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Steve, the cop in a southwestern city, was doing duty at a local ballgame and in the concession area. Nikole came up to him and told him she had a problem with another fan bothering her. Now Nikole worked in the Utility department and her most outstanding feature was her almost to the waist thick shiny Golden Lock tresses. She was pretty and she knew it. Therefore, she was known as stuck-up and rather bitchy. Nikole told Steve that the man had come down more than once and had talked to her in a flirtatious manner. Nikole wanted Steve to ask the man to move to another seat.

Steve went with Nikole and she pointed out the man who was seated in an area above her. Steve went down and as the man turned around he recognized him as his good friend Ken. Now Ken and Steve had been in the service and when Steve got out Ken stayed in as a career. Ken had just gotten home and decided to go to the ball game. He had seen Nikole’s mass of blonde hair from behind and had been curious since no man was sitting with her. Steve talked to Ken and Ken spoke: " Yes, I went down twice but I got the cool ice treatment and decided to leave the goldilocks alone". Steve told Ken that he needed him to move to another sitting area. Steve continued " I hate to have you do this but I don’t need the hassle." I just wish that I could humble the blonde bitch in some way. I’ll call you tomorrow and we will get together ok." Ken said " That would be great."

Steve ran into Nikole a day later and thanked him for making that " Pervert" move. Nikole didn’t know that Steve and that " Pervert" were best buddies. Steve wanted to teach Nikole a good lesson in humility.

A week later Steve was having dinner with his girlfriend Teressa who was a stylist at the Modern Hair Salon. Teressa asked Steve if he knew of anyone who would like to be a hair model at the upcoming Hair show at the mall? Steve instantly started telling Teressa about Nikole at the ball game. Teressa was a friend of Ken’s too. Teressa went down and approached Nikole. Now being a Model and on center stage was just the thing that fed Nikole’s big ego. She agreed as long as it was not a real change and Teressa did the cutting. Teressa said that could be arranged.

Hair show day came at center stage in the Mall. There was a nice crowd gathered. It came time for Teressa to call Nikole up on stage. Nikole came up on stage and Teressa caped her and gathered her thick long blonde hair into a ponytail at her neck. She then grabbed the microphone. " Ladies this young lady has decided to make a nice donation to the "Locks of Love" organization. She is going to donate her 25 inch Ponytail!! The crowd cheered and as Nikole tried to get up and deny any such thing Teressa pulled hard down on the ponytail. She then grabbed her scissors and scnnickk, sncnickck, snickk, chopped off Nikole’s long ponytail. She held it up high and the crowd cheered. Nikole was spell bound by the cheering crowd. No way would her pride let her get up and make a scene. Teressa spoke to the crowd again " Now, this lady wants to prove that a pretty girl like her will look just as pretty with a " Man’s " haircut." Teressa grabbed the clippers and went to work. A mass of blonde locks started hitting the cape. Teressa had by that time called for a couple male helpers to help hold Nikole in the chair. She clipped and snipped and when she was done Nikole had a haircut that even a President would be proud to wear. However, in reality Nikole looked like what she was. A girl with a " Mans" haircut.

When she was done and still in the chair Steve came out of the crowd. He had a picture of him and Ken together. He put it in front of Nikole’s face and said " Your knew haircut is compliments of the " Pervert" at the ball game!" Steve took a couple of pictures of Nikole’s new look. Steve disappeared into the crowd as Teressa uncapped Nikole. Nikole turned around to Teressa " I’ll get you for this!" and stormed off the stage.

Well after the Hair show Teresa claimed that it was a mix-up in Model cards. That she had never talked to Nikole before the show. No one would believe that Steve, the honest cop" had anything to do with her new look. Nikole with her new " Man" look couldn’t get a man. She couldn’t get a date no matter how much flirting she did. She was not very attractive without her " Goldilocks."

Steve sent a picture of the new haircut to Ken with a note. It said at the end " Revenge, How sweet it is!"

The End..

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