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Suzie was sitting in her prison cell, still cuffed with her hands on her back and a chain around her middle going down to her legs where her feet also where cuffed. She was thinking what all had happened the last hours. Coming into this prison camp, where she had to take off all her clothes to get dressed in the grey prison uniform, the female guards with there leather trench coats, white nylon shirts, black ties and crewcuts. But the biggest shock for her was her visit at the barber where she was shaved completely bald. All her beautiful long shiny black hair was shaved away with a pair of clippers after one of the female guards had strapped her in the barber chair. After that her head was feeling very cold in the fresh air of the prison. Even, it was a kind of new sensation to feel her cold ears and she had to be honest to herself, it did not feel bad at all. She was looking around her prison cell which contained off concrete white walls and a solid metal black door. At the wall was a little sink with a mirror above it. Although she was cuffed on hands and foot she was able to walk. She decided to walk slowly to the little mirror, not falling over here leg cuffs. Finally she reached the mirror and start looking in it. What she saw was her bald head, and further down the grey prison uniform. Her ears where standing a little bit out. She was at a certain way fascinating at it. She never had seen her head like that before. All her live she wore her hair very long and now she was completely bald! She looked further down and saw her grey prison uniform, the grey shirt and the black tie, that was tightly knotted around her neck, the skirt coming down till her knees and her grey leather tunic. She realized that she had to wear this uniform for the next coming five years and that her head should be shiny bald all that time. There was no way out. She was afraid what should happen next. Although she was just a short time here, the female guards look very serious for her. She walked back to the rough seat and sit again. This cell should be hers for the first coming three months. She heard some footsteps coming into the direction of her cell, then she heard a key unlocking the door.

The guard she was most afraid of was standing in the door. She still wore her long leather coat which looked quit impressive on Suzie now. She had put the collar of her coat up covering her neck and half her ears while her black tie was still tightly put around her neck. The black collar gave a quit good contrast with the blank skin of the guards crewcut. The guard walked into the cell and grabbed Suzie at her arm. She told Suzie to come with her. Suzie should get familiar with the first part of her training program now. They walked slowly through the dark hallway while the fresh air was surrounding Suzies bald head even more then before. It was quit difficult to walk with her cuffed legs and hands cuffed behind her back. After a few minutes walk they enter another room that was filled with all kind of equipment and black things that looked like whips. Furthermore some chains and ropes where hanging out of the ceiling. The guard slammed the door behind Suzies back and command her to walk to the middle of the room. Next she start taking away Suzies hand and foot cuffs and barked at Suzie that she should start undressing herself. Suzie took off her shoes, tunic and tie followed by her skirt and grey shirt. The guard walked around her and inspected her, she paid special attention to Suzies front. Then she took Suzies left arm and put a certain kind of collar around her polse. The same happened with her right arm. After that her left and right arms where attached to two chains hanging out of two posts. The guard start winded the chains up so that Suzies arms where spread. After that the guard putted collars around her ankles and attached those to two other chains also coming from the posts. The guard also winded those two chains up till Suzies legs where wide spread. After that she adjusted the chains connected to Suzies arms, so that those also where stretched to a maximum. Suzie was now in a very uncomfortable position. The female guard walked away to a table where she took something from. When she walked back, Suzie saw that she had a cup filled with lather and a sharp razor knife. Suzie start fearing what should come next. And she was right. The guard started lathering the hair between her legs. The cold lather made her trilling. After the lather was put up, the guard took the sharp razor knife and start scrapping away all the hair between her legs. She worked very fast and Suzie could see that she was quit experiences in it. After a while the guard looked very satisfied. Then the hair under her left and right arms followed. This hair was also removed totally. She told Suzie that her induction was nearly complete. The most important places where shaved bald now. In this prison camp hair was no issue. The guard told Suzie that it was a very effective way to punish prisoners and she liked to shave prisoners. The guard took away the chains that where attached to her legs. Then she did the same with the chains attached to her arms. The guard took a pair of other chains coming down form the roof, grabbed Suzies arms again and attached these to her arms. Now she start lifting Suzies arms up. She only stopped when Suzies feet could not touch the floor anymore. Suzie feels a sharp pain in her arms now. She was hopeless hanging above the floor. The guard walked away again. When she came back Suzie saw that she had a leather whip in her hands. The guard told Suzie that every new prisoner should receive 10 strokes with a leather whip to start understanding why they where here. Then she walked to Suzies back. After a few seconds a loud sound was filling the room, short after that Suzie feels the stroke of the whip touching her back and a sharp pain was coming up added to the pain she already had hanging on the ceiling with her arms tight up. Another stroke came and again and again. Finally the guard stopped while she said to Suzie that every time she obeyed the rules in the prison she should receive some strokes from a single tail leather whip. The guard untied Suzie from the chains and she was able to stand on the floor again, with pain almost all over her body. Dress again shouted the guard to Suzie now. Suzie took her gray prison shirt and start dressing. She had some difficulties knotting her tie, a long time ago she tried it once, but now she hardly remembered. The guard looked at her and told her that this has to be done secure otherwise she can expect punishment. For now the guard helped her finishing it. She ended up to put