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Chapter 1

Carol looked around nervously. She saw that she wasn?t the only woman sitting in the small room, having second and third thoughts about the decision each had made. For her it had happened when her boss, Maxwell Trent, had asked her on a date a few weeks back. Since then they had been seeing one another regularly after hours, but she had not let it progress to anything more than a few kisses.

?I?m old-fashioned, Max. I can?t help it. I don?t care if no one else waits because I am!?

That had been the last thing she said to him last Sunday before she stormed out of the nice restaurant he?d taken her to for dinner. They had been having a wonderful time, and then he had asked her back to his place for some wine, soft jazz and maybe a little horizontal dancing.

But he had been all smiles and friendly on Monday, and through out the week. And he had invited her to come to this club tonight with him. It was very exclusive, with a parking valet. That was one of the things she?d noticed first in fact. The young man?s hair had been cut military short, like a ?high and tight.?

As they took the elevator, Max leaned over and whispered in her ear. ?What do you think I?d look like if I got my hair cut that short??

Carol had jumped in surprise. She wasn?t sure why, but she knew it wasn?t the first time she?d have that reaction to the word haircut, or even just thinking about someone having their haircut. To be honest, she did wonder what it would feel like to run her fingers over his head if Max did get his hair all sheered off. But she knew he wouldn’t do it. He had gorgeous, thick black hair, with just a hint of gray, and she was also aware that he got it cut regularly at a salon that charged a hundred or for a cut.

Anyway, instead of riding up in the elevator, it had actually gone down. Max had walked her down a short, dimly hall. Inside a room, he had her sit in the single chair. Pouring her a drink from the wine bottle already present, he watched her drink it. Then he began to fasten the straps.

The first two went around her wrists before she realized what was happening. ?Stop this, Max.?

?Hush, my sweet. I have something really special planned for tonight. I know you will be surprised.? He fastened a band around her chest, waist and then each ankle. ?Open your mouth, darling.?

Carol shook her head when she saw he had a small ball gag. She kept her lips pressed together. She would not give up her right to protest. Of course she ignored the little voice that said with your mouth-closed?duh. Instead she shook her head side to side and pursed her lips more tightly.

Max merely smiled and pressed her nostrils together. It wasn?t long before she had to gasp through her mouth and releasing her nostrils he had the ball in her mouth that. He looked right into her frustrated eyes, smiling.

?Remember that talk we had about power, submission, the giving and the taking away of it. Well, this is the next step in becoming a Dom for some of the men here tonight. And for some of the woman, such as yourself, my sweet, this is your first step in becoming my submissive.?

Carol didn?t need any further explanation. She knew what he meant by Doms and submissives. She?d done research on the Internet, and found herself titillated and aroused by most of what she found. Something about Max, from the very beginning, had told her he had secrets. That?s probably why she had held back in her relationship with him so far.

When she had talked about waiting, she had not automatically meant marriage. She wasn?t getting sexually involved until she knew there was commitment to try on both sides.

Now, she was just scared.

She?d been left alone after that until a woman dress all in black entered and pushed her chair into the elevator. Surprised that her chair rolled was one thing, and then feeling the elevator rising through the building told her the climax to the evening was coming soon.

And now she waited in this small room with three other women, all similarly bound. Each had a gag in place, or duct tape. One of the women, who had long, teased and sprayed blonde hair, was wearing a piece of the new clear duct tape. Her lips must have been freshly painted, considering the amount of color. Carol wasn?t sure if she was glad to have the gag or not considering how much bigger the woman?s lips appeared mashed up behind the tape.

Suddenly she thought she heard a noise. Looking around, she knew she was correct because the other three women had all perked up as well. Their chairs were all facing the direction the noise was coming. Then she heard a voice, quite nearby speaking.

?Welcome Masters and Mistresses to our induction night. We have four Doms tonight presenting their new slaves and/or subs for the ceremony. Now, before we begin and just as an aside, we have the new chairs, which will allow us to do the full top and frontal induction process. Special thanks to Master T and Master W for their donations that allowed us to purchase them much sooner than planned.?

Applause greeted the news.

Carol shifted on her ?new chair? and didn?t feel at all comfortable with the word ?induction? or with the fact that he was talking full frontal anything! Before she could formulate another thought, lights blared in front of her as the curtain rose. Carol realized that she and the other women were on a stage, facing a room full of people. Blinking quickly, she tried to find Max in the crowd. Many of the men and women, dressed in black, had on some kind of eye mask.

