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Cathy left the barber shop ‘disappointed’, more so than the times before. Disappointed she did not ask him what he thought of the lady’s hair cut in the photo. Disappointed she did tell him she thought the lady had a shaved head. Disappointed she did not tell him she wanted her hair cut the same way as the lady in the photo.

Disappointed he did not ask her any questions.

But, then, she thought to herself, he could have just given her a High-N-Tight. He did shaved the sides and back of her head. She did get to experience, at least, some of her head being shaved by a straight razor and a barber. Still there was the "disappointment".

Each time she would look at herself in the mirror, for whatever reason, she felt the disappointment. Her "want" would grow each time.

Disappointment she begin to think was all she was going to get with each visit to the King Street Barber Shop. Maybe she should look for another barber shop, another barber!

One thing that was not disappointing, was how she enjoyed touching the back and sides of her head that Saturday after her new hair cut. She laid on her bed, thinking of the disappointment of that morning, when she begin stroking the sides of her head. She felt a shiver start slowly moving down her body from the shaved sides. When it reached her hips her legs begin to tighten and grow straight together. As her legs spread apart ….. she begin feeling a feeling she had many times with a male friend. Slowly the feeling grew, her body shivered, her eyes closed.

Before she knew it she heard the telephone ringing. She sat up and saw it was seven o’clock that night. She had fallen asleep. She ran to the telephone, again it was her brother. He would not be able to make their dinner date so they talked about the family gathering.

Ever so offer when she raised her hand to scratch her head, as if she was thinking of something, her body would start shivering from the smoothness she felt. She was now hoping their conversation would be over, before something happened she did not want her brother to hear.

After an hour they hung up. Cathy decide it was best she took a shower, a cold shower, and go to sleep before she got herself into trouble. Maybe a shower would help her easy her feelings.

So, off she went to the bathroom.

She stepped into the cool shower expecting nothing but the cool water. But, when she turned her back to the shower and stepped back under it spray, the sudden spray of the cool water cause her to get a feeling she had only felt the first time she shaved her legs. Quickly a shiver grew and ran her body.

Then, when the shivering settled, she started lathering her head. Again she felt as if she was going to fall apart. The smoothness of her scalp started making her feel more disappointed than she was.

"WHY" ….. "WHY", she begin telling herself as she rinsed the lather from her head.

She stepped from the shower, toweled herself off, then stood in front of the bathroom mirror. She smile as she patted her head dry. It felt so good. Then, she brushed her finger tips over the side of her head, then the back of her head. She felt roughness ….. she felt "fuzz" like she remember feeling her dad’s face when he came home from work.

She leaned toward the mirror and she could see the little hairs rising from her scalp. This was more disappointing than this morning, she thought to herself. Her eyes caught site of the can of shaving cream siding of the side of the bathtub. She looked at herself …..

Before she knew it she was lathering her head with the shaving cream, just as Glenn had lather her head that morning. She took a deep breath and took hold of the safety razor she used to shave other parts of her body.

"I’ll just take my time" she told herself, then she raised the razor and begin shaving. It took her almost an hour but she was finished. She did not cut, or nick, her head. She loved how it felt to shave her head. It was not the same as shaving other parts of her body. She had to be a little more careful, specially shaving the back where she could not see. She had to depend on feeling her way back there.

That bring us to this SATURDAY ….. The one a week later.

Cathy had let her hair grow the last two days. Not because she wanted to, but because she had no choice. She had worked late the last three days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and still had to be to work the next day early in the morning. So, something had to be let go and it turned out, again to her "disappointment", shaving the back and sides of her head was it. She was still not sure with the idea of doing it her self. She would need more time when she shaved her head.

She came home late Friday, around ten. She took her shower. While drying her hair she looked in the mirror. It grew within her and grew fast. That was it …..

No longer ….. no more waiting ….. no more thinking about it.

Tomorrow was going to be the day.

She would walk out the KING STREET BARBER SHOP with her head shaved, or she would be walking out looking for another barber. No more pussy footing around ….. no more wondering if he or she would ask any questions. No more walking out the barber shop disappointed.

The sun was just coming up as Madison raised from her bed, after a good night’s sleep. She felt relieved because she had gone to bed with a feeling she might be doing something wrong the next day, SATURDAY.

She went to the kitchen, of her apartment, and fixed a light breakfast, not wanting to have to much in her incase things went a little haywire. Then, she went back to her bedroom where she laid out her clothing, a skirt with matching blouse and high heel shoes, for her day of adventure. Finally, she entered her bathroom and let the warm water start filling the bathtub.

After brushing, what, hair she had on her head, Madison slowly lowered her self into the warm water, in the bath tub. As she lowered her body, into the warmth of the water, she begin to relax, causing her to close her eyes to enjoy the relief of the past weeks tensions. Slowly her body slid to the bottom, her legs bending at the knees so she was laying on her back and into the warm water. Her body now covered by the warm water, her thoughts ….. there were no more thoughts. Today was the day ….. she would walk out the KING STREET BARBER SHOP with her head shaved or she would lose her shyness as she told Glenn off.

She dried off, got dressed in a new skirt and blouse she had brought a few weeks ago, then put on the four inch high heels she also purchased that day, too. She applied her makeup as usual, then her earring.

She took one last look at herself in the mirror, brushed her clothing a little, grabbed her purse and car keys, and left for the KING STREET BARBER SHOP.

