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Jenna watched as Tom moved another table close the chair she was seated on. He smiled at her when he saw her watching.

?This will hurt, Jenna. I will numb some places of course, but others it wouldn?t be safe to numb prior to the procedure. Now, let us begin.?

In the background, Jenna realized some music was now playing. Tom smiled. ?I like some music while I work. Now, Devlin, shall we begin??

?Whenever you are ready??

Jenna realized that two things were happening at the same time. She could feel fingers on her mound and pulling at her pubic hair. She couldn?t lift her head, but then Devlin spoke.

?Look up at the ceiling darling. The mirrors up there will allow you to see your body modification procedures as they happen. This should be quite exciting, and probably rather embarrassing and even humiliating.?

Jenna looked up into the mirror overhead and saw that Corinne was seated between her widespread thighs and was clipping her pubic hair down to about one eighth of an inch in length. Every time her fingers brushed across the fresh stubble, Jenna shivered. By the time Corinne started to shave her, she could feel the liquid oozing out of her pussy lips.

Meanwhile Tom and Devlin were bent over and she could not see what they were doing. She was aware of a touch upon one breast, but that was all. She was more shocked finally by the sight of her bald pussy. Her cheeks flushed as she saw that her womanly folds were full and thick, and her inner lips were large, poking out to be clearly visible between her thighs and no longer hidden by the thick thatch of hair. She forgot that something else could be happening to her body.

Tom?s voice drew her attention. ?Stand up, Corinne. Show Devlin your rings so he can decide on size.?

Jenna looked in the mirror and was shocked to see the other woman?s pierced nipples. She realized that there were one-half inch diameter gold rings through Corinne?s nipples, and a gold chair hung between them. She was startled that she had not noticed the rings earlier.

?What do you think, Devlin? You want the same placement and size?? ?Hmm. I like the ring through nipple at the base so it is perpetually poking out like that, but I bought a larger ring. I thought to accent the bigger tits she was receiving, a bigger ring was needed.?

Both men seemed to shift and Jenna caught her breath as she saw just what he meant. She had not felt anything, or hardly anything, and now her breasts looked quite a lot bigger. She couldn?t say for sure, but it looked like her petite 36 B cup just developed into a whopping D or even DD cup. Her breasts appeared huge on her small torso. Suddenly she was aware of Devlin grasping her right nipple and pulling it directly upwards. There was a quick spray of numbing medicine and then a thick needle pierced her nipple at the base. The ring was inserted and locked into place.

She couldn?t see very well since both men were once more hovering over her chest, but the same procedure occurred a few seconds later. When the two men scooted back a few moments later, one-inch diameter gold rings graced each hard, quite distended nipple. Between them a chain hung, draped over her breasts. She couldn?t believe that she now had pierced nipples. Good God! She thought. What else could he do to her?

Tom was speaking again, once again having brought another tray over. ?Your new breasts are permanent. It?s a new procedure I?ve invented. No silicone or saline packets to go bad. It?s natural and yours for life. You?ll find they feel completely natural. You probably didn?t notice Corinne?s.? He turned slightly. ?Come here, love.?

Corinne crossed to stand beside her master, where Jenna could see her. Tom reached out and casually cupped her right breast. ?You wouldn?t guess it now, looking at these beauties, Jenna, but once Corinne was a double A and almost flat as a pancake.? He paused and lightly squeezed and then jiggled and bounced the pretty full tit in his hand. ?Now she has these lovely B?s and we are quite pleased with them. Yes indeed. They make the perfect gift because it is something you both can enjoy. Before you know it you will have forgotten what you had before. These beauties will be bouncing and jiggling with every step you take.?

?You know Devlin,? Tom paused, still idly bouncing Corinne?s breast. ?The bounce you get with high heels is much nicer than with the old style of augmentation. With the rings and chains, you?ll be hearing jingling music all the time, especially if you use the multiple chains.?

?Like my own wind chime!?

Tom nodded, squeezing Corinne?s tit once more. ?Only you will have a pair of tit chimes!?

Both men laughed and Jenna felt a tear slide down her cheek as she stared up into the mirror at her new, huge breasts. She?d have to buy all new bras and she could never go braless again. With those rings in her nipples, they would be hard and poking big tents against anything she wore. From this position, it was hard to guess, but it looked like her poor abused nipples were protruding more than three-quarters of an inch! Dear God! She?d probably have men ogling her everywhere she went. She?d had a nice figure before but now she?d be centerfold size, or like the women you found on the ?big tit? websites!

Then she remembered Devlin?s rules about bras and panties! She be bouncing and jiggling all the time. Devlin had appeared to enjoy spending time idly toying with her breasts before this. In the car he would reach over and begin fondling her nearest breast. He had purchased several short waisted blouses which allowed him to easily slip his hand from her belly upwards to cup one or both boobs. She wondered how it would be now. Would his fascination with her bosoms increase exponentially with her increase in cup size? Maybe he?d never leave house, spending all his time sucking on a tit. Tears started again.

