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Steve was a cop in a southwestern town who performed his duty the best he could but just happen to have a hair fetish. He was on Patrol one early Friday morning when he stopped a speeding car. He approached the car with a local plate and after asking for the drivers license he confirmed it was one Charlotte Lopez. Charlotte was a Mexican/Native American girl who was 25 years old and had move to town about 4 years ago. She worked as a cashier at the local Wal-Mart store. Now Charlotte because of her heritage had a thick mass of shinny thick black hair. She always wore it up in a Chignon or bun made of several twist. No one had seen her hair down in public. A few co-workers had seen it down once in the restroom as she let it down to put it back up. It was rumored to reach her knees. Now being the true length of her hair was a mystery and because of it’s natural beauty the local stylist started stopping by and giving Charlotte their business cards. She turned down all comers to date. Now unknown to Charlotte there was a " Bounty" on Charlotte’s hair. It was put out by the local beauty salon owners and the longer it was kept long and unknown the more it went up. Now going on the fifth year it was up to a nice amount.

Now, Steve the cop just happen to have a girlfriend named Valerie who worked at the local salon called "Modern Hairstyles". It was Valerie who had told Steve about the bounty one time when Charlotte cashed them out at Wal-Mart. So here was Steve that Friday morning about to give Charlotte a ticket. He checked with dispatch and if the ticket was given then chances of Charlotte losing her driving license was pretty good. When he got to the car window Charlotte spoke; " Please, don’t give me the ticket! I’ll do anything you want, just don’t give me the ticket! Steve remembered the " Bounty" as he looked at the black mass pinned up on the back of Charlotte’s head and a plan came to mind. He spoke: " Now, Charlotte, I’ll write the ticket and you will mark it " Not Guilty" which means you have a court date in 30 days. You will call the number I tell you and comply with what it says in all ways and manner. Now, if you don’t then I will show up on the court date shown and you will be found guilty and suffer the consequences. You must give the person on the phone two days advance notice. You have thirty days to think about it." Now drive slowly.

Steve got on his cell phone and called his girlfriend Valarie. Valarie got all excited and another stylist Amy said she would love to be in on it.

A message was left at the phone number Steve gave to Charlotte. It told her to go to a house in a good neighborhood that had a For Sale sign out and next to it was a flamingo. She was to wear a party dress to the event. She was to go there at 8pm and that it would involve her getting her haircut. She was to wear her hair up like she always did. That she was to follow all instructions and not resist as it would cancel the deal. She was to leave a call back number so the address could be confirmed.

Two weeks went by and no phone call and Steve was beginning to wonder. Then in the third week on a Tuesday the phone rang. Valerie called the number left back and gave the address and the time would be 8pm on Friday night. Steve, Valarie, and Amy scrambled to put everything into place.

It was 7:55 pm and Steve saw a car pull up to the house. Charlotte stepped out in a blue velvet party dress and her hair was up in a chignon like always. She came to the door and was told to step inside. When she did bright lights hit her and Valarie put a sleeping mask on her that attached with elastic bands right behind the ears. Valarie spoke to her " Now, Charlotte everything is going to be ok. Just follow the instructions given to you and everything will work out fine." Valarie led her to a room where in the middle was set up a rotating pedestal stage. Valarie spoke " Charlotte first I want to see you in different situations or poses if you call them. You will be up on a moving stage that goes slowly in a circle." Charlotte looked like an Indian/Mexican Princess and Amy had gotten Tiara or Crown to put on her head. She placed it carefully on Charlottes head and then Valarie helped Charlotte step on the pedestal. They turned it on and slowly Princess Charlotte was rotated around. It was stopped and then Charlotte was told to remove all her cloths. Valarie and Amy assisted Charlotte undressing. She had a magnificent body that no one had ever seen. Her brown breast, skin and butt would make any Playboy Photographer happy. The pedestal was turned on and a nude Princess Charlotte turned around. Silent Steve was of course standing there taking video and still pictures of all that was going on. They wanted to make sure they got credit for the " Bounty". Valarie spoke to Charlotte " Now I want to see how you would look like as Lady Godiva." A stool was placed on the pedestal and the moment the three had been waiting for was at hand. Amy and Valarie started to take down the chignon on Charlottes head. They took out the pins and clips and the thick, shinny, soft , mass of hair fell down, down, down till almost touched the floor. The twist and turns of the hair when undone gave the mass a beautiful wave. It was a more magnificent head of hair than Amy and Valarie could have imagined. They removed the stool away and there stood a nude Charlotte with her magnificent mane of hair hanging down to right below knee level. The rumors had been true about the length. Valarie with Amy’s help finger combed out the shinny tresses then brushed it out. Then the pedestal was turned on and there rotated a nude Charlotte in front but her backside was covered with a carpet of hair. Then after the pedestal was stopped and the long hair put on the front side of Charlotte it was turned on again. It was rotated till silent Steve had gotten the pictures he wanted. Valarie spoke to Charlotte" Ok, that is enough. Now put your cloths on and sit back on the stool. It is near time for your new hairstyle.".

