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As I walked out of my house to make the across town journey to her house, I was ecstatic. Joanne Summers, one of the most beautiful girls of the graduating class had just called me to go visit her before she left for the Marines. I was 16 at the time about 5’7, and shaggy brown hair. I decided that I needed to work out a little bit more since there was a little fat in my stomach so I decided to take the 20 minute walk.

When I finally got there, Joanne was at the door to greet me with a big kiss. This took me by surprise because we only talked and hugged probably once as friends. She invited me into her house. As I followed her through her house, I became distracted by her most stunning feature, her hair. It was an all natural platinum blonde mane that reached just below her bra line. I did not notice where she was leading me until we were in her room. "So what do you think?" she asked innocently. I replied "You have a very nice room." "Thanks" she replied, and what came next will always be a shock to me.

"As you may have heard, I am going into the Marines instead of going to college and there were a few things I wanted to take care of before I leave tomorrow." I stood aghast against the edge of her bed, because I got it into my head that she was going to leave next month. I had always had a ‘thing’ for Joanne since we were in West Side Story at our high school together. "John" she said "I have always had somewhat of a secret crush on you, I have just been to shy to tell you." "Joanne, I have probably loved you since I first laid eyes upon your beautiful self during the musical in the spring" I replied (still in shock from what she had said). Instantly she jumped on my and we instantly stared making out like 13 year olds on her bed. Between our first 5 minutes of kissing passionately she said that her parents were gone for the weekend and wouldn’t be home the next morning to see her off. With that, she ripped her shirt off to reveal her beautiful naturally big breasts. Her nipples poked straight out, and we just got into it.

As the night progressed we kept going farther and farther south from first kissing her mouth, down to her neck, then chest, then, I finally got inside the pants Joanne Summers the all American beautiful girl. I passionately licked her blonde bush. She moaned in ecstasy. I moved even farther to lick the inside of her tight pussy, which made her moan even louder. "FUCK ME" she screamed. With that I jumped up to rip off my pants and shirt and jabbed my hard cock into her pussy. We had sex for what seemed like the longest time. The whole time I was running my hands through her beautiful mane while we made love. We finally climaxed and just lay in bed together.

What happened next was and will remain to be the most memorable moment of my life.

Joanne got up to brush her long blonde hair, stroking it tenderly. Out of nowhere she said "You know what John, I have been wanting to get my head shaved before I left for the longest time, I just couldn’t find anyone who would. Instantly, I jumped up. "Are you kidding?" I asked. She replied "No, I seriously have asked almost everybody and nobody will shave my head" and explained that she didn’t have to for the Marines, she just wanted to do it 1. for the heck of it and 2. it will be easier to take care of. I walked over to her and started kissing her passionately. She dropped her brush and I started to run my hands through her hair again, enjoying the fresh smell of it. "You really like hair don’t you John?" she asked. "Yeah" I replied sheepishly. "What, do you have a fetish or something?" she asked noticing my erection. "Yes" I replied again "I do enjoy watching a girl get her long locks shorn". "Well that’s it!" she replied and runs naked off into the halls of her house. She returned a moment later with a box and disappeared into her bathroom with the door wide open.

I walked in to find a set of electric clippers on the sink counter plugged into the wall. I looked up to be pushed onto the toilet seat and have Joanne grind her pussy all over my legs seductively. "Do you want to shave my head while fucking?" she asks. "HELL YEAH!" I reply. Next thing I know, she is standing by the sink facing me. As I walk up she leans backward over the sink. I stick my raging member into her and we start at a second round. I reach over for the clippers and flick them to life. As I began to raise them to her forehead she moaned loudly. I plunged the roaring clippers into her forehead and they go to the back of her head. Mounds of blonde hair pile up in the sink. As I made each pass to the left side of the top of her skull, the silky blonde strands piled up and just got higher as I moved to the right side of her head until only the hair on the back of her head remained.

I flipped Joanne around quickly and jabbed my cock into her backside. I carefully made the final passes and all her blonde hair was all over the counter. She pulled off suddenly, grabbed her freshly shorn hair and threw it all on the bed. Suddenly she grabbed my arm and we finished making love on her shorn hair. After another hot love making session, we climaxed in each others arms and fell asleep.

When we woke up I realized that it was time for me to leave her house. We passionately kissed one last time and i walked home. She left the next day and we have been in contact with each other ever since. Now, two years later she is about to return home for a few weeks to see me. I wonder what will happen

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