?Corinne, apply that special mixture of mine to Jenna?s pussy now. Set the timer for fifteen minutes.? Tom spoke to his submissive and then turned to Devlin. ?You?ll like this, Devlin. This hair remover completely dissolves the root and gives you no hair growth for at least a month, and on some hair types as long as six months! With Jenna?s red hair and pale skin, the six months is pretty probable.?

?Damn it all Tom that sounds amazing.? Devlin reached down and cupped Jenna?s smooth mound. ?Perhaps you should have shaved when I first requested, darling. Like I said in the beginning, it is all about control. Taking and giving of power, releasing your control while another assumes management over you. Do you regret signing your submission contract??

Jenna shook her head side to side in her mind, but it barely moved.

Devlin reached out and caressed her cheek. ?Should I tell her what you did before she woke up the first time Tom, or leave it as a surprise??

?I?d tell her, Devlin. Give her some time to adjust to the idea mentally.?

Jenna felt fear rise up inside her. What else could they possibly have done? Frantically her eyes moved over her body?s reflection in the mirror on the ceiling. But she couldn?t see anything different.

?You can?t see it from this view darling. Tom gave you a bigger butt!? Devlin smiled when he saw Jenna?s eyes go wide with fear. It was true a woman?s second greatest fear was a fatter caboose! ?Corinne, turn around and show Jenna yours!?

?Yes, Corinne. Turn around.?

Jenna watched as the woman, whose black hair now looked ridiculously short, and even childish, slowly turned away from her. Her gaze lowered to Corinne?s bottom. The woman definitely seemed to have much fuller, rounder ass cheeks than her overall size indicated.

?Since you are still gloved Tom, do you mind if I demonstrate??

?Sure Dev.?

Devlin stepped close to Corinne and reached down to cup one cheek. ?I know it?s hard to tell since you didn?t see her before, but she was pretty flat in the rear end area. Isn?t that right, Corinne??

?Yes, Master Devlin.?

Tom smiled. ?It makes doggie style more enjoyable for us both, wouldn?t you say so Corinne??

?Yes, Master Tom.?

?What is different, Corinne?? Devlin asked quietly.

?My Master has more to bounce off of now. He likes the sound his balls make when they slap my pussy and new plump ass.?

Jenna shivered at the other woman?s words. Doggie style was something Devlin always wanted to do, but she had been resistant and he had given in each time so far. Something told her he would be bouncing off her ass quite soon as Corinne had just described. She had no doubt that Devlin?s big balls would definitely bounce and slap loudly too. Also, kneeling would make her big boobs hang as well. Devlin had spent a lot of time focused on breasts prior to this. Now with them being bigger and pierced, she was sure he?d be reaching out to cup and squeeze them all the time. Once, upstairs, she had seen a Master leading his slave around with just such a chain between her nipple rings like she had now. Dear God! Would Devlin now want her to parade around naked and walk her like his prize puppy?

Almost as if Devlin read her mind, he smiled. His finger hooked under the chain and lifted it slightly. ?Shall I lead you around like my prized ?pussy???

Jenna caught his play on words and flushed brightly. What else could he do to her she wondered? She had broken every single promise from her contract during her rebellion. Maybe she had done it expecting him to exact retribution. Until now she had avoided thinking about why she had rebelled at all. It wasn?t because she wanted out?

?Well, Tom, what do you think??

Jenna saw Tom look her over slowly.

?I think as soon as the cream is done we should finish up there.?

?It is time now, Master. May I rinse the hair remover off??

?Yes, Corinne. Clean her completely and then apply the skin antiseptic thoroughly.?

The cool water washed down over her mound and pussy lips. Corinne patted her skin dry and then antiseptic was poured freely. Jenna gasped at the coolness, but there was no sting. Tom moved to take Corinne?s place and he directed her to bring the piercing tray to him. Devlin caught her startled gaze.

?I decided that since you have such a pretty, plump pussy and your hood sticks out so much, we might as well accent them. Tom is going to pierce your hood, but not your clit. We might do that later.? Devlin sat down and moved the stool so he could speak softly to Jenna.

?How does it feel having another man?s hands on your body for the first time Jenna? Is it as arousing as you feared, but still imagined? I found your diary and read it the other day. When I suggested you keep a diary, I didn?t expect quite such interesting revelations.?

?You mean your slave dared to write that she wanted to fuck another man??

?That is partly why we are making all these changes Tom. I think Jenna needed a wake up call. What do you think of her plump pussy? Do you think any other man is going to want to fuck it??

Jenna suddenly tried to focus more clearly. Surely they had not added to her pussy lips? Why would they give her fatter lips? God! They were making her mouth fuller so maybe they had just decided to do those lips too!

