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Sue looked at her watch, Debbie was due in for her weekly trim, she had told her that morning that she would pop in at about 12.00 noon. Although Sue could of coarse trim Debbie’s hair at home, naturally she always insisted to have it cut at the salon. It was now ten past, and Sue had booked a twenty minute appointment for her but still no Debbie. Liz and Zena both had half a day off Sue was on her own. She decided to get on with her next cut. Two girls both with very long thick hair were sat waiting on the settee.

Alex had told Jane that she was taking her to have her hair cut she wanted her to have it cut nice and neatly, nice and short. Jane unfortunately was not quite as eager.

"Look your going to have it cut, I’m fed up with it always looking a mess, well it just hangs there and you do nothing with it ok."

"Anyway I want you to have it cut short you want to make me happy don’t you?"

Jane looked at her lover, yes she would do anything to please her.

"Well, I suppose so, but if I have mine cut will you have yours cut as well?"

"No way I’ll have a trim but that’s it." Alex ran a hand through her own thick locks and turned to see Sue beckoning Jane over to her chair.

Alex was going to get Jane’s hair cut to one of those snazzy looking bobs with a few shorter layers on top. She looked over to see Jane settling herself down into the big red barbers chair. Next Jane gathered her long hair up and held it aloft as a fresh white cape was whisked over her and then clipped into place around her neck. Then the barbers rubber mat was placed around her shoulders. Alex wondered why Sue was using this as she had only seen it in use before when a short clippered cut was to be done. Funnily enough after all the fuss Jane had made about getting her long hair cut off she was now sat there smiling like a Cheshire cat, as though she was actually enjoying it. Strange.

Strange indeed, Jane loved the feeling that was now coursing up through her body. She sat and ran both hands down through her hair, she wanted it cut but not into a bob it had to be taken off as short as Sue would take it. Sue was now running her hands over Jane’s head, of coarse she would cut it very short for her, all off, nice and neat.

Alex wasn’t too keen about the way Sue was touching Jane’s hair. This was her lovers hair! She stood up and walked over to the chair to stand beside Jane. Sue was brushing through her gorgeous thick blond hair.

"Hi would you like me to get you a seat over here so you can watch the action." Alex nodded and Sue went and got a high stool for Alex to sit on. Jane just sat there with a stupid smile on her face.

"Im going to have all this cut off "she told Alex as she ran her hands over the thick strands of blonde hair." Yes, all cut off nice and short."

"There you go now you have a ring side seat" Alex eased herself up onto the stool. She smiled as Sue positioned her self behind Jane.

"Now your sure about this."

"Oh yes please do it just like I asked"

Sue picked up the Oster clippers from her shelf and without a guard on them quickly raised them to Jane’s forehead and slowly pushed them through the thick blonde hair. At first the hair just lay as it was, no hair fell to the floor but on the second pass a wave of hair fell unceremoniously to the floor. Jane was so pleased to see her hair being cut, at last she would be free of it. She looked over to smile at Alex.

Alex was sat with her mouth open, she could not believe what she was witnessing. Half in shock half in disbelief her tongue lashed out.

"What the hell do y.. you think your doing stop it now."

Sue was already on her fourth pass with the clippers she immediately stopped in her tracks


"I said stop."

"Umm yes we did hear you, what’s the problem Im giving Jane the haircut she asked for."

"And what exactly was that."

"Buzz cut no guard that is what you said Jane wasn’t it?"

"Yes, and if you don’t mind Alex I want Sue get rid of the rest of this mess for me, I’m all itchy now and I want to her to finish me off."

"Finish you off your going to be bald at this rate your mad all your beautiful hair, its all gone."

"Well, that is what you wanted Alex, wasn’t it," Jane and Sue were both staring at Alex who now turned bright red.

"What I said was to get it cut in one of those nice bob styles you always liked not a skinhead."

Just then the shop door opened and in walked Debbie, Alex had now retired back to the settee not wishing to show herself up anymore.

"Hi Sue," she walked straight over and pecked Sue on the cheek and then took a seat next to Alex on the settee.

Debbie watched enthusiastically as Sue then proceeded to run the clippers through Jane’s long hair. It spewed onto the floor, into her lap, it was going everywhere, the floor was now covered with long strands of beautiful blonde hair.