?Now, we?ve drawn lots to see who goes first?the winner is?Lisa!?

Carol saw the blonde shake her head rapidly. She didn?t blame her. No way did she want to be first. It made no difference. Lisa?s chair was pushed forward, near the edge of the stage. Clapping and cheering went on for a few minutes. The Master of Ceremonies gestured with his hands for people to settle down.

?Now, please note that all I have to do is put my hand in the front of their clothing, and it doesn?t matter what it is, pull and voila! I have pulled off all of their clothes.?

The audience gasped as Lisa was stripped of all of her clothing, including her underwear. She now sat in the chair, totally nude. Her enhanced breasts hung from her chest with hard nipples. With her legs restrained there was no way for anyone to know that Lisa was not a natural blonde.

Carol looked away. She didn?t want to see what was happening. If she did she?d have to acknowledge that it could and would be her soon. She started humming under down low and reciting an old prayer she recalled from her childhood.

It would have worked if not for the soft caress along her cheek several minutes later. Max was beside her, down on one knee. ?You need to pay attention to this, sweet pet. It?s all part of the learning experience. Now, eyes forward.?

Carol looked at the blonde, who was still in the chair and it had been elevated and flattened. As she watched, a woman, who was wearing what appeared to be two leather flaps and they tied at the sides, stepped close to Lisa. The leather pieces fell to within about twelve inches of the floor, gaped on each side from one to six inches, but not more than six. At the waist, or hip band, there hung a chain. The woman started clipping long strips of Lisa?s black pubic hair off.

She jumped when Max whispered in her ear a few seconds later. ?I can?t wait to see your bush. Is it hairy and dense? Do you trim at all? Is it getting moist just anticipating what is going to happen??

Carol groaned at his words. She was wet and was fighting the need to flex and rotate her pelvis in response to the feelings growing inside her. She was becoming more aroused with each passing second. The question was becoming how soon would she succumb rather than if.

?I?m even more anxious to see your hairless pussy though. Pretty, pink and all mine!? Max whispered in her ear.

Carol jerked in response to his words. If she had not been restrained and the chair locked in place, everyone would know she had just climaxed from his words and her own anticipation. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she was suddenly scared of losing all control, not just physical. Could he have power over her, her body and most frightening of all?her mind?

?Now that was incredibly sweet. But I doubt anyone else noticed. I?m going to take the gag out, but you must promise not to scream or yell.?

Carol nodded her head and Max removed the ball gag from her mouth. Quickly she licked her lips, moving her jaw to loosen it up. A few seconds later she felt Max?s fingers lightly touching the sides of her face, right in front of ears, and start to massage the stiff muscles. Breathing deeply, she let his ministrations relax her, in spite of the odd circumstances.

?Now for Lisa?s new look. As part of our custom, the Master does not get to control the new look for his slave. This is a test of his commitment as well, remember, and he must be willing to maintain the relationship regardless of physical changes. So, I will draw a card from our makeover box to see what Lisa?s new look is to be!?

Carol gasped as she heard the Master of Ceremony?s D continue speaking. Makeover? Like what kind of thing were they talking about? New clothes would be okay. She might go along with a trim to her waist-length hair, but that would be it. She didn?t think Lisa was too keen on the idea either.

?First on the list Lisa is we remove all your makeup.? Master D clicked his fingers and two of the slaves rushed forward and began applying a cold cream to Lisa face. They removed her tape, and took off her remaining lipstick as well. ?Be quiet Lisa, or I?ll have to put something in your mouth.?

Lisa nodded her head, looking more nervous with each passing moment.

Master D reached over and touched her blonde hair. ?Second on your makeover dear is a new haircut!? His fingers picked up a long lock. ?I wonder how short we are going?aah. Asymmetrical ear tip bob! Now that is sexy! Let?s get started. Send in the barber!?

A man came onto the stage who looked like a traditional barber, bald, beefy and wearing a white jacket. A slave girl appeared pushing a tray of cutting implements. The barber wasted no time in commanding the slave girl to brush the hair completely. As she set the brush down, the barber combed a deep part in the hair, picked up a big shiny shears and cut a straight line around her head, slicing off hair just below her ear lobe.

Carol was surprised as she watched the barber continue because this wasn?t a ?typical? barber type haircut.

