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Rick was still in town making sales calls when he got back to his hotel the clerk told him he had an urgent message. He handed it to him. It was from Rebecca and had a phone number. Rick called it and Rebecca proceeded to tell him that she had a friend who wanted the same money and had an equal amount of hair. She told him that she and her friend would be at his room at 7pm.

Rick heard a knock on his door at 7pm. He opened it and there stood Rebecca with her new short haircut from the night before. However, was an Angel with long blonde hair that was over the top of her breast and near her belly button. Where Rebecca wasn’t too pretty her friend was beautiful and had a face made for modeling. Rick says: " Hi Rebecca, I’m glad you liked your new look. Now, is this the friend you told me about?" "Yes, this is my friend Heather and as you can see she has a great head of this blonde hair." She turns Heather around and moves the hair. " Now, I’m going to leave you two alone so that you can have a nice evening. I’ll see your new look tomorrow Heather."

Rick tells Heather to sit down in the chair he used the night before. He then speaks" Ok, Heather, how much are you willing to cut off for the same money I gave Rebecca last night?" Heather speaks in a nice soft voice " I want you to chop most of it off. I want it cut short, short, down to no more than two inches. I want to experiment with different hairstyles as it grows out. I don’t care how you do it but I want you to cut it off with me topless. I’ve always fantasized about having that done. Can you do it that way?" Rick is standing in stunned silence for a moment. This beautiful girl with thick blonde hair that hangs long wants him to chop it off and her be topless. He pinches himself. " Sure, I can do that. I will make short work of it." Heather then proceeds to remove her blouse and bra. She is really built and has a beautiful body.

Rick decides he wants to cut it like he has always fantasized about too. He pulls the long hair into a high tight ponytail near the top of Heather’s head. He then grabs the clippers and buzzz, buzzz, buzzz, they chew their way through the golden locks. He can only guess that at the least the ponytail is three feet in length. It only take a few minutes for the massive pony to swing free. It leave un uneven mess behind but he grabs a two inch guard and puts it the clippers. He reignites them and tell Heather to till her head back. He starts and pushes them backward. A mass of short hair tumbles off into her lap and on top of her sizeable breast. He then tell her to tip her head forward and he reverses the process and more hair tumbles off. He has a nice short haircut and he clips her neck and evens things out. She really looks cute now instead of beautiful. It has taken only twenty minutes from start to finish.

Rick tells her to into the shower and rinse herself off. He then hears another surprise when Heather speaks. " Rick, why don’t you come into the shower with me and help me get these clippings off my back where I can’t reach". Rick can’t get his cloths off fast enough. He jumps in the shower and hear another shocker " Rick, I’ve been in the Donut shop when you have come in. While you were admiring Rebecca’s long black hair I’ve been admiring your cute ass.. Now, lets have an erotic evening together and you can forget about the money. I’ll give you my long ponytail at no charge as long as you play with my really tail and you ride me tonight if you know what I mean."

Rick was in High Heaven. No wonder Rebecca had told Heather she would see her tomorrow. Rick was the one who had been had this time. A night that included cutting off a ton of blonde hair and sex afterward. You couldn’t beat it. Sometimes it pays to be in town at the right place at the right time.

Hope you liked Story Mr. Snips.

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