"Oooh that’s going to look wonderful" Debbie gasped out loud, as Sue peeled the hair off from around her once hidden ears.

"Yes, I must admit it does look good, nice and clean, neat," Alex ventured.

Debbie introduced herself as the pair of them continued to watch each sweep of the clippers now riding over and over Jane’s head. The cut was almost finished now. Sue used the sterling clippers to finish off edging around the ears and neckline. Finally Sue gently dusted the tiny hairs off of her face and neck and removed the rubber mat and then the cape. Alex got up and walked over to the chair and unintentionally ran her right hand over her lovers head.

"Ooo," her lips formed a perfect circle as she felt the short bristles against her hand.

Jane eased herself out of the chair and ran her own hand over her new crop it felt good, very good. They walked over to hand in hand to where Debbie was still seated. Sue then patted the chair and summoned Debbie to take a seat. The cape was thrown over Debbie’s body and clipped nice and tight around her neck. The rubber mat placed over her shoulders and the cut began, not a word had been spoken. Debbie’s hair was only about three inches in length, but Sue expertly used the clippers to reduce it to nothing but bristle. The whole cut only took a matter of minutes. Debbie just sat and smiled throughout the clippering. It felt good.

"There you go all done nice and neat!" she bent over Debbie’s shoulder as she ran her hand over her head and gently kissed her on the cheek.

Once again the door opened and a mother ushered her daughter into the shop, the girl was about sixteen.

"Your going to get it cut and that’s that I’m fed up with your antics lately and I’m going to put a stop to it now young lady." She pushed her daughter towards the settee and they both sat down after taking their coats off.

"Sorry about all that." The woman apologised briefly to the girls, who for no apparent reason were still sat on the settee.

Sue came over and asked whether or not Alex was having her hair cut or not. Alex just smiled and said that she could take her next customer as she wasn’t quite sure yet. The mother of the girl then got up and ushered her daughter to the red barbers chair.

"Look I’ve told you I wont ever do it again mum please don’t make me have my hair cut, please."

"Sorry but no if you want to live in my house you will have to stick to my rules, if I tell you your getting your hair cut, your getting it cut. I’ll stop your little tricks consider this part of your punishment."

Sue walked slowly back over to the chair. The girl had still not sat down and was very distressed.

Sue patted the chair, "Come on up you get, come on you’ll be fine, look don’t worry if you don’t want it too short I wont cut it, promise." Sue winked to the young girl, she had gained her confidence.

Slowly the teenager stepped up into the chair and sat herself right back into the plush chair, it was so comfy, she couldn’t imagine why she had been so afraid of coming here. Her hands ran through her naturally brown wavy hair, it hung down and coiled into her lap. Sue left her for a few minutes and stepped over to the settee where the girls mother was. The mother explained how she wanted her daughters hair cut, something shorter, easy to care for. Sue assured her that it would be no problem, but told her that of coarse she would only cut her daughters hair if she wanted it cut. She would not force her as she was surely at the age of consent. Her mother frowned at Sue and told her that they may as well leave now as her daughter would not consent to have her hair cut half an inch let alone a short style.

The mother got up to leave and called to the young girl sat in the chair. Anne, that was her name, looked over her shoulder from the comfort of the chair and told her mother that she wanted to get her hair cut after all. Sue smiled smugly, and walked back over towards the chair.

"Hold your lovely hair up for me Anne, that’s it, good girl." Sue draped the cape over her body and quickly snapped it shut. "There you go all nice and snug, let me just put the barbers mat over your shoulders that’s it all done." Sue smiled at Anne, who had by now released her locks, and caressed her shoulders. Her hair was then arranged so that it all cascaded down into her lap, it was so long, way past her waist.

"Now what are we doing here today, how would you like me to cut your hair?"

"I want it cut short just like that girl over there." She looked over to the settee at Jane, who was sat there running her hands up through her nape.

"So you want it all cut off do you my little darling, nice and short, if that’s what you want, that’s what we shall do shan’t we, all off nice and short, yes. "Sue continued to run her hands through the beautiful wavy hair, indeed she had not seen such hair for a long time and intended to take full advantage of her time with such a prize. It felt so wonderful in her hands it was stunning. Sue caressed it and brushed it till it shone. There was a certain oiliness about it just a shimmer you could feel it. Sue realised that she must keep this hair all of it. Eventually she held it together and tethered it at the nape with a pretty piece of ribbon and a band.