The barber sectioned all the hair from three inches above her ears and pulled it up. The clippers came on and without further warning he took off everything below the line to one-sixteenth of in length. Shaving cream and razor followed until all the hair below was now gone. After that the cut formed a smooth line from the short part at almost nothing to swoop down to her opposite ear lobe. Since she had no bangs, the hair actually partially covered her face, curving forward and touched that one side of her mouth.

The crowd applauded as the slaves turned the chair around for them to see the new style. Her hair swung with the chair?s movement.

Master D called for the next woman, another blond, to be brought forward. ?Welcome Mary Jane. Slaves please remove her clothing and shave her.?

Carol didn?t want to watch but it happened so quickly it was almost over before she could make the effort. Her haircut was one-quarter inch crew cut and the barber clipped her shoulder length, dirty blond hair without pause. In almost less than a minute she had less hair than a new recruit.

Fearfully she waited to see who would be next.

?Carol. Master T is presenting this beautiful sub for our enjoyment. Personally I?m anxious to see if she?s a real redhead! Remove her clothing slaves.?

Carol opened her mouth to protest but Max?s hand covered it quickly. ?Remember what I told you. Be a good girl!?

She nodded her head and then, just like the two previous women, her clothes were neatly and efficiently stripped from her body. Applause greeted the revelation that her hair color was natural, along with some catcalls from the audience.

?Look at that thick shag carpet!?

?Doesn?t the girl know how to trim??

?I think it?s prettier than most bushes go. I wouldn’t mind delving through that red bush for a picnic.?

?Any hair tokens being allowed??

Master D paused, looking at Max. Carol didn?t understand at first, but when Max nodded the person hopped onto the stage. Her chair was being reclined as the stranger approached. A moment later she understand. Instead of them using the clippers, as they had on the first two, one of the slave women picked up a scissors and began snipping off tufts of Carol?s pubic hair, setting them on the small table. The stranger opened a pristine white handkerchief and placed several tufts inside and then folded it quickly. Without a word, he left the stage.

Carol turned her face away, wishing she understood the wild, wanton emotions she was feeling. There was no denying that the feel of soft fingers removing her pubic hair was turning on. When the slave switched to clippers, the vibrations had her pussy almost dripping. The shaving was done over the next few minutes, and Carol was thinking, I?m almost done.

?Now let?s what kind of stunning makeover Carol is going to receive. Ooh, this is going to be great,? Master D spoke eagerly as he read quickly and then passed the card to Max.

Carol turned her head to watch as Max read, wondering what was going on. When he nodded a few seconds later, she didn?t feel reassured.

?All right everyone, it?s been awhile since this has happened, but I pulled out ?the works? card and Max has agreed.?

Applause and cheers broke out and suddenly Carol knew this was not going to end well, for her anyone. ?No!? she cried out before she gave a moment?s thought. Max turned and before she realized it, had popped the ball gag he had in one hand into her opened mouth. Almost immediately the crowd of people watching and enjoying her humiliation cheered again. Max merely shook his finger at her.

?Naughty girl,? he murmured.

Master D signaled the slave girls to come forward. ?Take Carol next door.?

As she was pushed off the stage, Carol forgot all about being aroused and fear kicked in.

Master D signaled for the last woman to be brought forward. ?Constance, welcome. It appears that she already shaves so let?s skip to the makeover. Aah, this will be fun. She is to receive the ?group cut.? I will call out three names, and those three people get to cut her hair anyway they choose and it must remain like this for one month. Now let?s see?first person will be Lisa. I?m sure she has a few haircutting demons to work out, as does?Mary Jane.?

He stopped as the audience applauded wildly. They had often seen newly shorn slaves go wild and leave the remaining slaves bald.

?And lastly?Mistress Sonya will join them for their cutting party.?

Constance shook her head and her long black hair danced around her shoulders. It was obvious that she did like the idea of a haircut. But there was nothing she could do either.

The two slaves, Lisa and Mary Jane, were released and dressed in the leather flap skirt only. Mistress Sonya was already standing at the barber?s cart, looking at the different items there. She picked up the long shears finally. ?I claim first cut.? Sonya declared her right as a Mistress over the two slaves.

Master D nodded, directing the two slaves. ?By claiming first cut, that means all other cuts must be as short or shorter than hers. Is that understood? If you disobey, Mistress Sonya has the right to shave you bald.?

