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Susy looked out the little window, when the police car drove away from the court building. She was just sentence to five years imprisonment, because she was caught when driving a car while she had drunk to much. The police had stopped her when she drove with a high speed on the highway. The judge sent her to a special camp for women to get retrained. The female judge was very angry and told her that she could expect a very tough time in the camp. She was cuffed on hands and foot with a chain around her middle going down to her foot cuffs. Her hands where put at her back. She was lead out of the court building and taken in the middle of two police officers to the car that should bring her to the camp.

She was very nervous while she was looking out of the car window and was thinking on what should come. It did not look very good. Five years with special treatment, she did not know what to think about it. Here seat in the car was not very comfortable she was still cuffed on hands and foot and the trip took already quite a while. The car was now driving into the mountains and was climbing up a steep hill. It looked like an area where not many people lived. After another thirty minutes the car stopped at a wooden gate, closing an area that was surrounded by big walls with on top pieces of glass and barbed wire. One of the police officers stepped out of the car and rang the bell at the wooden gate. After about 5 minutes the gate was opened by a female guard in a particular uniform. She wore a leather trench coat with a black belt, a leather skirt and high boots. Under the trench coat she had a white nylon shirt and a leather tie that was tightly knot around her neck. But that was not the only thing that Susy noticed. She paid extra attention on the hairdress of the woman. She had a high and tight crewcut. She could see that it was shaved on the sides and back with a 0 razor blade.

Susy felt very uncomfortable by what she was seeing, she hoped that she was dreaming and this was not true. She could not think about the fact that she had to stay for five years in this camp without knowing this female guard yet! The police car was driving through the wooden gate and stopped for a gray and ugly building. Susy looked at the building and she saw a plate with the words ‘silence’ written on it. She saw another woman standing in the door post of the building. The woman had exactly the same outfit as the other female guard and she had also a high and tight crewcut. The female guard walked to the car, opened the door, and barked at Susy that she had to come out of the car, which was not easy because Susy was cuffed with her hands at her back and the chain around her middle down to her foot cuffs. When Susy was finally out of the car the female guard ordered her to stand straight and not move before she told her to do. Behind her the police car turned around and drove away to the wooden gate again. The other female guard closed it and walked also to her.

Susy was now surrounded by the two female guard in there leather trench coats and shaked on her foot. She was ordered to start walking between the two female guards into the building. This was quit difficult because she could hardly move with the chains around her hands and feet. She was brought to a hallway into a white room, where she was ordered to stay. One of the female guard took her cuffs away and told her to stand straight again. One of the female guards stand in front of her and the other start standing at her back. The female guard in front of her barked that she had to take off all here clothes. Susy shook even harder when she was doing that. The guard at her back start inspecting her and told her to follow the other guard who opened a door to another room. There where many clothes in this room and Susy saw that they all where the same.

One of the female guards ordered her to tell the size of her clothes. She took a gray shirt, skirt and black shoes from the shelf and hand it over to Susy and told her to start dressing. When Susy was finished the guard took a black tie from the shelf and knotted it tightly around Susy’s neck. Finally she handed over a gray leather tunic coat to Susy. The other female guard told here that this was the prison camp uniform which she had to wear all the time she was in the camp. It had to be worn correctly otherwise very strict punishment should follow. Furthermore she told Susy that she only was allowed to speak when one of the guards ordered her to do. When she speaks without permission strict punishment should follow.

Susy should understand why the judge sent her to this prison camp. The female guards brought Susy back to the first room where she where her hand where cuffed at her back again, the other chain was put around her middle again going down to her feet, that where cuffed with the other end of the chain. Susy noticed that the other guard had a gray beret in here hand. She asked herself why it was in the hands of the female guard and not on her head! Susy was surrounded by the two female guards again and guided out of the room into the hallway. After a little walk one of the guards was opening another door and she was guided in. In the room. There was a third female guard in the same outfit, she only wore a short black leather coat and she had a white belt around it. Another little belt was attache in the front and back to the white belt, going over her right shoulder. Susy got already used to the crewcut that this guard also had. Although she could she that it was cut a while ago, because some hair was standing out on the sides and back. Susy looked in the room and saw that this third guard was standing near a big barber chair. She got quit nervous know and was shaken all over her body. The two other female guards where pushing her towards the barber chair and pushed her still hand and foot cuffed into the chair. The third guard took a belt, attached to the chair and straped her in. Also her legs where strapped agains the chair with another belt. Susy could not say any word anymore. The female guard with the short black leather coat wrapped a tissue around her neck and than moved a cape around it and closed it tightly. She pumped the chair a little bit upwards and walked away again. Suzie saw that she was taking a pair of clippers. One of the other female guards start telling her that it was a prison camprule that all prisoners should be shaved completely bald all the time they where at the prison camp. No hear was allowed, the head should stay shining bald.The female guard came back and start the clippers, to take away Susy’s long black shiny hair that was coming almost to here middle. First she ran the clippers over the middle of Susy’s head, moving to the left ear, coming back to the top and moving to the right ear. She ended by moving all the hair at the back of Susy’s head away. She did her work slowly to be sure that all Suzies hair should be removed. It took quit a while. The other female guard looked amuzing them selves very well with Suzies headshave. Cold ear surrounded Susy’s head now, her head felt also very light now. The barber guard putted the clipper away and picked up a straight sharp barbers razor and a cup filled with lather. She put all the lather on Susy’s head and scrapped away the last hair that was left.After that the cape and tissue where removed and the guard remove Susy belts so she was able to come out of the barber chair. One of the other guards came to Susy and put the gray beret on her head. She told Susy that her induction was almost finished know. She was ready for her retraining in the prison camp. The guard released her hands from here back and ordered here to take away all here hair from the floor and put it in a special bag. No single hear should be left on the floor otherwise she was jailed for another six months. It was difficult for Susy to take away all the hear, because she was still cuffed at her middle and foot, but finally she succeeded. After the guards had inspected her work, her hands where cuffed again behind her back and she was guided out of the barber room. Finally she got a number, one of the guards told here that she should not use her name anymore in the prison camp. She was called from now by her number. Pictures and fingerprints where taken and than the two female guards brought her to a little cell, where she should stay for the first three months, before her real retaining should begin. After the guards where finished with there orders they slammed the cell door and locked it firml

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