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Jenna cursed under her breath. Devlin must have put something in her drink and it had knocked her out cold. Damn him! The last thing she remembered was listening to him as he talked about their future and the importance of understanding and shared interests. She thought that she had nodded her head, but now she wasn?t all that sure. They had talked about the contract she had signed?

Damn it all! She pulled and struggled as she realized that she had been completely bound and restrained pretty much beyond any movement at all. She was lying on some kind of chair and her skin felt cool, but with the darkness, she couldn?t see much of anything. Her arms were tied firmly to the chair arms by several different placements of restraints along the length of each arm. Her legs seemed to be similarly bound, but they had been spread apart and straining to close her legs had no effect. The fact that she was completely nude slowly began to dawn on her consciousness.

All of her flesh felt the cool air. It seemed as if the darkness was actually increasing her other senses. Her inner thighs, her stomach, breasts and upper arms had responded as expected to the chilliness. Jenna didn?t need light to know that her nipples were drawn up tight and distended into hard buds. Again she tried to move, this time throwing her body into it. All she succeeded in doing was making her breasts jiggle and her nipples tingle.

She tried to move her head and realized that it had been restrained as well, held flat to the chair rest by a single strap covering her forehead and probably fastening around the whole padded rest and her head. Disgusted at being caught off guard, Jenna reluctantly acknowledged that she had most effectively been restrained. She started to scream Devlin?s name when she realized that she had also been gagged. In her mouth was one of the newest and most efficient styles of ball gags. Clearly Devlin had been a lot more serious than she had believed. He must assuredly had not appreciated her taunts, little rebellions and flaunting of his rules and testing his patience and ultimate authority.

Suddenly the lights flared brightly and forced Jenna to squeeze her eyelids tightly shut. A moment later she felt a light touch on her forehead, moving down the side of her face in a stroking caress. Opening her eyes to slits, she saw Devlin was standing beside the chair dressed in his most impressive Dominant Master outfit. When their eyes met, she moaned into the gag and pleaded with her eyes.

?Yes, Jenna darling. I know it isn?t very pleasant. As soon as we?ve accomplished a few things, I will have you released. I do apologize for the drug in your drink, but I didn?t want you injured. I knew you wouldn?t accept this restraining placidly. And it is necessary so the modifications can be achieved without hurting you or causing any damage.?

Devlin hooked a stool on wheels with his booted toe and pulled it over. He sat beside Jenna so their eyes could meet quite easily. ?We are at the club, in case you had not figured it out yet, just downstairs. You?ve never been below the public quarters before.? He leaned forward and slowly released the closure of the ball gag, easing it slowly and tenderly from within her mouth.

Jenna licked her lips immediately. She knew he would come to his senses. A second later a glass was held to her lips and she drank it quite eagerly. Only after she had swallowed did she think that it might have been drugged as well!

?Yes, my dear,? Devlin told her a moment later. ?It is drugged, but you won?t go to sleep. You will be aware, just not able to fight. I don?t want you hurting yourself. The degree of your?shall we call it determination? Well, it is stronger than you had demonstrated prior to our contract signing.?

?What is going on? Why are doing this to me Devlin?? She blinked her eyes quickly, tears welling up in them.

?Now, now Jenna. No tears. I let you sway me before with your histrionics after your last transgression. You disregarded the rules, flaunted all the agreements and flirted outrageously whenever you knew I was watching. That is when I knew that you would only respond to a complete change in the tenor of our relationship. We will reinstate our safe word upon the completion of your training and preparation, but until then,? he paused and held the glass to her mouth again.

Jenna held her lips together but Devlin merely shook his head at her. With a small smile curling his lips upwards, he pinched her nostrils shut until her lips parted. As soon as her mouth was filled, he covered her mouth and released her nose. Only when he was sure she had swallowed, did he release her mouth. He repeated this process twice more and the third time she didn?t fight him at all.

In a daze, Jenna watched as Devlin patted her cheek lightly but still she sensed his tenderness and caring. Every time he touched her she felt on fire with desire for him. The need to be with him only grew each day they were together. What had started as curiosity and lust on her part, seemed to be growing into feelings she had planned on having.

She breathed in deeply and realized already the new drug was taking effect. Her brain was completely aware and giving orders, but her body wasn?t behaving. Even when Devlin leaned over and kissed her mouth, his lips lightly biting and chewing hers and his tongue devouring hers, she could not resist. Devlin smiled as he lifted his head.

?Now you look well-kissed, sweetheart. Or perhaps it is more like the sexy little slut who deep-throated my cock for the last ten minutes we road in the limo tonight.?