Both recently shorn girls nodded their heads. Sonya picked up a thick hand of hair over her forehead and cut it within an inch of her forehead. ?One inch is the longest length I want to see on this slave?s head. Start!?

After that it went quickly because neither slave wanted to be shaved bald. In the end, the one-inch in front was the only one-inch length left. The rest went from scalp to half or three ?quarters at the most. It was a sloppy mess, but the audience applauded loudly. Constance was helped from her chair and placed in the leather flap skirt as well.

Master D checked with someone off-stage and then turned back to the people waiting. ?If you?ll all turn your attention to the left, we will open the curtain and you can observe Slave Carol?s transformation!?

***** Carol slowly became aware of where she was. The last thing she remembered had been sitting on a stage?cheering?

?Oh God no!?

?Shh, my pet. Here is a sip of water. Your mouth is dry.?

Carol took the sip, and then a couple more and she did feel better. Her tongue seemed able to move at least. ?What?s going on? Where am I? Max? I?m late for work!?

?No, Carol. You?re fine, just waking up is all. I?ll help you sit up in a few minutes. For now just sip the water from the straw and use your tongue to suck rather than your lips.?

?What? Why?? she asked taking a few more sips of the water. She licked her lower lip and thought something seemed odd. ?My lip feels funny.?

Max nodded. ?I know and that will go away in a little bit. The anesthetic still has to wear off. But the party is going on so you won?t have missed too much. Constance got her haircut after you left, but that was the last of it.?

Carol blinked her eyes. ?Haircut? Did I get a haircut? I don?t want one.?

?Don?t worry, darling. You still have your beautiful long red hair and I?ll keep it always.?

A man dressed in scrubs walked over and he smiled down at her. ?Hello, sleepy head. I?m glad to see that you are waking up. Are you feeling okay??

?She said her mouth was dry but she hasn?t complained of any pain,? Max replied for her.

?Thank you, Max. Now, Carol, do you feel any discomfort? Anywhere??

?My neck,? she lifted her hand to the back of her neck.

?Aah, yes. That is normal and due to positioning during the procedures. But really the adjustments are pretty much pain free. How about you try sitting up??

Max spoke quickly. ?How can I help, Paul??

?Come over to my side and we?ll help her from here.? Paul put the railing down. ?Come up slowly, Carol. It?s not unusual to have balance problems at first.?

?Balance?? What were they talking about? They were acting as if she?d had some kind of surgery. Carol grabbed at the sheet covering her, realizing that she was naked.

Paul smiled. ?The proportions can take some getting used to, that?s all.?

Carol was not sitting on the side of the bed with the sheet tucked under her arms. Her hair fell forward as she looked at her feet. She noticed that the nail polish she?d applied had been removed. Slowly she let her gaze move up. Then she noticed that her lock of hair, which normally fell straight down, was curved outward. Quickly she looked at the other side. ?Oh my God! What???

?It?s amazing, isn?t it?? Paul questioned her. ?We have a mirror set up over here if you?d like to see now??

Carol nodded her head. With Max on one side and Paul on the other, she walked the few steps to the full-length mirror. Once there, Max pulled the sheet away. ?Oh no!? she cried out as she saw her new body and understood the balancing problem.

Her breasts had been enlarged. She had no idea how much?

?You were a 34B Carol, and we have supplemented your breast tissue to make you a 38 DD cup. I?ll give Max a prescription for discomfort and a special cream to massage in twice a day.? Paul pointed out quietly. ?And the same with the ass, twice a day.?

Carol looked away from the mirror. ?My butt? You did something to my bottom??

?Just turn to the side and look over your shoulder. You?ll be able to see that you now have an appreciable bottom!?

Carol could see that her previously flat butt now was sculptured into a full-figured ass. She shook her head sure that this couldn’t be happening. It had to be a nightmare.

Max cupped one hand around her butt cheek. ?Now you have a real booty!?

Paul and Max both laughed but Carol didn?t see the humor at all.

?Are we done now? Can we leave?? she asked a few seconds later.

?Soon, pet. Let?s get you back into your transport chair.? Both men helped to strap her in. That?s when she noticed something with her nipples.

?What is that on my nipple??

Max started pushing her out of the room. ?That?s the string for the piercing. We?ll finish that after your haircut.?

The applause as they came out on stage again covered Carol?s distressed cry. ?Piercing!?