her leather tunic on again and put the beret on her bald head. The guard cuffed her hands behind her back, put the chain around her middle and attached the end of the chain to her foot cuffs again. Then she was taken out of the room. The walked to the hallway till they reached the door to outside. When Suzie came out she saw about 6 women standing in a military attitude. The same gray prison uniforms as Suzie had and all with shaved heads. Three more female guards where looking at them. The guard told Suzie to walk to the line with the other woman and start staying in the same military attitude as the other woman. Before she could do so she took away her leg cuffs and the chain covering her middle. Only the hand cuffs stay. The guard told Suzie to spread her legs, to udder her breast and chin. Her hand should be at her back, but they where still cuffed behind her back, like the other woman. The guard took her beret from her head, so did the other guard with the other female prisoners. Now inspection of the uniform clothes followed. Everything piece of the uniform had to fit exactly. The tie correctly knotted. Special attention was paid to the women’s heads. The guards control of there where no hair start growing. They rubbed with there fingers over the women’s head. Suzies guard did the same at Suzies head. Everything was o.k. because Suzie was only shaved this morning bald. But two other women where put in front of the line. Another guard came out of the door. Suzie recognized that this was the guard that had shaved her head bald this morning. Now she was also wearing a long leather trench coat. Suzie could also see that she had a fresh haircut. Her crewcut was again high and tight now, the sides shaved with a razor blade 0, on top she had cropped the hair very short, the hair was standing up. This guard walked to something that was covered. When she took away the cover another barber chair appeared. One of the other guards shouted to the first prisoner woman standing in front of the rest, to walk to the barber chair. At the chair the prisoner legs where cuffed again. A chain was coming up to her middle where it was put around, then her cuffed hands where attached to the chain around her middle. The guard putted her in the barber chair, where she was strapped in around her middle. Her legs where also attached to the barber chair. The barber guard walked to a little table and took a cup with lather, that she put on the head of te woman in the barber chair. Then she took a sharp razor knife, sharpened it behind the barber chair and start shaving the woman’s head shiny bald again. Suzie looked fascinate to it, she felt a certain sensation when she looked at the head shaving. She had to admit that she start like more and more her bald head. Now she looked at the gray prison uniforms of the other women, she start liking it. It was not like the ordinary prison uniforms that normally exist of a blue shirt with blue jeans. This one was much more formal. She liked the feeling of the leather tunic together with her bald head and she appreciated the black tie. It completed the uniform. The first woman’s head was shaved. The other one was brought to the barber chair by the guards. Same procedure for this woman. Suzie looked again and could hardly wait till here hair was grown out enough to sit in the barber chair again to be shaved. This was not the worst part of the prison camp. After the shaving was finish the two women where put back in the line again. The guards start taking away the hand cuffs at the women’s back also now. One of the guards start barking to the prisoners that they had to form two line and turn around 90 de
gree. One of the guards walked to Suzie and told her that the prisoners had to march for two hours now around the prison square. Every footstep should be equal to the footsteps of the others. If not punishing should follow. Suzie had not any idea how to march. She looked at the other women when they start, but she did not walk synchronized at all. After a few rounds one of the female guards came to her and grabbed her at her arm and took her out of the line. She had to stand separate from the others know waiting till what was coming. After a while the other prisoners where put back in line. Two guards walked to Suzie chained her again with her hands on the her back and legs tightly put together. She was almost not able to walk anymore, but they pushed her forward to a big post. One of the guards un-cuffed her hands and put them up against the post. Only Suzies toes where touching the ground now. The the other guard start putting her skirt and underwear down to express her buttocks. Suzie feared what was coming. She heart one of the guards barking to the other women that they have to look what should happen next. The guard that cuffed her against the post was walking away. Suzie heard her boots clicking on the stoned square. It was the same guard that punished her this morning. After a while she came back and stopped behind Suzies back. Suzie heard a loud sound and pain was filling here buttocks, again and again and again. It looked like it never stopped. Her buttocks start feeling very painful and she felt some blood coming down along her legs. Finally the beating stopped. One of the other guard putted her underwear and skirt up again. The un-cuffed Suzie from the post and put her in front of one of the guards that looked like the boss. She shouted at Suzie and told her that she was marching terrible. For that reason she was sent to solitary imprisonment for two weeks. This time should be added to the five years she already had to stay in the prison camp. After that she should be guided by two guards to learn marching. Every time she makes a mistake she should have twenty additional strokes with a leather single tail whip again. Suzie cried when she heard the victim. Two guard where taking her by her arm and brought her into the prison building. They walked to an area in the back of the building and stopped in front of a small door. One of the guards unlocked the three locks where it was closed with. The other brought her in. The other guard walked in and attached Suzies chains to the wall. She was now cuffed on her hands and foot and chained to the wall. The guard told her that there was a little bell she could ring when she needed to go to the toilet. She was put on a little chair standing close to the wall. Suzie could hardly sit, because her buttocks where still very painful. The guards looked satisfied to there job and closed the door. Suzie heard the three locks closing door and the boots from the guards walking away, leaving her in solitary imprisonment for two week

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