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Claire looked in through the shop window, she had only just had her hair trimmed here the week before but she needed it to be done again. She entered the shop, it was busy, there was only one seat remaining. The stylist at the middle station looked over and gave Claire a knowing smile?

Sue was clipping a young girls head small fluffs of hair floated down to the floor. The young girl’s mother smiled as she watched the hair get shorter and shorter. Claire loved to watch hair being cut, and also getting hers cut, well trimmed anyway. This was the fourth time she had been in for a trim in nearly as many weeks. Her own hair was a pretty dark blonde colour and thick with it, it reached way down her back and five weeks ago almost touched her waist. Now it was about four inches short of her waist.

Claire had always made sure that she always got her hair cut in the side chairs never in the middle chair as there seemed to be something strange about it, at least that’s what she thought.

Sue sneaked a look in the mirror at Claire she knew what her game was and today she was going to have some fun with her. Sue knew that this lovely long haired girl obviously loved to watch short haircuts being done, and today she planned that Claire would get one herself.

Zena and Liz both looked over to where Claire was seated and both in turn grinned at Sue who gave them a quirky smile, they knew Sue had a short haircut planned for this girl.

Claire watched as Sue finished running the clippers over the young girls head, this indeed was a good day to be sat watching haircuts. Another youngish women, who was with her boyfriend, stood up and walked slowly to the chair as Sue beckoned her. The women looked back over her shoulder as her boyfriend offered a few words of encouragement to her. He obviously wanted her to go nice and short, his own hair was cut into a nice flat top. The girl approached the chair nervously and ran a hand through her long dark hair.

"Don’t worry your be fine" he smiled at her.

The girl stepped up into the chair, she felt so small in the big leather chair. Claire’s eyes lit up as the girl eased herself back into the comfy looking chair. Sue immediately asked the girl to hold her hair up out of the way as she flicked open the cape and tied it neatly around her neck. The cape covered her completely, and then Sue arranged her long dark hair and shaped it so as it flowed over her shoulders and into her lap.

"My you have such lovely hair, now don’ tell me you just want it trimmed right?"

The girl squirmed in the chair.

"Ah no I was wondering could you cut it short, nice and short." The girl blushed.

"Why sure I can, would you like me to use the clippers like I did on the last young girl.?

"Oh yes please nice and neat please."

"Coming up dear, coming up."

Sue attached the smallest guard to the Oster’s then they burst into life. The girl jumped as she realised that they were at her forehead, but smiled as they started to be pushed back towards her crown. Soon her long hair was piling into her lap, she smiled at herself in the mirror as she watched length after length reduced to nothing. Her boyfriend was on the edge of his seat, obviously the haircut met with his approval. Within only 10 minutes her haircut was finished. All gone nice and neat. The girl rubbed her hands over her newly shorn head and her face lit up, she was happy, very happy with the result, her boyfriend left an unusually big tip for Sue.

By now the queue was dwindling, Liz and Zena were working faster than usual and Claire had to be sure not to have her trim with Sue in the fateful centre chair. Although it did look inviting! Two more women were now sitting down in Liz and Zena’s chairs, as Sue caped yet another victim, a young girl again with her mother. The girl had been telling her mother in no uncertain terms that there was no way in this lifetime that she was getting her hair cut, trimmed but not cut.

Claire sat thinking "oh yes you are you little brat, your going to have it cut nice and short"

Claire sat and smiled as a change of heart came over the girl once in the chair.

The mother was just telling Sue to cut her daughter’s mid length hair into a nice short bob, when the young girl in the chair pipes up and asks for a crew-cut just like her brother’s, no 1 all over. The mother just stood in silence and then told Sue to go ahead and take it all off. Sue just smiled and reached for her clippers.

Zena had finished with her client and told Sue she was just popping out to get some lunch and would be back in an hour. Claire was worried she now needed to get in Liz’s chair or else she could be in trouble, as she would be next. Liz finished her client, a young women who was sporting a nicely cut bob. Claire rose to her feet only to find that the women’s son was walking over to the vacant chair his mother helped him into her chair. The young lad did not want his hair cut and started causing Liz some problems as he just would not sit still for her as she tried to tie the cape around him. Claire turned her gaze back to Sue who had clipped the young girl in record time and was just brushing her off. She looked good with her crew-cut and was overjoyed with the feeling it was giving her as she ran her fingers through it. The girls mother paid and left.

Claire quickly looked around the shop hoping to see someone else waiting in the shadows!


"Excuse me your next." Claire was still looking aimlessly around but to no avail.

"Sorry I just thought."

Sue now walked over to Claire and offered to take her jacket as she still had it on.

"Oh um, yes thanks." Claire looked over to Liz and and tried to explain that Liz usually cut her hair.

"That’s it come on over to my chair, you come in quite a lot don’t you Claire, for trims that is" Sue took her by the arm and guided her quite forcefully over to her chair.

Claire held back when she got to the big chair.

"Go on up you get Claire."

Claire gripped her hand onto the armrest this wasn’t going to happen no way.

Oh come on now Claire you have to get into my chair if you want your lovely long hair cut I can’t do it with you stood up now can I. She was talking to her like a naughty little girl.

"Come on darling up you get."

Claire looked around she wasn’t going to have this, she would just leave she wouldn’t be humiliated by this, this women.

The young lad and his mother left the shop Sue called over to Liz to lock the door and pull the blinds down for her. This done Liz walked over to Sue and Claire who were locked together by the arms. Liz be a dear and help me get Claire up into the chair she’s being a naughty little girl and won’t do as she’s told. Liz got on one side and Sue on the other and together they helped young Claire up into the nice comfy chair. Within seconds the scene changed as Claire now knew that she wanted her hair cut just like all the other girls. Yes, just like all the others she wanted it cut nice and neat. It felt good sitting there no worries, just the overwhelming feeling of serenity, peacefulness and most of all wanting to get all that messy hair cut all off. A large cape was thrown over Claire’s body as Liz held the thick blonde hair up high, Sue fastened it tightly around her pretty neck. The pony was released and the gorgeous hair looked good in contrast to the clean white cape. Sue then handed Claire the large pair of scissors and together Liz and her watched as Claire hacked into her own hair with them. The near waist length hair was thrown onto the floor piece by piece. Sue and Liz slipped their hands under the cape and fondled Claire’s ample bosom as she just carried on snipping and clipping all of her own hair off. In places it was barely an inch long other bits were six inches long.

"Oh Claire look at you your hair is all different lengths, here, look take the clippers, I’ll take this silly old guard off, you don’t need that, and then you can cut it all off so that it’s all the same length, there that’s it turn them on, there that’s right dear cut it all off."

The clippers hummed Claire raised them to her forehead and pushed them back through into the hair on top. Different lengths fell down into the already overflowing cape. She smiled happily as she removed as much hair from her head as she could. Liz helped with the back and sides and ran her own clippers all over Claire’s head. There were now two sets of clippers working hard to remove all of this wonderfully thick healthy hair. The white cape was covered in gorgeous dark blonde hair. Huge lengths slid to the floor to meet the growing pile. Half an hour later her hair was gone, a mere memory, had she really had long hair? Claire knew now that she would be coming in for a trim more often. Sue and Liz both kissed her gently and continued to fondle her wonderful body. 

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