Master D was clapping along with everyone else as she was pushed to the center of the stage. ?Welcome back Carol. It looks like everything except your nipple piercing has been completed.?

Max nodded. ?And her haircut, of course.?

Carol slumped because she had hoped that had been it. Certainly she felt like she?d had the works already!

Master D was signaling everyone to quiet down. ?With the works, the Master gets to choose the haircut from the choices on the card, since there are so many other parts of the makeover. Have you chosen Master T??

?Yes,? Max said. ?Number 3 sounds perfect for Carol.?

Master D nodded. ?Master Barber if you?ll return on stage. He?ll use the short cape, since she still has the piercing to go through.?

Carol waited, unable to shake the feeling that this had to be a dream. It couldn’t be anything but that.

A short cape, barely covering to her elbows, was placed around her neck after the barber a piece of tissue paper down first. Her waist length hair was pulled out and draped forward to pool in her naked lap. She was dimly aware of Master D speaking as the barber pulled all the hair back, combing it smooth and putting a rubber band on it, half-way up the back of her head.

?Isn?t that a lovely picture? Look at beautiful red hair across those milky white thighs. You are the envy of quite of Masters here tonight, Master T.?

Yes. It is too bad her hair has to be cut, but it really helps a submissive or slave understand her new place in the world. And some humiliation having to wear an embarrassing haircut heightens their senses as well.?

Carol shivered as Max spoke. Humiliation? That meant she was about to get something really awful, no doubt. What could be worse than a horrible haircut? There would be no way to hide it at work!

Carol closed her eyes as she felt the shears begin sawing through the thick tail her hair had formed. It had been decades since she?d had more than half an inch trimmed. She couldn’t believe they were cutting her hair this short! It was going to be at least shoulder length from what she could guess on the placement of the ponytail.

Her head fell forward as the last hair was severed. The ponytail was brought around and she saw it hanging free from one of the slave girl?s hand. She wondered where it was going?

A few seconds later, she felt the barber combing her hair flat, drawing hair forward to cover her face, and then getting rid of any part. The comb then touched the side of her head about two inches above her right ear, and started separating her hair all the way around her head. This was then pinned on top her head. A pop, followed by a whir, and Carol felt her stomach dive bomb. That was the sound of the clippers and she had seen what this man had done with his clippers so far.

She wasn?t left in doubt for long. The barber pushed her head forward, muttering, ?Chin to chest and don?t move!?

The clippers zipped up the back of her head. At first she thought it would only go up a few inches, but it kept going and going. Before she knew it he was bending her ear and zooming off hair from her temples back! It couldn’t get any worse. She was sure. Except she did hope he didn?t shave her like the other woman.

The barber changed clippers three times before he announced he was done with the undercut. Her hair was quickly let down and combed over her face, once again getting rid of her part.

?Hold still!?

Carol was too scared to move and a second later she felt the shears pressed against her upper lip before it sliced her hair off. Carol sighed deeply. This wasn?t going to be as horrible as she had thought. Visions of little boy haircuts, chili bowl cuts and flattops had been racing through her head.

The scissors snipped around the side of her face until he reached her ear lobe. Then the cut angled abruptly up to the line he?d established earlier. After that it didn?t take him long to cut the hair so the bobbed cut curved forward and under. Only when he was finished to he slightly part the hair to either side of her nose.

Carol didn?t need to see her hair to know how silly it had to look. Her bobbed hair was so short that it didn?t cover her upper lip, and as it curled forward, the ends tickled the bottom of her nose. Shaking her head made no difference. It still kept her eyes mostly covered.

Master D stepped forward. ?Delightful! Let?s have Slave Carol?s leather skirt brought out so she can join us.?

Carol was released from the chair and stood unsteadily while three slaves surrounded her to place the leather flap skirt around her hips. She was intently aware of her enlarged breasts. Looking down it was like she?d gone from two oranges to two cantaloupes. She took a step and was immediately aware of how her breasts jiggled and bounced, the gold rings jingling. Max took her arm in his.

?Come with me, dear. We?ll move into the next room or perhaps go upstairs to the lounge. It is usually quieter up there.?

Carol nodded her head, still feeling very unsure of what was going on here. Maybe she?d wake up in a few minutes?

Section off her hair. Using his comb, he sectioned everything from two inches above her ears and pinned on top of her head.

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