Jenna could feel her cheeks flaming in embarrassment at his coarseness, but Devlin chuckled. It was in his eyes. He believed that she was done, defeated already. Her submission was his and all that remained were the finishing touches. It took effort but she shook her head side-to-side, feeling her long hair swinging. A second later she felt Devlin?s hand reach down, past her head and gather her waist-length dark auburn hair in his hand.

She had promised him her submission. More than that?she had signed a legally binding contract. It had been a conscious decision on her part. Perhaps in the beginning she had been thinking it was a game. One which had excited her looking in from the outside and had her wondering how it would feel if she were the one being submissive to her master.

?Still that last little bit of defiance, darling. Sometimes I wonder if you ever meant the words you wrote in your submission contract. You flirt with other men, refusing to follow my commands in public when you know your punishment would be impossible. If I didn?t know you better, I might think that you wanted to end this contract with me.?

Devlin released the grip on her hair and slid his other hand down to cup her mound. His fingers threaded through the long, thick and curly pubic hair. Despite his giving her two weeks to shave off her pussy fur on her own, she had resisted. She refused to shave it herself, or let him do it. He had made her an appointment at the expensive day spa for a total waxing, and she came back with only her legs and underarms done. Then he had offered to pay for laser treatments and she had rebelled. Ever since then she had been acting out with even more defiance and just recently adding the flirting.

Why was she resisting? One part of her desperately wanted to accede to his every desire. At times she knew that was the domineering part of her personality, to submit. Maybe it didn?t make any sense. Her lust for Devlin had only grown and perhaps it was fear she felt as she realized how much she cared for him. She ached to submit, but a part of her feared losing herself in him.

He stroked his fingers through the lush plush shag. ?You do have the prettiest pussy fur I?ve ever seen my dear. It is so thick, and full like dense forest protecting the secret garden.? His hand slipped down and his fingers slid across her pussy lips. ?You are getting wet, little one. You do like hearing me praise this bush don?t you? It turns you on and gets you all hot and bothered, doesn?t it? Your slit is almost dripping.?

?Soon it will be all gone. Bye-bye bush! So long pubic hair! Say your last good-bye to this hairy muff, shaggy beaver and no more long-haired pussy to pet. Oh well, you will get used to it. Nothing like a bald twat for finger fucks in the car.? Devlin wiggled his fingers between her wet lips. ?Maybe we?ll take a drive this Sunday. Out on the highway, I?ll have you sit with your skirt up to your waist and show off the new bald beauty for all the truckers. They usually blow their horns and get on the CB to let all their fellow truckers on the road know what?s coming. Pretty soon it becomes an almost constant blur of horns for the bald pussy in the convertible. Of course I?ll put the top down.?

Jenna shivered in response to Devlin?s tender taunts. He knew how humiliated she would be finding herself exposed like that to strangers, let alone rough, uncouth truckers! But ultimately he knew that it turned her on like nothing else could at times. Acknowledging that being embarrassed in front others turned her on like a firecracker had been an eye-opening event for Jenna. It was most likely what had led her to this point.

She turned her head as she heard a door open. Devlin turned as well and then looked back into her eyes. ?Here come the specialists my dear. Your transformation is about to begin. I was going to leave, but I think it will heighten your uhm?reactions?if I stay.? Devlin turned his head and smiled at the two people who had approached. They were both masked partially. ?Hello Tom. I appreciate you doing this for me.?

The other man nodded and gestured to the other person to move forward. Immediately the woman stepped into Jenna?s field of vision by kneeling at her Master?s feet. Her face was partially concealed. Her black hair was long and pulled back into a tight ponytail. She was nude except for the high heels on her feet and the leather collar that encircled her neck.

?I am happy to help, Devlin. As is Corinne, aren?t you pet??

The black haired woman nodded her head without looking up. ?Yes Master Tom. I am lucky to be allowed in the preparation of Master Devlin?s submissive.?

Jenna saw Master Tom lightly stroke his hand over Corinne?s head. When he finished, the woman glanced up briefly. ?May I apply the new mouth gag, Master??

Master Tom nodded his head. Devlin scooted back a little and Corinne stood and walked over to Jenna?s head. She reached out and pinched Jenna?s nostrils shut until her mouth opened. Immediately she inserted a small ball gag. There was a large flap, which covered her lips. The woman peeled off some paper on the underside of the flap and then lightly pressed it over Jenna?s lips.

?Breathe through your nose and you will have no problems. When it is removed, you will find that your lips are fuller than before. The change is temporary, but if your Master approves, my Master can alter them permanently.?

