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Their eyes meet across the crowded lobby of the hotel. Her warm brown ones sparkle with passion – melting his icy blue eyes and the spark between them is tangible for all to witness. The chemistry is there immediately as he makes his way across to her and introduces himself. He has a lovely soft Irish accent that she loves- she loves listening to his voice; watching him talk to her.

They know each other. They have been having an affair for the last 4 years and it’s illicit. It’s exciting. This is her fantasy – one that he indulged her by playing along with.

He’s dressed, as always, immaculately – dark suit, crisp white shirt and dark tie. He’s 13 years older than her at 51 but his body, she knows, beneath his suit is tanned and toned. Hard yet yielding. He is sexy. He is powerful. He haunts her and enchants her. She wants more from him but knew when she embarked on this affair that he would offer no more than the occasional night together.

She’s 38 – a natural red head with soft shiny hair that falls to below her shoulders. She is besotted by him and would do almost anything for him. The affair invigorates her. She does things with him that she has never done before and she enjoys it.

He gives her champagne and watches as she swallows it slowly, savouring the bubbles bursting on her tongue and the golden liquid searing her throat as she swallows nervously. They still pretend that they don’t know each other and don’t take their eyes off each other as they stand there.

He has cropped his hair close – she likes it as it makes him look sexier and it turns her on. She has always known that she has a thing about guys with really short hair. She told him once and although he says his wife hates it, he keeps it short. She likes to believe that it’s for her.

He asks her to accompany him to his room – her heart is racing; her body tense but burning with the desire that only he can elicit in her. She follows and when he opens the door there is soft light and music.

He runs a bath and they bathe together in the sensuous bubbles as he washes her gently all over and she reciprocates. He kisses her and the shock waves course through her body. She is on fire.

Hot and hard he takes her to the bed and they fuck – it’s quick and dirty and frantic. They’ve not seen each other for a while and she needs to feel him; she needs to cum over him and feel him deep inside her. Laughing, he stops her and tells her that her pussy needs some attention.

She normally shaves it but it’s grown – this is the first time that he will have tended it for her. He blindfolds her – this is a first and she shivers in anticipation. She hears a buzzing sound and realises that he has clippers – he places them on her clit and she immediately cums and he runs the clippers over her pussy until it is cleanly shaved. He places his tongue deep inside her and she rubs her hands over his shaved head loving the feel of it as she cums again.

He removes the blindfold and tells her that he knows that she has a hair fetish. She blushes and feels exposed. He tells her that he has always loved her hair but since he realised how she felt, he has found internet sites and been turned on at watching women having their hair cut. She asks him how short. He smiles and tells her that she must find out for herself.

She tenses – her hair is her pride and joy and although she has fantasized that one day she will allow someone to cut it, she does not know whether she can really go through with it. He talks some more to her and tells her that she is beautiful; he tells her that he wants to cut her hair. She cums at his words – she is terrified and turned on at the same time. He tells her that when he gets his hair cropped the clippers feel wonderful and that he thinks about her when he gets it cut.

He gives her more champagne and knows that she wants to do it. He kisses her right eyelid and then traces the line of her eyebrow with his lips. He knows exactly where to touch her. Even touching only her face, he gets the most acute, desperate, and uncontrollable reactions from within her.

He leads her to a chair and brushes out her hair – it hangs in a shiny curtain. He looks at her and she nods – he picks up the scissors and slowly cuts a couple of inches so that it rests on her shoulders – he drops the hair onto her naked body – she can see that he is already getting hard.

Without warning he places the scissors at jaw length and without waiting for consent snaps them together cutting eight inches of hair off in one go – she starts to cry but is cumming at the same time – she is so turned on by this. He carefully follows the line around her head and places the cold blades of the scissors on the nape of her neck as he cuts more and more hair.

He is totally turned on and absorbed and she is cumming and wants him to continue so he does, she now has a cute bob that is slightly graduated. He moves in front of her and cuts her bangs to show off her huge brown eyes – he kisses her gently.

He moves behind her again and she is scared as she hears the pop of the clippers -she has fantasised about how they will feel but cannot actually believe that she is about to find out. He places them at her nape and guides them gently up to her occipital bone – pass after pass – she ends with a severely graduated bob and he stops – questioning – checking her new cut – he smiles. He loves it and tells her to run her hand over her neck – it is really short and he lets her look for the first time. Her eyes look huge and her neck long and graceful – he kisses her nape – he can’t get enough of it as he takes her from behind – making love to her he finally cums deep inside her.

He tells her that this is their secret – now that they share it they will share the bond forever but she will never be able to guess when he will cut her hair or just how short he will cut it.

If he was her dream man before, he certainly is now!

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