All the way there she thought of how she would tell Glenn. But, each sounded as if she was asking his permission. Slowly she beginning to feel disappointed in herself, for now she had a feeling she wanted to back out on her long time "want".

Before she could ask herself any more question, she found herself pulling into the parking area next to the barber shop. She look at her face in the rearview mirror. She wet her lips then brushed her fingers over her head.

She opened the door of the car and begin a demanding walk to the front door of the barber shop.

She did not hesitate reaching for the knob, nor pushing the door open. She stepped in seeing Glenn was cutting a young boy’s hair into a crewcut. His mother was sitting in a waiting chair and was the first customer to see her enter the shop.

"Morning Glenn", Cathy sang out as she walked to a waiting chair.

"Morning Cathy", he called back to her. "Two ahead of you".

"Fine", she replied, then begin reading a magazine. Again she realized she did not want to watch him as he cut the hair of the other customers. Nor did she notice two other customers come in behind her.

"CATHY", Glenn’s voice commanded to her to get her attention. "You’re next".

He stood shaking out the cape as she walked to the barber chair. She sat in it as she took a deep breath.

As he tossed the cape across her she spoke up, "GLENN ….. I want you to shave my head. Do not ask why ….. Just shave my head completely".

Her heart fell to her stomach, her mouth became dry, her body shook with fear …..

Looking straight ahead at herself in the mirror, she wondered if she really said what she said.

Did the other customers hear her ….. She looked at them, neither was looking at her.

"CLICK" the clippers came to life. She looked in the mirror to see Glenn standing behind her. His left hand on her left shoulder as the right hand came over the top of her head with the clippers singing loudly. He placed it in the middle of her forehead and slowly moved it back over the top of her head.

She watched as the clippers left nothing but a stubble behind. Her body begin to shiver ….. Did he hear her request!

Glann moved the clippers over her head time after time, reducing her short hair to a stubble. She noticed one of the other customers glancing a look at her, then shaking his head. The door opened, a lady walked in pushing her two sons.

"GLENN", she called out then stopped where she was. Her eyes grew large when she realized the customer in the chair was a woman, and he was moving the clippers over her head. She stood there staring until Glenn responded to her call.

Slowly she walked, pushing her sons, to a waiting chair. Her eyes were staring a Cathy, she could not take them off her.

Cathy just smiled at her, as Glenn continued buzzing her head. With the final pass made Glenn turned the clippers off and hung them under the shelf. Madison looked at herself in the mirror.

She watched as Glenn moved around behind her, then she saw him toss a large white towel into the sink. But, there was not running water, no steam. Then, she saw him pouring something in the lather dispenser, as he reached to the sink and turned on the hot water. Slowly steam grew from the sink.

He put the container back under the shelf and begin moving the towel under the hot running water. With it rung out he turned and wrapped it around her head. She closed her eyes as the warmth took control of her body.

Then, she heard the winding sound of the shaving dispenser and saw Glenn turn around. His hand had a large amount of warm shaving lather in it.

Her eyes watched as Glenn begin dabbing the lather on the top of her head.

She took a breath, her body rose, she knew Glenn heard what she told him. She sat back and watched him spread the lather over her head, then gently rubbing it in her stubbled head of hair.

She was relieved. Then, she noticed the men were now watching what Glenn was doing. The lady was holding her sons close to her, her eyes still on Madison.

She felt the warmth of another hot towel wrapping her head. He let it sit for a few minutes, then removed it and re-lathered her head. This time she felt the warm lather more, she heard it covering the stubbles on her head.

With her head all lathered Glenn choose a straight razor, from the shelf, stropped it over the leather strap, and begin shaving her head. It was as if it was not the first time she was getting her head shaved. Glenn just placed the edge of the straight razor and started shaving.

She wanted to cry out in joy, but the feeling of the sharp blade scrap away over her head to over any thoughts of it. Her mind just told her to sit back, relax, "enjoy". She did so.

Only ever so often she would glance at the other customers, specially the lady, to see if she had their attention. Which she did.

Glenn gently moved her head, tilting it when it was needed until he was making the last stroke of the razor.

She looked at herself in the mirror ….. she knew it was her. She saw her self with the hair cut she had wanted for so long. She was no longer "disappointed". She would not have to go looking for another barber.

But, then another question popped into her mind …..

She tried to think of how to ask but again she felt it was as if she was submissive. How would she ask him if she should come back once a week for him to shave her head. How would she ask him without sounding she had a fetish.

Glenn wiped the excess lather from her head with a warm cloth. Then, he spread a lotion over her head. At first there was a ‘stinging’ sensation then it slowly grew to a coolness.

He dusted her head with the hair duster, then her face. As the chair was lowered Glenn reached over her and removed the cape. As the chair came to a stop she raised her hand to her head and brushed her finger tips over her smooth skin. She took a deep breath and let it rush out, then she smiled.

Glenn stook next to the chair shaking the cape, as she stepped from the chair he called for the next customer. She stood by the waiting chairs looking at herself in the mirror …..

"I DID IT", she thought to herself. She wanted to just yell out the joy she was feeling, but did not.

She walked back to the chair and paid Glenn, giving him a nice tip. He smiled and caped the customer in the chair, who was just looking at her and shaking his head.

She walked to the door, still wondering if she should ask him ….. when …..

"SEE YOU NEXT SATURDAY", came from Glenn’s voice. She turned towards him, smiled, waived …..

"Yes", she replied, "SEE YOU NEXT SATURDAY". And, walked out the barber shop.

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