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I am sitting in my barber chair reading a book. I tall lady walks into my shop. I look up at her and ask if I can help her. She has long medium auburn hair at mid back. She is wearing a short mini skirt and silky blouse. She looks back at me and says that she is in need of a special haircut. I say to her. I am not sure I can help you with such long beautiful red hair like yours. The lady replies, I need a special haircut because, I need to get a point across to my husband. I say oh, tell me more. The lady asks if she can sit in my chair as she tells me her story. I get up and offer her the barber chair. She climbs into it very slowly. And as she sits she crosses her legs. She says her name is Gail. I am a married women who found out last week that my husband was cheating on me. Gail asks me to place my cape around her neck and cover her with it. I gently grab up all of her hair and hold it up as I pull the cape over her shoulders one at a time. I ask her to hold it up for me. She grabs my hand and gently slides her fingers off mine to hold her hair up. I clasp the cape and she lets her hair fall from her hand. Gail asks me to comb her hair for a couple minutes as tells more. I was at home and my husband called and said that he was working late. I decided to go shopping. As I walked pass a café I seen him with a young sexy short haired blond eating dinner. I watched in disbelieve that I was watching him eat dinner with another woman. I decided then that I was going to file for divorce. That is were I just came from. The lawyers office. You see he wanted me to grow out my nature red hair till it was this length and made me keep it this long. I have been wanting it short for a long time now.

The new style is to let him know that he is no longer in charge of my life. As he comes from work tonight I am going to give him his divorce papers as he notices my new style. I ask her if she has anything in her mind as for a new style. Gail says that she wants her head shaved smooth. I ask her if she is sure that is what she wants. She says that I am sure. I want it all gone as to start a new life away from him and anything that may remind me of him. I ask, do you want to watch or be surprised after it is all over. Gail smiles at me and asks me to keep her turned away from the mirror till it is all over. I smile back to her and grab my clippers and take the guide off. I turn the clippers on and she jumped at the sound. She tried to hold back the tears. I ask one more time. Are you sure you want this? Gail replied and said yes, please shave me bald now. I place the clippers in the middle of her head and pull back the clippers as long locks of red hair fall into her lap. I stop at her crown. And return to the front and pull back again. Tears run down her face and she starts to smile and says that it feels great to feel the coolness of the air on her buzzed head. She uncrosses her legs and she sits up taller as I move from in front of her right ear to the back and into the front again. The hair is pilled up in her lap and lays across her shoulders and on the floor. She hit’s the cape and watches the hair slide down onto the floor. I ask if she wants to see it now. Gail smiles and says that she wants it all smooth before she sees herself for the first time with the new style. I grab a towel and turn the hot water on. I get the towel wet and place it on her head and say to her that it will be a few moments. I ask if she wants anything while we wait for the heat to soften the hair that is left. She smiles and blushes a bit. She looks at me and smiles and says there is something I would like if I may be bold and ask you for a favor. I look at her with a puzzled look and ask what is it. Gail says that she has always had a fantasy to have her pussy shaved while in a barber chair. And she says that she is not wearing any panties and would love for me to shave her smooth down below as well as top! I smile and say sure. I go to the window and close the blinds and lock the door. She smiles at e and raises the cape up above her waist. I move over and grab my beard trimmers and move to be in front of her. I kneel down and flip the clippers on. I start to remove her bush and allow her pussy to shine threw nice and wet. She is squirming in the chair as I run the clippers on her inner thighs. She moans and she says begs me not to stop. I grab my shaving cream and lather her mound up and as I run my fingers over her mound she says that she cant wait till I shave it smooth. I get my razor and finish the job. I grab a towel and wipe her pussy clean. Then she leans forward and grabs my head and forces it between her legs. She rubs my bald head an d she reaches orgasm. I then stand up and remove the towel from her head. Gail smiles as I rub the lather over her head. As I stand to her right side she reaches over and undoes my pants as I shave her smooth. I work my way from the top to the right side to the back and then the left side. My pants are still undone. I wipe her head dry. I ask if she is ready. Gail takes a deep breath and says lets do it.

I turn the chair to reveal her new look. Her eyes open wide and she SCREAMS,, I LOVE IT!!!! Gail reaches up and rubs her head and says it feels just like mine does. She asks me to remove the cape. I remove it from her and long red locks fall to the floor. She smiles and stands up. Gail walks over to me and kisses me on my for head. She grabs my hand and pulls me to the chair and sits me in the chair. She undoes my pants and sits down on my lap and slides my hard penis into her. We have wild sex in the chair. Gail asks if she can see me again. As she kisses me. I return the kiss and say yes you may. She climbs off me and fixes her skirt. Gail asks what does she owe me. I say with a smile, it is paid in full. She smiles and says great. I will want you to shave me every couple days. I don’t want any more hair for a long time. And she says she wants it done the same way it was done today or similar. In a sexual manner. As she leaves her phone number on the register and walks out the door with her bare sexy smooth head.

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