Charlotte with Amy and Valarie’s help got dressed and was seated on the stool. A cape was place around her neck as Amy held up the massive amount of black, shinny hair. The hair because of it’s thickness was sectioned at the shoulder’s in three massive ponytails. Valarie spoke " Charlotte, there is only one way to remove such thick hair and that is with the Oyster X19 clippers. Don’t be shocked at the sound. I’m not going to butcher you. I’m going to give you a nice new hairstyle so you need not be nervous." Valarie turned on the oysters and the Buzzzzz sound went through the air. Valarie dug them into the first thick ponytail. Buzzzzzz.buzzzzz, the oyster went eating into the soft thick mass of hair. It took a few minutes for them to sever the lock. Then Valarie handed the clippers to Amy and she felt the powerful clippers in her hand Buzzzing through Charlottes thick mass of hair. While, Valarie dug into the last thick ponytail Amy grabbed a measuring tape and spoke to Valarie" Forty Inches". Three forty inch ponytails would be there proof for collecting the " Bounty" and act as " Trophy’s " for all to see. Silent Steve took pictures and videos of all the proceeding and following action.

Valarie had Amy get a spray bottle and wet Charlotte’s remaining hair down to get it nice and straight for cutting. Now Valarie had already told Amy before hand that she want to give Charlotte a nice Shaggy short-n-sassy look leaving about four inches of hair remaining at the longest and about a half inch in the neck area. So, Amy attacked one side of the head and Valarie the other. More locks of hair four to five inches were cut off and came tumbling down the cape. Then Valarie took a razor and finished the job. It was blow dried out so it had nice flips at the end. When finished Charlotte looked fantastic.

Finally it was done and the Charlotte was let out the door and told to remove the mask outside the house. When she had left the three; Steve, Amy, and Valarie cleaned up the place. They changed the house numbers back, removed the For Sale sign and put the street signs back the way they were.

Amy and Valaries boss was very excited when told privately that the Bounty on Charlotte had been collected by them and their shop. The Ponytails and photo’s were proof of the action. The two stylist were rewarded with the best chairs in the Salon. Stylist and owners came in to look at the " Proof" pictures. The competing stylist also went to Walmart and looked real close at Charlotte to make sure her hair had really been cut. The girls boss complimented them on the choice of hairstyle for Charlotte. She really looked like Valarie had hoped.

Now, Steve upheld his end of the bargain and didn’t show up in Court so the charges were dismissed by the judge and Charlotte kept her driver’s license. Charlotte also was the talk of Walmart and the town. Co-workers and customers rushed in to see her new look. The compliments were piled on her for her courage to cut her long hair. Course,she couldn’t say who did it as she had no idea.

It seems everything worked out ok in the end for everyone. Happy Hairadventures..

Hope you liked Story..Mr.Snips..

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