Jenna looked at Devlin and saw him smiling slightly. ?Hmm. Fuller lips might be nice. I?d never even considered that when we discussed the possibilities Tom.?

?There are lots of modifications available these days and most are quick outpatient procedures like this.?

?Great! Are you going to do what we talked about first?? Devlin asked, looking from Jenna to Corinne.

Tom smiled and nodded. ?I believe I will go ahead with that. Corinne bring me that table with the white cloth over here, and then fetch another stool.?

A few seconds later, Corinne was seated in front of her Master, within view of Jenna. Tom reached up and pulled the hair tie from her hair and the black silk hair fell down to cover her breasts completely.

Devlin spoke quickly. ?Tom, I?ll understand if you change your mind.?

?No, Devlin. I?m glad you brought the subject up actually. Corinne do you remember the other day at the grocery store?? He didn?t wait for her to reply. ?I saw you flirting with that checker. You are only allowed to flirt and flash your pussy when I give you permission. I had forbidden it expressly, if you recall.?

Corinne nodded her head, once. ?I decided your punishment must be something that would remind you constantly of who your Master is, and who you must obey.?

Jenna saw the man pick up a large pair of scissors. Without a word he slid them in at chin length and cut a three-inch swath of hair off. The twelve inch black strands slid to floor and revealed half of one breast. Corinne didn?t say a word, but Jenna saw the way she tensed and the tears that filled her eyes. The woman?s hair was so beautiful that cutting it seemed a crime. Tom didn?t stop though. He continued opening and closing the scissors slicing strand after beautiful strand of hair off.

In less than a minute Corinne?s long, thick mane had been reduced to a chin length bobbed cut. It was fairly even, but when Corinne lifted her tear filled gaze and asked softly, ?Are you done now, please, Master?? Tom shook his head side to side and took a comb to section her hair in a straight line at the top of her ear, all the way around her head. Clipping that up, he lifted the scissors once again. He slid them in at the level of her eye and started cutting the remaining hair off.

Tears now poured down Corinne?s cheeks silently as she was left with hair covering the top one-quarter inch of her ears. Jenna watched wondering how much worse this could get when he turned on a pair of clippers. Pushing Corinne?s head to her chest, he began buzzing straight up the back of her head to the newly cut line, edging just under it slightly. On the sides, he did the same, shearing her temples nearly bald. At this point Tom stopped and turned the stool around so he, and the others, could see how the haircut was turning out.

?What do you think, Devlin? Is this short enough??

?What guard did you leave on the clippers Tom??

?She has one quarter inch left, and I will take her to the barber tomorrow so he can taper it closer and shave the sides and nape.?

Devlin nodded, folding his arms across his chest. ?That?s a good idea. We might go with you.?

Jenna felt a sink feeling in her stomach as Devlin spoke, his eyes meeting hers. He was telling her that she was possibly getting a haircut tonight as well. Frantically she tried to turn her head, shake it side to side, but it barely moved. Devlin grinned and reached out to pick up a strand of Corinne?s cut hair. He slowly drew the long hair through his fingers. When he turned back to Corinne, Tom had released the long hair from the clip. The chin length bob covered up the damage already done.

?Is my master done?? Corinne spoke softly.

Tom shook his head. ?No, Corinne. Now sit quietly.? He cut the hair off just a little bit shorter than the under layer, which made the hair pouf out. When he was finished, it looked a mushroom was on her head, covering her head and eyes almost completely. ?You can?t see if I leave it like this, can you Corinne??

Corinne shook her head negatively. ?No Master, I can not.?

?Then I shall have to cut you some bangs then.?

From the tears that poured forth again, Jenna knew that Corinne must have taken ages to have grown her bangs out previously. She understood the other woman?s frustration. She could only hope that she would not be faced with the same problem.

Tom took the comb and drew all the hair forward from temple to temple. Pressing the hair flat with his hand, he cut straight across above her eyebrows. The hair sprang up, leaving her with bangs that were more than half an inch above her brows.

?There, that will do for now. You may go over to the mirror on the wall and see your new haircut, Corinne.?

Jenna watched as the other woman stood up reluctantly. She couldn?t see the mirror, but the sound of the sob told her Corinne had seen how her once fabulous mane of hair, a true crowning glory had been cut and clipped. And there was still the threat that more would be following tomorrow.

?Thank you, Master Tom,? Corinne spoke softly a moment later.

?Do you like you new haircut, Corinne??

?No, Master Tom. I don?t like short hair.?

?All right, Corinne. Get ready and we will proceed.?

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