"Now Anne darling you wont mind if I keep your hair will you." Sue massaged her shoulders firmly.

"No please do keep all of it, please, I will have no more use for it, I just want it cut off nice and short, very short infact.

Sue smiled at her in the mirror and took the Osters from the shelf.

"Its time now Anne, time to have all your hair cut nice and neat."

Anne smiled

Sue switched them on and raised the clippers to the girls forehead, they slowly fought their way through the coarse hair leaving a neat strip devoid of any hair whatsoever. Relentlessly they kept going until they reached the crown. Hair slipped silently down to her shoulders and rested there unable to fall any further.

"There you are that’s looks really nice doesn’t it?" Anne just sat in silence, smiling as Sue made yet another pass over her head with the clippers.

More and more hair gathered on her shoulders, the top of Anne’s head was now completely sheared. Next Sue started on the sides gently easing the clippers into the thick hair revealing small cute ears, which had not seen the light of day for years. This was repeated on the other side. Sue told Anne to feel her now shaved head and guided her hand forcefully over the area. Anne loved it. It felt so cool after having all that mess shaved away. Slowly but surely the rest of her hair was shorn away until Sue clipped the last remaining area at the back, the pony tail fell with a thud to the floor, it was quickly retrieved and placed on the shelf to be later taken home. As Sue reran the clippers over her head she asked Sue if she could shave the bristly ends off. Sue smiled and nodded and silently foamed her head, massaging deeply into her scalp. Next Sue used a bic razor to take the last vestiges of her hair off. It was now all gone. Sue used a clean towel to gently rub any foam off of the girls head. A small amount of talc was used as Sue massaged her now bald head.

Anne sat in silence running her hands over and over her so smooth head she loved it.

All four women sat in silence on the settee mesmerised by what had just happened, a stunned silence.

Anne climbed from the chair and motioned to her mother to come on over. Mum walked silently over to the chair and her daughter gently but forcefully helped her up and back into the red barbers chair.

"That’s it mum have a seat you did want your hair trimmed as well didn’t you?"

Sue caped her and placed the rubber mat over her shoulders. Sue combed through the pretty bob style haircut and smiled at Anne’s mother.

"How would you like your hair today she asked with a smile, something nice and short?"

"Yes, please take it all off please do."

Within ten minutes mums hair had been clippered all over. Anne now stood by her mothers side and told Sue to shave it like hers. Anne ran her fingers through what was left of her mums hair. They both smiled as Sue used the bic to clean her up.

Mother and daughter paid and left.

Jane helped Alex to her feet and walked with her over to the chair.

"Now come on Alex you said you needed a trim so you may as well get one now were here."

Alex realising now that she was the only one in the salon with any hair left on her head was not going anywhere near the bloody chair. No way.

"Yes, come on Alex up you get."

Alex was not very strong physically so it was fairly easy to help her into the chair, once helped up and seated she would want a nice short cut. Sue took one arm and Jane the other Debbie thought it only fair to help so grabbed her feet, and all three slowly lowered Alex into the barbers chair where within a few seconds she had settled down nicely. By now it was nearly closing time so Sue went and pulled the blinds down and locked the door. Now they would have some fun. After a few words with the other two Sue walked over to the chair and suggested that maybe Alex should loosen her blouse a little. Jane readily agreed and helped Alex to unbutton her top and slip it off revealing her ample pert breasts. Sue combed her waist length hair, then brushed it through, it shone.

"My your hair is soo thick Alex its lovely, it really is, do you want me to cut it nice and neat for you now?"

Alex was by now rubbing herself between her thighs as Debbie and Jane caressed her breasts.

"Yes, god yes cut it for me cut it all off Sue just like Jane’s I want it cut short.

Sue tied the long hair in a pony tail and quickly snipped it off with a large pair of shears. Next the clippers hummed as they ran over her head nice and slowly for effect. Twelve inch pieces of hair fell down over her breasts and slipped to her lap. Alex watched in the mirror as her head was shaved she came again and again this was the best haircut a girl could have.

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