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It was a few weeks ago that Elaine had her introduction day at the police. At this day several male and female officers interviewed her in the morning. In the afternoon she got a though training program where she had to do a number of body exercises. The day ended with a medical surgery. After that day she did not expected much anymore. She felt like somebody that had failed in everything. They told her that in four weeks time she should receive a letter whit information or she was accepted or not. Now it was four weeks later and the week ended almost already. She still had not received any letter yet, and she was in doubt or she should get one now. Finally she heard the postman delivering the post. She picked up the letter and looked at it. Fast she opened the envelope and saw that it was the letter she expected from the Police academy. She read that she was accepted for the police academy. She could not believe her eyes. There was a strange feeling going through her body. It all appeared to start happen now. She read the letter further and understood that she had to leave in two days for the Police academy. A little time left for preparation. She told the good news to her parents. They always where in doubt but they accepted Elena’s decision.

The two day where gone very fast and Elena was ready to travel to the Police Academy. She packed a few things and then she was brought by her parents to the railway station. She said goodbye to them and entered the train.

After a few hours she arrived at the station from where a bus should pick her up to bring her to the academy just outside the town. She left the train and saw not far from her a police officer standing with a plate ‘Police academy students’. She walked to the officer and told that she came to join the Police academy. The officer ask for her letter and read through it. Then he told her to walk through the station building to a green bus waiting just outside. After a little walk she saw the bus waiting in front of the railway station and she walked through and went in. After a while two other women entered the bus. The officer she met at the railway station came in and the bus start driving.

After a short trip the bus enter the police academy. Outside the bus they where welcomed by a female police officer. She told them that she had to lead them through the introduction at the academy. She and the other two girls had to show there letter again. Then the female police officer lead the three girls into the building.

Inside the building the officer told the girls that the first thing they should do was getting the police uniform. Rule number one was that they where not allowed walking without there uniform during the whole time they had to stay at the academy. Day and night they had to get used to their uniform.

Now Elena was fitting her police uniform. The female police officer told her that everything should fit correctly to met the police academy regulations. After a while she was ready and the police officer told her to wait outside at the academy square till the other girls join her.

She had not to wait long before the other girls joined her at the square. They where all in their police uniforms now. The police officers joined them again. Now she told the girls that she not only guided the girls at the academy today, but during the whole time they stay at the academy. In fact she was their drill officer. She inspected their uniform again and told them that they still not met all police academy regulations. At the academy they where not allow to wear long hair. The hair had to be shortened at the academy barber shop. The police officer told the girls to follow her to the barber to get their hair cut short. Elena did not know what she was hearing. Nobody had told her before she had to cut her hair short. She had long silk blond hair hanging till the middle of her back. Never she had wear her hair short. She liked it the way she had it. She expected that she had to put her hair up when she was in the uniform, but not to cut it short.

She entered the barber shop with the other two girls. In the middle there was a big old fashioned barber chair in front of a huge mirror. Beside the barber chair there was another female policewoman waiting for the girls. The police officer told the girls to stand against the wall. She introduced the girls to the policewoman in the barber shop. She told them that this was the academy barber that should keep the girls hair at the correct length during their stay at the police academy. The police officer told Elena to go to the barber chair to get her hair cut as the first girl. Elena legs where shaking, but she understood that she had to follow the orders of the police officer now she had joined the police. There was no escape. She said down in the barber chair and looked at herself in the mirror. She had not seen herself before in the police uniform. She did not get much time, the police barber wrapped a tissue around her neck, covering her white shirt. Than she put a nylon cape around her neck. Elena saw her police uniform with the black leather coat disappearing under the cape. The police barber closed the cape tightly around her neck. In front of the barber chair was a cupboard with some tools, like a pair of scissors a comb and clippers. Before the barber starts cutting Elenas hair she first takes away her police hat that still is on her head. Elena had not thought about it anymore. She put the hat beside the scissors that she takes from the cupboard. She puts the barber chair in the right position and starts cutting Elenas hair. First at the top where she cuts it very short, then at the left side working her way around Elanas ear. Elena looks in the cape and see her long blond hair laying in the cape and around the chair. More hair is falling down as the barber cuts the hair away at Elenas back, finally she ends up at the right side taking the last long hair away around Elenas right ear. Elenas long blond hair is now reduced to not more than 1/2 inch of hair around her head. The police barber looks at the police (drill) officer. She say something to the barber. The barber start walking back to the cupboard and picks up the clippers. She walks back to the barber chair stand behind Elena and switch on the clippers. She puts her hand on Elenas head and put it down. Then she puts the clipper in Elenas neck and start shaving the back of Elenas head. Elena cannot see what she exactly is doing, but she feels the cold air touching the back of her head. Then the police barber starts shaving her hair away at the left and right side, leaving nothing there. Elena see that there is no guard on the clipper. When the barber is finished shaving the hair away around Elenas head she puts the clipper on top of Elenas head while she firmly grap Elenas neck with her other hand and shaves all the hair away at the top of her head. When the barber switch off the clippers, Elena is left without hair, sitting with a totally bald head in the barber chair. The police officer smiles and says that this is the way the police academy students have to wear there hair during the time they are at the academy. At this length the police academy regulations are met concerning the maximum length of hair and she smiles. Elena still cannot believe her eyes, no hair is left and she has to have here head bold for at least the next coming two years. The barber wipes off the long blond hair that is left on the cape and remove the cape and the tissue around Elenas neck. Finally she puts the police hat back on Elenas head. The police officer tells Elena to walk back to square and wait there till the other two girls have there head shaved.

Elena walks outside, she feels the fresh cold air around her head and she starts to like the feeling of it. Her head is very light now. She takes her position at the square and wait there for the other girls, standing with her freshly shaved head in her new police uniform. She is now ready for the police.

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