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The new school year was getting ready to start and Carmen the Middle school Principal was interviewing for open teaching positions. The School’s Central Personnel Office would chose interested applicants and send them out to the Principal for their final approval.

One such candidate sent to Carmen was Missy a Phillipino-mixed Asian girl of 22 years old. Carmen was waiting for Missy to show up on August day. She heard a knock on the door and in walked a five foot five inch young lady. Carmen introduced herself to Missy and the interview started with Missy sitting across the desk from her. Carmen couldn’t help notice that the tight blouse Missy was wearing was being pushed out by what appeared to be a nice size set of breasts. Missy was attractive and her weight was in proportion to her height and she had a lovely brown skin tone. She spoke English well and answered the question asked quite well. Carmen also noticed that Missy had her shiny black hair pulled back into a thick bun or twist of several turns. This peaked Carmen’s interest no end.

They were near the end of the list of questions that needed to be asked when Carmen Spoke: " Missy, I notice that your hair is tied back and up. You won’t have to wear it that way when you teach here. I’d like to see what you look like with your hair down to get an overall picture of you. Could you please come around and let it down for me to look at."

Missy walked around and turned her back toward Carmen. Carmen helped her pull the pins holding the large twist of hair lose. Down, Down, down, it tumbled till it reach the top of her waist. It was just beautiful hair. It was thick, shiny, and soft to the touch. Carmen opened a drawer and proceeded to brush it out. It was a thick black shiny carpet on the back of Missy. Carmen knew instantly that she must get hands on that lovely mane of hair.

"Missy, you have beautiful long hair and that is good news. The bad new is that most men in this area like ladies with short hair. You might consider cutting it in the near future." Spoke Carmen to a now facing Missy. Missy let out a gasp." Oh, I wouldn’t think of cutting my hair. I really like it long." Carmen replied" Well, just in case you change your mind. My neighbor Sonja is a beautician and would be glad to cut it any time. Here are a few of the teachers she has done in the school. You can check them out as you meet them." Missy, left the interview with her hair dancing around her cute butt and slim waist as she left.

Missy was hired of course and a few months later Carmen noticed that she had taken a personal interest in Marty the Science teacher. Carmen knew that Marty liked girls with short hair above the neckline. One Monday Carmen drew Marty into a conversation where he admitted his preference for short hair. He even admitted with a little prodding that he wished Missy had short hair. He didn’t know that Carmen was recording the conversation.

Wednesday afternoon Carmen called Missy into her office. She began by telling her what a great job she was doing. Carmen continued" I see you have take an interest in Marty the Science teacher. It seems you two are getting along quite well" Missy said yes and then showed a little blush. Carmen went on " He told me something the other day that I thought you might be interested in hearing. She placed the tape recorder in front of Missy. " I’ll leave it and you can listen to it if you wish. Remember what I told you about my friend Sonja being a beautician."

Carmen left the room and in a half hour returned and just as she had hoped. Missy had played the tape in its’ entirety. Her plan was unfolding and she asked Sonja to be ready.

Friday noon, in walked Missy her hair up in a twist. She spoke " I want your friend to cut my hair short but not too short. Can she do it tonight?" Carmen eagerly replied" Don’t worry. I’ll call Sonja and we will have a haircutting party tonight at her place starting at 6 pm. You won’t regret this Missy. I promise. " Carmen could hardly control herself as she watched Missy leave the room with her thick, black hair up in a bun for the last time. Carmen called Sonja and told her to make sure everything was working and ready. Carmen then scheduled a teachers meeting for early Monday morning.

6 pm arrived and up the walked came Missy. Everything was ready. Missy was introduced to Sonja. Sonja had missy let down her mass of shiny black silky hair so she could examine it. It was like Carmen said a " Beautiful abundant mane". They decided to have a few drinks before getting the cutting under way. Sonja decided to use a liqueur that packed a punch but wasn’t too strong. She wanted to make sure Missy was relaxed as the events unfolded.

The time came to 6:30 pm and Sonja decided to get things underway. Sonja spoke: " Missy, I don’t want to mess up your pretty blouse. Please go into the bathroom and remove your blouse and bra and put on the white t-shirt I have laying on the counter." Missy did what she was told and came out.

Carmen directed her over to a chair sitting in the middle of the room. Sonja and Carmen smiled at each other as Sonja brushed out Missy’s long black hair. Missy asked a little nervously " How short are you going to cut my hair? Sonja answered" Not too short, just to below your ears. I know the science teacher you like and I know what he likes. I’ll cut it to the bottom of the ears and then taper the neck with clippers. Is that short enough for you?" " Oh, that is more than enough as I’ve never had hair shorter than my shoulders." Said Missy as she played with a lock of her long hair. Missy grabbed for another drink.

Sonja sectioned off Missy’s thick hair from the ear down. Shnick, shnick, plop was the sound of the scissors cutting through the thick mane. A thirty inch section of mane was released and handed over to Carmen standing in front of Missy. Carmen then took it and placed it on a table. Sonja proceeded around the ears of Missy. The long thick hair that shined was being released and laying in grow pile on the table. Sonja then let down the massive top section. This time she grabbed the clippers. Click. Buzzzz, buzzz went the clippers as they came to life and ate into the thick black mass of Missy’s hair. Sonja could feel Missy tighten up and whispered in her ear. " Don’t worry dear. It will be worth the sacrifice when all is said and done." Sonja continued with clipping the hair off the top of a comb. Now it was time to finish it up by wetting the hair. However, during the wetting Carmen and Sonja got into a spray bottle fight and not only got Missy’s hair wet but also the breast area of Missy’s white t-shirt. The nice breast and nipples began to appear from underneath. Missy would have certainly been the winner of a wet t-shirt contest. Sonja finished up the cutting and then they went to the hot tub.

Now, for Missy to enter she had to remove her wet t-shirt and her skirt and panties. Course by now Missy has consumed several drinks and her inhibitions have flown. Carmen and Sonja helped themselves to feeling Missy’s curves and soft skin. It was girls being girls in a hot tub. Then they got out of the tub and put Missy under a bright heat lamp. They helped dry Missy off and then with a little urging got Missy to demonstrate some dance moves she knew. So, there was young Missy nude bouncing her nice breast to and fro and making obscene moves with her cut butt.

The time approached and it was time for Missy to be taken home by Carmen as she was in no condition to drive. When Carmen returned Sonja announced it was " show time". You see everything had been video tapped. It started with Missy taking her bra and blouse off in the bathroom to put on the white T-shirt. It included the haircutting and the wet show thru t-shirt. It ended with the nude dancing under the light. Missy was going to make Sonja and Missy some "Big Money" on the internet. Her pile of long black shiny tresses would be auctioned off on E-bay and Missy would never be the wiser.

Monday morning at the teachers meeting Missy was the center of attention. Marty the Science teacher couldn’t wait to get close to her. Everyone especially Marty loved Missy’s new look. Missy was really happy that Marty liked it in particular. They started to see each other more and more. When school ended in June they announced they were going to get married that summer. Missy’s " Sacrifice" had in deed been worth it.

Hope you liked Story Mr. Snips.

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