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As she leafed through the book she realised she was not feeling as nervous as she had expected to be and was really looking forward to what would happen in the next hour or so. Jane was waiting in the reception area of a very expensive hairdressing salon where she had made an appointment to have her hair cut. It was no routine appointment for her as her hair was waist length and had been that length ever since she had been a small child. Now at 30 she had decided, quite suddenly that she wanted her hair cut short.

A few minutes later she had been gowned and was sitting in front of a large mirror and a very appreciative and excited looking young man was carefully brushing her magnificent heavy gleaming waist length hair. They had already had a discussion about her decision to cut her lovely hair and she had told him she wanted a short easy to manage hairstyle but would leave the choice of finished look to him. Of course this was almost every hairdressers dream and he was looking forward to commencing his task.

She watched him put down his brush and pick up scissors and comb and she took a deep breath as he moved to the side of her and sectioned off a great tress of her silken dark chestnut hair. He smiled at her through the mirror and said, “Are you sure?” She gave a little nod and closed her eyes and surrendered her prized hair to the scissors. She felt the tension increase on her scalp and gave a tiny gasp as she heard the sharp shearing scrunch as the blades closed on her hair and then gave a little smile as she felt the thick lock of hair being severed. At last! She had wondered if she would ever have the courage to sit and let her long hair be cut off but now it was being done!

Her hair had always been her crowning glory and had been very important to her for most of her life. As a small child her mother had recognised that Jane’s hair was exceptional and had lavished a great deal of care and attention in keeping it in perfect condition. Jane had adored having her hair fussed over and had sat patiently for hours as it was carefully brushed and arranged. As she had got a little older she was able to look after her hair herself but her mother always ensured that the condition of it was perfect with regular professional trimming of the ends and conditioning treatments.

Once Jane had reached her early teens she had become aware of how beautiful her hair was, the envy of every girl and the focus of attention of almost every male she met. She became expert in arranging her hair in lots of different styles, but she preferred a simple ponytail or plait, although she could also dress her hair up in a number of different ways. The biggest impact her hair made though was when she simply brushed it back from her face and allowed the gleaming waterfall of hair to stream down over her shoulders and back to her waist.

When she was 17, her proud mother had sent off a photograph to a newspaper that was running a national ‘most beautiful hair’ contest and she had been selected in the final 16 from the photograph. When she went to London for the final judging she clearly had the most outstanding hair and had won. Not only did this mean some prize money and free weekly appointments with a leading hairdresser but the resulting publicity led to contracts with a number of manufactures of hair products. With all this publicity and attention her hair continued to be the centre of attraction wherever she went and Jane revelled in it. Hairdressers and photographers drooled over her hair and she earned a lot of money and became a minor celebrity because of her remarkably beautiful long hair

Although it was so beautiful, a number of hairstylists wanted to cut her hair, offering her quite large sums of money if she would allow them to restyle it. She could never quite understand their desire to cut off the material that obviously attracted them in the first instance but of course she always refused. Sitting in the chair now, as she felt the first lock of her long hair coming away from her head, she wondered if perhaps she should have auctioned the opportunity! Another thick tress of her hair was sectioned off and she felt herself getting wet with excitement as she heard the deep scrunching sound of the blades and felt the gentle tugging on her scalp as they sliced through her hair.

For several years she had a wonderful time and she exploited her hair to the full. She now nearly always wore her hair in a simple knot at the base of her neck and when she wanted to show it off in all its splendour she was able to rapidly pull out 2 long hairpins, give her head a shake and her beautiful waist length tresses would be fully revealed. She particularly enjoyed the reaction of men seeing her hair loose for the first time and she realised that the vast majority of men loved long hair. Clearly there was a strong sexual connection and she felt her wetness increasing as she recalled the many occasions when a man had first insisted on brushing her long hair before they made love underneath its silken blanket.

She felt the second large lock of hair come away from her head and she could now feel the warm air in the salon caressing one side of her neck where the long hair had been removed. She gave a tiny moan of pleasure as he grasped another huge lock of her hair and released her pent up breath in little gasps with each plunging snip of the blades in her hair. She had thought that she might enjoy the unique experience of the first real haircut of her life but she had not realised how sensually exciting it was going to be as well!

With the money Jane earned from her modelling she opened a small agency specialising in providing models for advertising agencies for different products. In addition, because of her own experience she specialised in providing models for large Hair and Fashion shows and the Agency quickly became very successful. By now her own face and hair had become too well known for advertising purposes although she was still constantly being asked to model for hair shows. She only agreed on the strict condition that her hair would not be cut which disappointed a great many stylists! However she always kept as many attractive longhaired models on her books as she could and a condition in their contracts was that they would agree to allow their hair to be cut if required. This of course meant that she constantly had the need for new models as a lot of hairdressers for their big shows liked to use the dramatic effect of cutting off masses of long hair.

