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There were seven people in our family including me. Mom, dad, two brothers two sisters, and Julie, which is me. Every one in my family had extremely long hair, even the boys. The girls had hair down to their knees and the boys had hair down to their shoulders. We all looked like slobs. Dad was the only one with what we considered short hair in the family. It was down to his collar.

As the kids got older the long hair started to bother them but mom still wouldn’t let us cut it. Then one day my oldest sister Michelle, who was a sophomore, came home with a chin length bob and buzzed nape. It was an extremely huge difference! Mom said nothing to our surprise and just walked away.

Later that night around 8:00 mom called a family meeting. There was a chair in the middle of the room and a cape, some clippers, and some scissors. Then mom said “due to your sister’s stupidity you all are getting haircuts.” The kids were excited to get haircuts until they found out which ones. Mom said “First Angie (my younger sister) will get a haircut.” Angie hopped on to the chair while she was caped. Mom put her hair in a ponytail at the top of her ear and sliced through it. Angie yelled and cried at mom, but mom just said to shut up. Then mom put some hair in another ponytail on top and turned the clippers on with a #1 guard and shaved all the hair underneath the ponytail. Then she let the ponytail down and cut about another two inches of hair. It looked like my sister had a mushroom on top of her head. Then I was called up next and I was extremely nervous. She turned on the clippers and gave me a #2 buzz cut all over, but then decided that wasn’t short enough. I tried to fight back saying it was but then she took the guard off the clippers and shaved my back and sides and then told me I was done. Next each boy went up and was shaved clean, even with the razor and shaving cream. Then my mom put some stuff on their heads to kill all the hair roots so their hair wouldn’t grow back for another 6 years. Finally was my sister, because she wouldn’t cut dad’s hair. By the way, you ask why wasn’t your dad trying to help you, mom had put sedative in his pop so he was knocked out for a while. Back to my sister Michelle. Mom shaved her, slapped her and then sent her to her room. Dad woke up to find all our new haircuts, but didn’t say a word.

That night dad woke us up, packed our stuff and put us in the car to drive to my aunts house, who lived about 2 hours away. We found out mom was caught stealing our neighbors car, and had their kid in there with her. Mom was sent to an all girl’s prison for 12 years and will be getting crewcuts for the next 12 years too. We moved back home, and continued a regular life after that. So why did we all have to get haircuts because of my sisters “mistake?” Mom was just really upset I guess you could say…and no….were mad at our sister.

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