Jingle! Jingle! Jingle!

Jenna looked in the mirror again. Hanging from her flesh was a set of rings, that when touched, or if she walked without her panties on, they would jingle and jangle a little melody. She closed her eyes in disbelief.

?All right, time for the piece de resistance!?

Jenna felt the chair being adjusted beneath so that she was more upright and the neck rest was removed. Her hair fell down over the chair. Devlin handed Corinne a brush and she began brushing the long, thick hair.

?Master Devlin?s slave has such beautiful hair,? Corinne murmured as she brushed. For a moment she paused and reached up to touch her now shorn hair. ?Are you going to cut her hair like mine, Master Devlin??

Devlin grinned. ?I?m not sure. It is beautiful hair. If I cut it off as a pony tail, what could I do with the hair??

?I made a whip once. Corinne?s hair wouldn?t have been long enough, but this certainly would be, especially if we cut it at the nape, or even higher.?

?A whip!? Devlin looked at Tom questioningly.

?Sure! I?d be happy to make you one. It could be ready in about a week. It takes that long for the leather to cure. They make beautiful conversation pieces as well. If you use it regularly, it will break the hair and deteriorate the whip.? Tom paused to check the shears and the clippers. ?Oh, you probably want to get the camera and start filming. From start to finish, these things can fetch a fair amount of money, depending on the final cut.?

Jenna watched as Devlin stepped away and began getting out a video camera. ?How should we do the ponytail??

?Hmm. I?ll film; you hold the tail straight out and we?ll let Corinne cut it off. That might help make up for her losing all of hers. Would you like to cut this beautiful hair, darling?? Tom smiled at his eager sub.

?Yes, Master, please.? Corinne turned away and picked up the scissors, clicking them eagerly.

?Patience, Corinne,? Tom told her. ?We need to put the rubber bands in first. Yes, like that and quite close to her nape. All right Dev, pull it taut and you start cutting Corinne.?


Jenna heard the blades click loudly but didn?t feel anything yet, just the pulling against her head. Tom moved the mirror that had been fixed on one of the tables so she had a full view of the cutting. And then it came. It was a sawing noise and the pulling on her hair changed. It was harder and yet less at the same time, changing each time the blades of the scissors opened and closed. Each partial closing of the blades separated more and more hair from her head. A hand pressed against her head, pushing in the opposite direction of the pulling now. More and more hair was being cut and Corinne?s hand was getting tired but she wasn?t giving up. Even though Jenna had not had anything to do with her hair cut, she thought that `Corinne was getting back at her Master perhaps by cutting Jenna?s hair.

Suddenly the pressure was gone! Her head jerked free with the last loud schnick. Hair fell forward onto her cheeks. There was so much of it that it covered most of her face with just her nose visible in the two-inch gap down the center of her face. She couldn?t resist swinging her head as much as possible to free her vision. In the mirror she saw Devlin holding the magnificent four feet of hair in his hand. Corinne was clicking the scissors in the air and Tom continued to film. She was unaware that the camera was focused on her face capturing the horror she felt as she saw the long hair, which was no longer attached to her head. Tears had streaked over her cheeks and now the collar-length bobbed hair stuck to the wet skin in places.

?Okay, we?ll switch on the camera, Dev.?

Jenna watched as the two men changed positions. Devlin could watch her reactions easily as well as continue to film her haircut and more importantly, her reactions and emotions.

?I?ll let you know when I think you should change for a different view Devlin.?

?Whatever you say, Tom. You still want to do this in the different stages??

?Yeah. Like I said, it will make the film play better. Say ?bye bye hair,? Jenna! Here it goes!?

Jenna felt the fear rising up inside her again. Her collar length bob wasn?t good but it was better than looking like a mushroom head like Corinne! Tom didn?t waste any time though and slid the scissors in at chin level.


Two inches of hair slid down, catching on her breasts in places.

?Schnick! Schnick!?

The hair on the left side of her was now at the bottom of her ear lobe. The more length he cut, the more her hair seemed to grow in volume, fullness, like puffiness almost. As Tom continued snipping away across the back, Jenna saw how the thick hair, ending above her jaw line, made her face look fuller, rounder.

?There we go, Devlin, an ear tip bob. Simple, plain and pretty much care free. What do you think??

Jenna watched as Devlin moved with the camera around to the back. She felt his fingers reach out to touch the thick blunt cut hair at her nape. ?This is kind of thick and messy. I will leave it up to you, Tom, but I think it makes her neck look fat.?

Jenna stiffened as she heard Corinne giggle softly. The other woman needed to look in a mirror, she thought angrily. She had no business laughing at her haircut.