She was often amazed how different some of the girls who had been given new shorter hairstyles looked and how almost everyone was pleased with their new look. She recalled the first time she had witnessed the removal of long hair from her models and it was very spectacular, as 3 girls had been cropped. She had been asked to supply 8 girls for a top Hair & Fashion show which would be one of her biggest contracts but their were specific requirements. Three of the girls needed to have at least elbow length hair, one of them with straight hair, one with wavy hair, and one with very curly hair. All would have to be prepared to have their hair cut on stage as the stylist wanted to demonstrate that his latest creation was suitable for all types of hair.

Jane was able to provide the first two from models on her list but was finding it impossible to locate a girl with long naturally curly hair as most girls with hair of that type usually wore it a lot shorter as of course it was far easier to manage. Eventually, only a day before the models were required and she was beginning to despair, when Paula turned up. She was only 17 but very pretty and was desperate to become a model and she had that hair. It was a natural bright auburn colour and corkscrewed down over her shoulders and back in a riot of tight curls.

Jane suddenly felt the cold touch of steel at the nape of her neck and a little shudder of excitement ran through her body as she realised more than half her long ha
ir had been removed. She had kept her eyes shut right from the beginning of her haircut and had decided not to look at her reflection until all her long hair had been removed.

Her mind drifted back to Paula and her amazing hair. She had been very excited when Jane said she would take her on her books and had an engagement for her immediately but had told her that her long hair would have to go. The girl had looked absolutely devastated when told, as she was obviously very proud of her long hair but reluctantly agreed when Jane had made it clear that there was no alternative if she wanted the opportunity to join the Agency.

Jane had been invited to view proceedings from back-stage and the next evening she had a close up view of the cropping of her 3 longhaired models. Their hair had been given special attention earlier in the day so that it would be looking at its best prior to cutting. Sylvia, the girl with long dark straight hair, was to be the first on stage, and her hair looked magnificent as she sat in the chair under the strong lights. It had been given extensive conditioning so that it gleamed and shone superbly and also hot irons had been used to ensure that her hair fell in a perfectly straight fall almost to her waist. There had been a few gasps from the audience as she appeared as the stylist had already described his new short cut he was about to proceed with.

Sylvia had told Jane earlier that she was quite happy about having her hair cut as she felt it was time for a change, but as Jane looked at the beautiful head of hair as the hairdresser briefly brushed it, she felt a little sad that such beauty was to be removed and then was stunned at the speed at which it was done. The stylist simply brushed her hair into a ponytail and had an assistant hold it firmly at the nape of her neck and then rapidly forced very sharp scissors through the hair in a few seconds.

Jane gave a little smile to herself as she recalled the scene, she was pleased her hair was being cut off in sections so that the pleasure was prolonged and she gave another involuntary shudder and her wetness increased as she felt the scissors cutting away another thick tress of her long hair.

Sylvia hair was dampened and then rapidly shaped and then she was ushered away and the lovely Ann replaced her. Her gleaming dark blonde hair looked absolutely stunning with her below shoulder length locks dressed in a ‘forties’ style a la Rita Hayworth. Again there came a murmur from the audience as they saw the beauty of the model’s hair and Jane admired the confidence of the stylist who clearly felt he could improve on the appearance of her hair with a short cut. The scissors flashed and sheared and great silken locks rapidly rolled down over the gown to the floor. In a few minutes the lovely hair had been reduced to a short shaggy crop and she was ushered away.

Jane realised that her hairdresser was now around the other side of her and from the weight of hair resting on her shoulder she knew that with a few sharp shearing snips the last trace of her long treasured hair would be removed. She could feel him gathering the locks of hair together and pull down slightly on them and then carefully and deliberately he began forcing his sharp blades through her hair. She opened her eyes as she felt the last trace of her long hair being removed and was in time to see the last strands parting and he lifted the great tress away from her head and place it on top of the great pile which lay on the dressing table in front of her.

She smiled at the strange reflection of herself in the mirror with short hair bushing out at chin level instead of the great long heavy silken blanket of long hair she was used to. She gave her head a little shake and was amazed at the lightness and freedom she felt. Oh it was wonderful! She felt as though not just that her long hair was gone but that she had been relieved of a burden which she had carried for a long time. Her hair was shampooed and she revelled in the soothing feel of the water coursing easily through her short hair and a few minutes later she was sitting back in front of the mirror.

