to the nape Sue tells me how good I am looking I nod and smile, I am pleased, my hands still caress myself between my thighs pushing and fingering, it needs to be shorter.

The buzzing of the clippers sound loudly in my ear as she fits the half inch guard to them. The cut continues. Sue very gently eases my head over, I watch as the clippers run slowly upwards past my ear and then slowly over the top of my head. Fine clipping of hair build up on the clipper blade Sue keeps them clear by blowing them every now and again. The clippers return and very gently pass up and around my ear. Everything is being reduced to half an inch all over. I am pleased with the result, My head is now pushed forward I look down to my hair filled lap and dispassionately move my hands under the cape and the mass of hair falls to the floor. The clippers do their work, slowly my hair is being shaped into a perfect crew-cut half inch all over. Now the back and sides have to be blended in nice and short. Sue fits a different guard quarter inch this time and then runs them up the side to remove the longer hair, it feel nice as she stops every now and again to rub her free hand over my head to brush the fine clippings, that have gathered there, away. Sue changes the guard yet again to a much shorter one and pushes my head down, she tapers the back up very short, and then the sides again. Everything is blended in beautifully. Now she refits the half inch guard again and spends another wonderful five minutes or perhaps more going this way and that to make sure all my hair is looking wonderfully neat and tidy.

Sue brushes my face and neck and face again. My long hair is all gone, and left is the bets cut of all. I cum once more as Sue bends over me and kisses me lightly on the cheek and then rubs her hands masterfully though my new haircut. 

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