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Rick arrived early in town to make a few sales calls. He decided to stop by his favorite Donut Shop and see his favorite donut girl. Her name was Rebecca and she was in her early 20’s. Her best feature was her long black thick hair that danced around her waist when she walked. Her worst feature was her face. It was a face that only a mother could love so to speak. She had a nice figure and the hair ended at a nicely shaped rear end. She usually wore her hair up in a high ponytail or a simple braid. Once or twice he had seen it loose and it a beautiful sight. He lusted after that hair and hoped someday to get up close and personal with it.

Today was his lucky day as when he arrived she had it down loose and when she turned around he grabbed his new cell phone and took a few pictures of it. His timing was bad it seemed as Rebecca and her boss where having a heated argument about Rebecca needing more hours and a cash advance. Her boss said that neither could be done. She recognized Rick and expressed to him a desperate need for cash. He gave her his order and when she turned around to the shelves he took a few more picture with his new cell phone. Rick got his order and then got a risky idea.

He went to his car and wrote a short note;" I might be able to help you out with extra money. See me tonight at 7pm in the Holiday Inn lobby and bring a bathing suit. Nothing illegal involved." He placed the note in an envelope and told her to open it on her break. Rick along with the sales calls made a stop at the bank.

Rick went down to the lobby about 6:45pm and ten minutes later he saw Rebecca walking in with her hair in a high ponytail. Rick asked her to go with him to the lounge. Rick spoke" I see you read my note and I bet your curious. Now, I overheard you tell your boss and then you told me that you needed some extra cash. I don’t care what you need it for. Now, lets go up to my room where we can get down to my proposition in private. Is that ok with you?" She nodded her head and they headed toward the elevator. Rich watch the black thick ponytail dance on the back of Rebecca. It had a shine all it’s own.

When they got to his room Rick told her to take a seat in the chair sitting in the room and Rick goes and gets an envelope from his briefcase. The moment of truth was approaching. He came up from behind Rebecca and touching her hair he spoke" I want to buy your hair." When he said that he gave her a $100 bill from the envelope. Rebecca replied shocked" You want to buy my hair !. For what and who?" Rick spoke " I have a friend who deals in human hair extensions. When you turned around this morning I took a picture of your hair with my cell phone and sent it to him. He called me back this afternoon and is definitely interested in your hair. How much do you want for it?" Rebecca undoes her pony tail and looks at her long locks. " I love my hair and have never had it cut short. I have never even given any thought to cutting it." Rick takes another $100 bill from his envelope and gives it to Rebecca. Rick speaks again" Now, Rebecca you need money and your hair is a renewable resource as it will grow back." Rick runs is fingers through Rebecca’s thick hair. Rebecca, my friend says he needs at least 24 inches to make the deal. That would put it to the top of your shoulders."

" I don’t know how much I’d sell it for. I’ve never thought about it" says Rebecca. Rick tells her " Ok, Rebecca we are going to play a little game. My friend told me how much he would buy your locks for. Now, in this envelope I have $100 to that amount. I will start putting them in your hand. When you have enough money to take care of your extra cash needs you say yes. Should I run out of money before you say yes then the deal is off. Does that sound ok?" Rebecca nods her head and the dealing begins. Soon before Rick runs out of money and sooner that he had actually thought Rebecca says " yes". Rick lets out a silent yippee!

Now the fun starts. Rick tells her to go into the bathroom and put on her bathing suit. Rebecca goes in and changes. She fills it out nicely. Rick takes out his handheld shower attachment and has Rebecca lean over in the sink. He puts Pantene shampoo and her lovely Pantene black hair. He really enjoys sudsing her head up and then rinsing it. He takes a hairdryer and towel and dries her thick hair tell it is still slightly damp. He takes her over to the chair and puts a cape over her. He pulls the thick mass of hair out and upward. He then takes a wide tooth comb and combs out the tangles. He then takes out a finer comb and does it over. He looks at a nervous Rebecca and speaks" Are you ready?" She looks at her long hanging hair and says " Yes". Rick doesn’t care to measure. He takes out his scissors and places them right below her ear. He combs out the first section and snip, snip, snip goes the scissors. They are cutting through the damp hair easy. He lifts the long shiny lock up and takes it over to the bed and lays it on some white towels he has laid there. He goes back to Rebecca and sections off another section. Snip, Snip, is the sound that Rebecca hears but by now she doesn’t care. She is concentrating on what she will do first with the money. Rick lays another tail of hair on the towels. He take out his measuring tape…thirty inches of black beautiful hair that will look magnificent when dry. It doesn’t take long for Rick to work his way around Rebecca’s head. Soon, there is only a section of hair left hanging down the back of the chair. What he has lusted for all these months is literally in his grasp. Snip, snip, snip and the last piece is placed on the towels. The white towels are covered in a black mass of hair. Rick blow dries Rebecca’s now bobbed hair and takes out the clippers. He buzzed the nape and tapers up the back. She really doesn’t look bad with short hair. He pulls the cape off and announces all done and hands Rebecca her money. She goes over to the bathroom mirror and says " Not bad, not bad at all. I can get use to this look." She closes the bathroom door and puts on her regular cloths. Rick and her exchange good bye pleasantries.

Rick take the hair on the towels and places it on paper towels in a sweater box he picked up so it will dry. It is just beautiful soft shiny locks. Course there is no friend who does hair extensions. He is that person. The thick black hair will make a nice addition to his collection. This has been a lucky sales trip for him indeed..

Hope you liked Story Mr. Snips.

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