He combed briefly through her short hair and then said, “You have been very calm having all that hair cut off. How does it feel?” She smiled happily and said, “Just a little strange, but I am looking forward to the final result.” “Ok. Now the ideal shape for you I think is with the back cut in quite short. Is that alright with you?” “Of course, I said I would leave it to you.” He tilted her head forward and she could feel him sectioning off the nape hair and then to her surprise she heard a low humming sound and then soft touch of the clippers on her neck and then the feel of her hair coming away as he began running them up the back of her bowed head. After her earlier excitement this was too much for Jane and she had to bite her lip hard to stop moaning as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her and she experienced the most fantastic multiple orgasms.

She recalled now what had happened to Paula when it had been her turn to go on the stage. Her vast head of corkscrew curls had been slightly tamed and stood out around her head in a great blaze of colour and again there were murmurs in the audience as they saw her spectacular hair that they knew was about to be shorn. Paula looked terrified and was trying hard to control herself but her eyes widened in horror as she saw that the stylist had picked up a large pair of clippers. The note of the buzzing clippers deepened as they plunged deeply into the curls and soon great masses of her hair were tumbling past her shocked face down to the floor. Jane had watched with some sympathy as Paula’s hair was so ruthlessly removed as he was cutting her hair very short.

Jane could feel the clippers being run high up the back of her head and could see and hear thick clumps of her hair rolling down over the cape and spattering on the floor. She loved the sensuous feel of the clippers against her head and eagerly moved it against the buzzing blades. She knew that her hair was being cut very short at the back of her head but it didn’t concern her at all that where previously there had been a streaming waist length fall of hair, there now remained only the merest covering. He twisted her head slightly to the right and she experienced another great burst of excitement as she saw he was now using the clippers over her ear and running them up to her temple. Oh! What a fantastically short haircut she was going to end up with!

Paula’s haircut was an enormous success! The cropping of her hair revealed aspects of her features that had been previously swamped and because of the dramatic way her hair had been cropped she was featured in a number of articles. As a result of this publicity she was offered an enormous amount of work and soon became a leading model. This in turn had meant that the Agency did extremely well, as because she was under contract with Jane, a percentage of her fees was paid to her.

As the clippers continued to buzz away at her hair Jane reflected what an enormous difference, hair, be it long or short, sometimes could make to a person’s life. Her own hair was a perfect example of that for she knew that had she not been so fortunate to have been blessed with such outstanding hair, her life would have been completely different and clearly so would have been Jane’s.

She watched with fascination as he clippered the other side of her head and watched the hair drop down on to the gown. She was still throbbing from the feel of the clippers in her hair and almost groaned as he paused in his shearing. He looked at her through the mirror and then said softly, “I can see you are enjoying the clippers, it is amazing how many women do.” He smiled and then said, “Would you like me to carry on?” “Oh yes, yes!” she gasped. He adjusted the head
on the clippers and as he began running the clippers straight back from her forehead she had another wonderful orgasm. Masses of her rich hair came tumbling down past her eyes and she could see that the length of the hair remaining was no more than half an inch but she didn’t care. All over the top of her head now he was running the clippers again and again and her head now felt so wonderfully bare and light.

She sat staring at her reflection in the mirror with her closely cropped hair and loved her new image. It was perfect! He spent about another 10 minutes working with the clippers, using different size heads so that her hair was perfectly shaped, from half inch long on the top to a mere shadow over her ears and at the back of her head. The feel of his hands as he stroked her very short hair, checking the lengths, was as exciting as it had been when a man had tenderly brushed her waist length hair. At last he seemed satisfied with his work and showed her the back view of herself. She brought up her hands and touched her cropped hair for the first time and her fingers thrilled to the pelt-like feel of her short hair.

He smiled at her and said, “You look stunning. I have never seen anyone look better with this sort of cut. Although of course your hair was magnificent when it was long.” He then asked her the question which she knew that now she would be asked a thousand times. “Why did you decide to have your long hair cut? She smiled and then replied simply, “It was time.”

The End

Author’s Footnote: I enjoy very much writing these stories and as most of my stories show I am particularly interested in a haircut from 3 viewpoints.
1: The feelings of the woman having her hair cut and how that situation has come about.
2: The feelings of the person actually performing the haircut.
3: The feelings of an observer of a hair cut.

I hope I am right in these views as otherwise my stories will not be enjoyed. Comments on the above would be of interest. P.S. I do not find that a bald head is at all exciting. The very few women that look good with no hair, look even better with a very short covering.

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