?I think you would find an angular bob more attractive. It will slope up at the back,? he touched his fingers to Jenna?s occipital bone. ?Here will be the blunt undercut, and then I will clipper cut the back like I did for Corinne. I?ll go up underneath a little for it to lie a little better. I can cut it so it curls under and makes like a shelf, like the old wedge.?

?Okay Tom, and if I don?t like it we?ll just go shorter!? Devlin looked right at Jenna, grinning.

Immediately the scissors cut across the back of her head, more than half way up her ears. He sectioned the hair like he had for Corinne. All the hair above the line he?d cut across the back was clipped up. A moment later the clippers came on.

?I?ll cut this to one quarter inch and we?ll let the barber make it fancy tomorrow.?

The clippers started at her nape as her head was pushed forward. Hair fell down her back and her shoulders, and then some flitted down, across and even clung to her big breasts with each pass, over and over, from directly behind one ear to the other. Turning the clippers over, he proceeded to cut a sharp line at the top. The clip was removed and hair rained down. Tom took a comb and pulled it through the hair quickly. He used the clippers to take the hair half an inch shorter on the sides.

Tom set the clippers down. ?Corinne, get us each soda from the machine in the lobby please. We?ll take a break for a moment. Why don?t you film the back Devlin and see what you think??

Jenna watched as Devlin moved around her slowly, filming. He sat down beside Tom a few moments later and they both drank from the cold sodas. Jenna saw that Corinne stood quietly to the side, her hands folded in front of her so that her breasts were pushed together to form a deep cleavage and her eyes downcast.

?What do you think, Dev?? Tom asked quietly, sipping his soda.

Jenna looked into the mirror when she knew Devlin was looking at her. Her beautiful thick hair now ended high on her cheeks revealing about half her ear in these two flat wings, or flaps on either side of her face. Without bangs, a large part of her face was covered by the straight hair, which without the length to pull it down, bounced up quite fully and thickly. She couldn?t see the back, but she knew it was clipper cut at least half way up the back, and it was quite possible she had a shelf of hair sticking out like the flaps on the sides of her face.

Jenna knew her hair was the kind that was supposed to be worn long. If it was short, then it needed to be a taper cut, thinned and really styled to take care of the thickness. If Tom wasn?t careful, Jenna feared she would end up with the puffed out wedge look Corinne had now. Tom voiced her worst fears.

?She looks like a dog with long ears that hang over its face, so only her eyes and her nose are visible. Sorry, Dev. I didn?t realize her hair was so thick. I don?t have the skill to layer it, nor do I have any thinning shears. The barber will have one tomorrow.?

?True, but we wanted to show them off tonight. Why don?t you just cut it like Corinne?s? That would probably work until tomorrow.?

Jenna shook her head and it definitely moved this time. Devlin smiled.

?Good. It?s starting to wear off right on time, Tom. You had best hold still, Jenna, if you want to have two ears missing when we are done.?

Tom stood up and picked up the clippers. Using his palm, he pressed the hair flat and then the clipper took it off quickly. Tom went around Jenna?s head like that, cutting it off at the top of her ears. Unfortunately for Jenna, Tom?s pressing the hair flat allowed for a really straight edge, but also stretched it somewhat. When the remaining hair was released, it sprang up about half an inch shorter. When Tom was done, Jenna had a severely wide wedge all the way around her head, which started half an inch above her ears.

Since it was that short, it was above her eyebrows, nearly halfway up her forehead. Tom used his comb to pull hair forward, doing away with the part. He glanced over at Devlin.

?I can even this up all around so it will be the same length all the way round.?

Devlin moved around with the camera one more time, letting the film capture all angles of the new haircut. ?Hmm. If you do that it will make it look she has a reddish-brown bowl on her head.?

He paused and looked at Jenna. She felt like he was reading her mind. He had often watched her spend a long time on her hair each day. Brushing it took a long time, and she had spent her entire allowance last week on very expensive shampoo and conditioner. It was in his gaze for her to read. This haircut was to teach her a lesson?quite possibly more than just one lesson. She had derived her vanity from her hair. In her opinion it had been her most prized possession. It was her shining glory just as it had been for women centuries early. To lose her hair, or the beauty of it, was going to make a dramatic difference in her appearance and attitude. She knew that this is what Devlin wanted to achieve with this haircut. As to the rest, she wasn?t sure yet.

Devlin was nodding his head. ?Cut it with the bangs.?

Tom smiled and proceeded to continue cutting once again. Finally he clipper cut the temples to the one fourth inch, over the tops of her ears, and up about half an inch under the wedge all the way around, in the hope the wedge might lie slightly flatter. Unfortunately, it didn?t but added the fullness right at the bottom.

Jenna?s tears had stopped running down her cheeks as Tom finished with her haircut. Devlin had continued filming the whole time, catching each scissor cut, clipper shave and tear shed. Devlin knew that she would be completely humiliated by the time tonight ended. Tomorrow at the barber would merely cement the humiliation.

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